135. Sunday 9th May 2010. Wash ya mouth out with soap frankeeg…

Why such a strange title to this page?

Well, this has happened to me before. Many times. This time I am verbalising my annoyance, my anger even. I am agro.

Here’s the problem. Sometimes I spend hours, days even, preparing the words for this blog. Then I add the photos to the relevant place within the text. That way the text and photos flow with one another and the photos add to the mental visualisation of the story. After I have completed the text and added the photos and saved it all I then read back over what I have completed, make any small changes and save. Before I “publish” the page I have a look at the public post to see how it flows and presents itself to you, my loyal reader (s). 

Sometimes, much to my great frustration and annoyance, a photo I have painstakingly imported and placed within the text, just so, is somewhere else entirely. Sometimes it appears at the beginning of the post. sometimes at the end, sometimes sort of tagged onto another photo. In all cases the photo is of course, out of context.

After checking the preview I notice the error so go back into the edit mode, fix the problem, re-save and preview.

Grrr. It was wrong again.

Back into edit, move the photos, save, preview and Grrrr it was wrong again. On the fourth attempt it seemed OK and I exited the programme. Then had a look, the same as a member of the public would and woodencha know it?  The photos are out of place.


I could not be bothered trying to fix it again. It can stay out of order.

It always seems the longer the post text wise the more photo attachment problems there are. Perhaps I should “speriment’ and keep posts under 500 words, attach appropriate photos and publish that post then start another of 500 words plus photos and publish etc etc etc. (with apologies to Yul Brynner) Hmmm, maybe thats not a bad idea, then again it multiplies the work involved and interrupts the flow…

Take last week’s post, number 134. It was about 2,700 words. That means, under my new theory, I would have to create 6 different posts but all with the same theme.


Create a page per day, which at one time last year when we were travelling in Tassie, that is exactly what I did, except I did not write every day, only when I had something to say.

So I am quite cheesed off  with this blog. Not what I write and upload but the @#&*^+_@ programme which allows me to do this page.

I know, I know, I know. It is probably operator error. I accept that. I accept also that I do not know enough about how this thing works. Most of what I have done on these pages I am self taught. I learnt from my errors but so far these photos appearing out of place have annoyed me and I still have not got an answer.

I am going to place a photo, a blurry photo, of the musical team, The Twine, which we saw at last weeks festival. Remember the name, The Twine as I think you will be hearing more of them in the future.

I am going to place the photo immediately after this paragraph to see where it ends up when I publish.

The Twine

OK now that’s off my chest, what else happened this week?

This week was a short one. Only had to go to work for three days but what a three days they were. Each day seemed like one drama after another. Yesterday, saturday I managed to get the grass in the front yard trimmed and cut and a couple of loads of Post Ului rubbish taken to the tip in the back of the Imprezza.

Today I managed to get the Imprezza washed (it was mighty dirty after a week parked at Wintermoon what with rain and dust) and polished and a couple of stone chips touched up. Also managed to cut some, not all, the grass in the back yard, even pushing the mower in the rain.

Yes it has started to rain again.


I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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