133. Sunday 25th April 2010. rain rain go away…

For those who have read previous posts and or pages will recall that back around October and or November 2009 I was bemoaning how hot and dry it was and how the grass had turned crackly brown. Since early this year we have had lots of rain and as mentioned last week we can now give rainfall readings in metres, not millimetres. All week it has rained off and on. Our concrete driveway and pathways, like aa other driveways abd pathways around here, have developed a greenish black (the colour of good liquorice) layer of mould, mildew, algae or whatever you want to call it. Once wet it becomes dangerously slippery but it can only be cleaned off with copious amounts of chlorine and I do mean copious, or with a high pressure water spray. It will take all day. The bad news is chlorine is a toxic substance and is no good for our bodies, plants or other living arganisms so by killing off the algae it can kill off everything else as well. The high pressure spray is very good but the algae will grow back in a matter of days while ever we have the wet season. I have to wait until next month in the hope the rain has stopped for awhile before I rent a high pressure spray. In the meantime all visitors are reminded to walk carefully on our driveway and pathways.

After heavy rain while I was grocery shopping Saturday morning, the sun came out and brightened and warmed up the rest of the day.

Today is / was Anzac Day. A day of commemoration and remembrance. Over the last few years I have tried to attend a Dawn Service and or March. This year is different. I have been trying to carry out repairs to WWWGO.

I had one of the gas bottles re-filled and put that in the enclosed gas compartment. Now I have two full gas bottles, one of which is connected and turned on. The gas is ready for cooking or running the fridge while we are at Wintermoon for 5 nights.

The water tank has been filled and filtered water containers topped up and stowed.

Enough beer (2 each per day) has been stowed.

A few bottles of wine have been stowed.

I took the TV aerial apart on Saturday so I could find the leak and fix it. In the process I discovered I would need a tube or box spanner. None of the neighbours has what I needed although Stan had a set of long shaft sockets they were not suitable as, with most sockets they have about 12 sides whereas a tube spanner has 5 sides. Stans 15/16th socket would fit the nylon nut but it would only slip on the interface. I tried the hardware store and Supa Cheap auto store. Supa cheap had a super cheap set of tube spanners although the largest size was only a half inch.

The home hardware store only had a boxed set of spanners at a $60 price tag. I had no choice but to buy the set so I could complete the task. Only took 30 seconds with the correct tool. I was able to take the aerial apart, clean the fittings, spray with silicone and put them all back together.

Anybody want to buy an almost used set of tube spanners for $59? This is probably only the second time in my life I have needed and used a tube spanner.

Only time will tell if I have fixed the leak.

Sunday morning after a night of rain, no leak! Will continue to monitor.

The left (passenger side) tail light assembly has a blown globe or two. At least that is what people at Pinevale told me last week. Also on Saturday I took the tail light apart and with a little help from Donnis determined the brake light is not working, nor is the blinker. As I took off the outer plastic lens I saw some dampness, nay, some water ran out.

Hmmm. I am sure taillight assemblies should be more waterproof than that. After removing all globes I then unscrewed the inner fitting to expose the wires and the plastic base housing. It was all damp. One outer plastic seal was cracked and I noticed at some point some silicone sealant beading was run around the casing but  its seal has broken down. So I cleaned everything, dried up all the water, ran an emery board over all the fittings and put the inner fitting back then re-installed the globes.

Hmmm. blinkers on both sides work but the left hand brake light is still living in the dark!!! By now it was late on Saturday afternoon, I was tired and sweaty so packed it all away and weather permitting continue on Sunday morning.

Sunday morning, Anzac Day all the shops, well most shops, are closed today.

I managed to find my multi meter this morning. After an on line tuiton on how to use the dang thing Donnis put her foot on the brake pedal and the multi metre showed 11 volts??? I checked the other fittings. 11 volts! Next I moved different globes around the fittings. The brake light globe did not work in any of the fittings. Holding it up to the light it sure looks OK but it obviously has a fault.

Donnis had rented an overnight movie yesterday and we drove to the Centro Shopping Centre to return it. I slipped it in the after hours return movie slot and was a little puzzled there were no other movies already on the floor. The store looked to be in darkness. As I walked away somebody else arrived to return a movie and lo and behold the automatic doors opened. The store was open! I guess the heavy window tinting made it looked dark inside. Oh well!

Just a short dodder in the same carpark is Supa Cheap and I noticed their door was open. So we waltzed in and spent $3.90 to buy a pack of two brake light globes. We took them home and fitted one in the problem brake light fitting and viola, all lights work. The fitting was again dried off as it got wet in the overnight rain. It was screwed into place and a fresh bead of silicone was applied to the join. That should keep the insides dry. It was then I noticed the two lenses are different. The drivers side is a genuine Iveco tail light cluster lens while the one on the left is an after market look alike.

later in the morning I moved the two way radio aerial higher on the bull bar. About 40 ltres of fresh water were placed on board and the fresh water tank topped up with 120 litres.

We are back to thinking that maybe we should flat tow a car. Donnis wants 4WD and there are only 3 candidates in the weight class. Suzuki Sierra 1300 CC and less than 1,000Kg but they stopped making them about 1996, Suzuki Vitara about the same class now replaced by the Grand Vitara which is a bigger motor and heavier. Then there is the Daihatsu Terios about the same as the Sierra but more modern lines and models up to about 2006 are available. After that time, 2006, Daihatsu, read Toyota, stopped importing them although Toyota have promised parts for at least 10 years. Despite this drawback the Terios appeals to me, there are almost as many on the market as Sierra’s and the price is only a little more expensive. That is understandable as most are younger than the Sierra. They also have twin air bags, power steering, AC and stereo CD/radio all as standard. A CMCA forum friend, Laurie tows one behind her Sunliner MH which by coincidence is the same Iveco as ours. She tells me she does’nt even notice it when she is towing. Good thing we called her today to get her opinion.

It is now official. We are looking for a late model Terios. We have a Subaru Liberty, or Subaru Imprezza or a Yamaha Virago Mororcycle as a trade -in.

Today being Anzac Day I should have been at a Dawn Ceremony or at least the morning march. i did neither. Too tired and too much to do. Neither Donnis nor I slept well last night.

Tonight I watched the news and saw the reports from around Oz. The reports from Anzac Cove – Galipolli – and from France moved me emotionally. I feel I must attend one or the other in the future.

We are going to Wintermoon next week. I may be late getting the report posted. probably Tuesday or even Wednesday or even later before I report but if the weather stays dry I expect to have a long report on the music, the crowds, the camping, the interesting and sometimes way out people and lots of photos.


I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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