126. Sunday 7th March 2010. Rain, humidity, big ships and waiting…

It rained off and on and heavily up until Wednesday and then by Thursday it was overcast. By Friday the summer sun returned and brought the oppressive humidity.

The heavy rain was even heavier inland and now inland towns are in flood. Several days after the rain stopped. An area three times the size of the state of Victoria is under flood.

After attending to a few of many hundreds of odd jobs around the house and yard I headed off to Abel Point Marina to await the arrival of 2,000 passengers on the SUN PRINCESS.

Sky Princess off Airlie Beach.

I was only interested in two passengers. My brother Allan and wife Rae. I watched as 5 ferries and or ships tenders deposit passengers at the marina and watch as they all started to walk up the relatively steep ramp. (It was low tide) It was amazing how many of them had  some sort of walking disability and how many were obese.

One of the ferries had come all the way from Townsvilleto ferry passengers backwards and forwards.

Finally A&R arrived and it was back to our house for a coffee then off to the shopping centre for a few items not available on the ship. Then lunch and before we knew it was time to head back to the ship. I left them at Abel PointMarina as they prepared to wait for security checks.

I called Allan on the mobile just after 7pm that night and already the ship had weighed anchor and was heading sort of North North East probably heading for Hydrographers Passage to find their way outside the reef and general northering until they do a sharp left hand at thetip of Oz then steam for Darwin. A&R were sitting on their port balcony having happy hour before getting ready for dinner at 8pm. They will be on the boat for 42 days. Thats 42 days of eating eating eating. It seems Airlie Beach is the only port where there are no jetty docking facilities so getting on and off the ship at future ports will be easier.

Despite the heavy rain and soggy ground, by today the ground had dried out. In fact it was dry enough for me to drive WWWGO out if I had somewhere to go. I managed to get the grass, front and back cut. Cleaned the carpets and seats in my car and cover the interior trim with Armourall. Hopefully that has got rid of all the mold.

Donnis will be on her way home by Wednesday and arrives Sydney, from Vancouver, mid morning on Thursday. Depending on son Errols flight shifts she will catch a plane Friday or Saturday. She would like to fly into Hamilton Island and catch a ferry to Shute harbour where I can pick her up. Hopefully Friday evening so we can take WWWGO away for the weekend. Secretly Ihope she flys into Mackay Friday Night and I can take WWWGO  and pick her up so our weekend begins earlier.


I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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