127. Sunday 14th March 2010. The waiting is over…

This week has been another week of rain with a gale warning tossed in on Friday and all weekend.

Friday night was kick off for the first Rugby League Games of the season. It was North Queensland Cowboys – my team – against the Brisbane Broncos – my other team – played at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane. By half time it was Brisbane 24 to nil so left the TV talking by itself and came to play on the computer. Something a commontator said punctured my consciousness – “we have a game on our hands” – Huh! So I wandered back to the TV and what the??? The score was 24 to 18. I had believed the Broncos lead was too great and written the Cowboys off. Next thing I know there was another Cowboys try, a conversion and it was 24 all and even the commontators were excited! In the last few minutes the Broncos scored a runaway try against the run of play and the try was converted, the score was 30 to 24 and game over. Finish. Kapoot. Goodnight Irene. Too bad how sad.

Saturday morning arrived and it was decidely cool. Not cool enough for jumpers or jackets or such but cool enough to put on a pair of hemp casual trousers. By midday the sun came out and drove the ole humidity upwards again.

Donnis came in on a ferry from Hamilton Island at 3pm. Here is a quick summary of her trip. Leaves Vanvouver at 11.45 pm on Tuesday Nighty and arrives Sydney at 10am. on Thursday. Vancouver is 18 hours behind us so that explains why it seems such a long time. It was still a long time travelling. She then went to Cronulla, a beachside suburb of Sydney to stay with son Errol and his wife Nicole Thursday & Friday night. Then it was on another plane on Saturday at 11.50 am – Sydney is on daylight savings so by our clock it was 10.50 – and arrives on Hamilton Island (Hammo) at 1.20. The plane was full of family holiday makers all bright eyed bushy tailed and eager beavers to have a luxury holiday on Hammo. It seems funny that for most of the passengers Hammo was the destination whereas for Donnis it was yet another leg in the voyage home. Then she caught a Fantasea Cruises ferry to Abel Point Marina at Airlie Beach. I was waiting for her to drive the final few klms to our home.

As I waited I noted how the marina is sheltered from the wind but not the rain which was still coming and going. I took a photo of the sea in the direction Donnis ferry would come from. There was a big black band of cloud over the sea and I could see lots of white caps and even one yacht, apparantly in storm rig, heeled over on its way into the shelter of the marina.

Click on photo for larger version and to see the stormy seas.

 The carpark was full on the car side as it always is, day in day out. The other side where boat trailers can be parked while owners are out on the water was empty. Good reason for it to be empty too. It was simply too rough to venture out and all weather forecasters asked boaties not to go on the water. It seems the boaties listened so I felt no remorse for parking in an empty – they were all empty – boat trailer parking spot.

Finally Donnis arrived and while waiting for her luggage

Donnis arrives on Fantasea.

I discovered her three priorities.

Get home.

Eat something – a salad was the meal of choice.

A sleep.

We collected her luggage and halfway across the car park the rain zoomed in on us. It was impossible to run with the luggage.

She struggled to stay awake through her late lunch so after she went to bed I busied myself as I always do.

When she woke just on dark I suggested we go out to dinner for a belated anniversary celebration. All she wanted was some home made soup and back to bed. Good thing I had made some soup and frozen it for a quick meal sometime.

Ho hum so much for my plans.

Sunday dawned wet and even more cool than the day before. Now I should explain what I mean by cool. When average day time temperature in the kitchen has been around 30 degrees and humidity of 97%, cool is when it was around 21 or 22 degrees and humidity is around 70%.

Sunday we also got back into chores to be done including lots of clothes washing for Donnis and I made a start cleaning out a laundry cupboard which has a Melamine shelf. Something must have leaked and penetrated the shelf. The chip board swells to twice its size and chips of timber start to fall onto the shelf below. I cleaned out the cupboard, threw the shelf in the garbage and started making a plywood replacement. Donnis wants it varnished. I also made another shelf for WWWGO. This time for my clothes locker. They also have to be varnished which I managed one coat for all 4 fittings before it got dark.

As a celebration we still did not go out to dinner but I did make a very good, if I say so myself, chicken massaman curry. Liberally laced with crushed peanuts, smooth coconut cream curry sauce on a bed of steamed jasmine rice it was a fitting meal to the end of the week. Pity we had no fresh Kaffir Lime leaves to throw into the pot!


I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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