131. Sunday 11th April 2010. Grumble, moan, rant… and a Happy Birthday to Donnis

So what am I grumbling, moaning and ranting about?

As I may have mentioned over the last few weeks we have had a great deal of rain this year.

We have also had sunny days.

Combined they produce great plant growing weather.

Saturday and today have been just typical Airlie Beach weather with bright sunny days ( a little on the hot side) not a cloud in sight. Calm seas and as the weather man predicted, great boating weather. Almost every third car on the road is towing a boat this weekend. The launching ramps have been busy busy busy.

So I am grumbling moaning and ranting for the amount of cleaning up to be done.

Apart from cutting the grass, trimming the edges and chainsawing all those fallen trees, there are the WEEDS!

They are OUTA CONTROL. Especially the guinea grass and the thing that sends out tough wirey tendrils and wraps itself around all the other plants. The couch grass runners are as tough as stainless steel cables. The sensitive weed is everywhere and is a real thorny tough plant. Hard to eradicate. The nut grass has made a comeback this year and a host of new weed I do not even have a name for.

My fault I guess for not pulling weeds when it was raining. Oh well it gives me something to do in the winter months.

Nothing special to report this weekend apart from the huge bonfire size pile of tree offcuts I have built in the back yard ready to load into a dumpster. There is still more to cut but I have already filled up a weekend and it will still be there waiting for me.

Whenever I am ready to start on it.

Next weekend is Sugarloafer time and we are going to Pinevale.

Yes! (That is a YES! I am excited and looking forward to next weekend yes.)

Yes. (that is a yes I know I know, type of yes) I know we have already been there. After all the rain this year the Pioneer River level should be higher than usual so it may be interesting to see the difference. Besides we just enjoy getting away for our weekends. Then after after that comes Anzac Day. Monday is a public holiday. Yay! Perhaps we will go away to Balgal Beach for the Anzac Day Dawn Ceremony. Then the following Thursday  we are heading to the Wintermoon Festival.

That is the rest of April booked up.

So all you weeds and fallen trees and stuff out there waiting for me you can just keep on waiting.

Tomorrow 12th April is Donnis birthday.

She will be so surprised with what I got her for her birthday. Perhaps I can write about it next week.


I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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