137. Sunday 23rd May 2010. WWWGO repairs and a lesson in getting repairs done…

On arrival home from The Retreat I resolved to get WWWGO mechanicals complete. Yes I know the wheel alignment is still outstanding but I have to organise a time to go to Mackay for that. In the meantime you might recall I had a service done by the diesel guys at the bottom of our street. They did the scheduled service but announced the whistling and rattling sound I could hear was a leak in the manifold and they could not or did not have the time or inclination to repair it. They suggested I see RACQ. Which I did. The new owner of three weeks, John, is not a stranger to The Whitsundays. He worked for RACQ many years ago, started the Ultra Tune franchise then sold it to Macca when he went travelling Oz in a converted bus. John got to WA and after a time working around Karratha he made enough money to buy three Ultra Tune franchises in WA and worked and managed them for awhile until his family wanted to come home. So he left the UT with managers and came home. Macca employed him until RACQ came up for sale and he bought it. Anyway when I told him what needed fixing and a few questions later he was aware my previous diesel guys were not interested in fixing the manifold leak because it was too hard. So now it is with RACQ and he ordered a new manifold gasket only to discover when removing the bolts, two are broken off and will need drilling out. If that does not work the head needs to come off to get the broken bolts out and then we are talking some serious expense. We should know the outcome by Tuesday.


Donnis Subaru Imprezza probably needs new CV joints as well as some replacement shockies in the rear. The guys at UT have been very good but I think we should go to a suspension specialist for this work. Macca at UT may be disappointed but the back seems to be skipping around a bit so we need that sorted out and the noises from the front drivers side is probably the CV joints protesting. Macca is reluctant to do anything until the CV joints display some physical signs of wear or something else manifests itself to be repaired or replaced.


We might have to bite the bullet and get them done as we want to sell her car as we are looking for a good late model Daihatsu Terios or a good late model Suzuki Sierra.  We want a 4WD capable of being flat towed. Only Sierra & Terios fill the bill. Capable of being flat towed, 4WD, under 1,000Kg and only 1.3 litre engine, reasonable storage space in the back and high ground clearance.

My Subaru Liberty Rallye now has 264,000 klms on the clock. I have neglected it a little the last few years because I have Donnis Imprezza, WWWGO and a Yamaha Virago to look after as well. I also do the house and yard maintenance. I really only have a limited amount of time as I like to get away for weekends and other holidays in WWWGO.

Although I have yard work to do, I managed to borrow a water blaster and clean all the mould off the concrete driveway and pathways and concrete tiles. At least I will not have to do that job again – this year!


Sunday I said bugga the yard work I am going to wash the Rallye. Which I did.


Looks good, but incomplete. So I polished it. Still looks incomplete. So I blackened up the trim inset in the doors and the skirts. Still incomplete so I blackened the tyres. Then got them pumped up to correct pressure then cleaned the windows inside and outside.

Gee it looks good. I still have to vacuum the inside and coat the dash and other surfaces with Armour All.

Gee it looks good. I put it in the garage and I am reluctant to let it out. We will probably have to sell it but gee whizz it has been a good car and Gee it looks good. I do not want to sell. Donnis agrees we should sell her car first, then the Virago then as a last resort my car. If I do sell it must go to a good home.

Gee it looks good. Donnis wants to drive it to work tonight. I want to keep it in the garage looking good.

That is where I will finish up this week.

Until next time.


I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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