138. Sunday 30th May 2010. Repairs and washing, drying, polish on polish off…

We got WWWGO back from RACQ on Thursday. It seems John had lots of trouble and needed to use plenty of cuss and frustration words while removing the two broken manifold studs. There were probably a few skinned knuckles as well. So now the new manifold gasket is in place and I have to get used to a quieter engine sound. In other words, no noise.

We picked up WWWGO from RACQ late on Thursday afternoon. Donnis had not planned anything for dinner. Well, she did, sort of. She took a rack of lamb out of the freezer just before 5 o’clock. We picked up WWWGO about 5.45 so I suggested Bucks fish n chips for dinner. It is not often we have deep fried food. Buck probably has the best seafood around, especially as he has his own fishing boat. Some of his fish obviously comes from elsewhere but the stuff he cooks up fresh in his shop certainly is caught on his boat. We are not sure what cooking oil he uses but at least it does not get caught in my gullet like the McDonalds and Hungry Jacks deep fried stuff. It sticks in my gullet and I am trying to clear my throat for hours after eating their stuff. Not so with Bucks chips. Anyway the fish n chips were delightful with a quick salad we made here at home. We also sprinkled fresh lime juice on the fish and had a refreshing glass of wine.

Not bad for a quick take away meal.

I must mention the great win by the Queensland side in the Wednesday night first State of Origin Match for 2010. It was a dour match and although to me it did not seem like an exciting game, on reflection there were some exciting highlights. It just was not a nail biter of a game.

Hmmm. Somewhere last year or was it the year before, in one of my pages or could it have been in one of my posts (they are different ya know! I had been writing the blog for goodness knows how long before I wised up and started using “POSTS” instead of “PAGES” to report each week, err regularly, I did not know the difference, that’s what I get for being self taught) I mentioned about sitting on the back verandah to have breakfast and being visited by birds n other creatures.

Well I still sit on the back verandah for breakfast and watch the sun rise over the Conway Ranges and have my morning coffee (on weekends) and watch all the birds come to visit. With this absolutely grand Autumn n Winter weather with sunny days and light breezes I thought it was about time I shared the visual with you.

When seated at the table behind the NZ Christmas Bush, the sun rises over my left shoulder.

Of course with the sun rising a little later each day I will be trated to different views but here is what I saw about 6.45 am this morning after I returned from my walk and did my back exercises.

Sunrise over Conway Range.

I had already decided to wash and polish WWWGO this weekend. Donnis would be at work both days so I was not going anywhere. Apart from getting some grass cut Saturday morning I thought I would get a good run at the washing, drying, polish on, polish off. I also decided to buy a good 1200 watt polisher. What a heavy device!

Saturday I washed the front of the MH. The luton peak over the cab was smothered with insect suicide remnants. They were hard to remove. The duco on the front was also looking a bit sad and hazed. I needed a ladder and the heavy duty truck wash, CT18, which really works but make sure you wash it off quickly. I then polished the luton peak, scampering up and down and moving the ladder frequently. The polisher was a bit heavy and awkward but I managed. Next I polished all the duco, that is, bonnet, sides and doors, then did the bull bar.

Today I was up the ladder and leaning with the polisher when I felt my back protest, just a tad mind you. So instead of a ladder I put up our mini scaffold. Ahh. That’s better. I can stand upright with no stretching and using knees to lock into position as I did with the ladder. I spent the day, washing, drying, polish on, polish off. I managed to get one side and a little bit of the back completed. Looks good. I ran out of weekend to complete the polishing. Next weekend I will need to use the scaffold for the other side. To achieve that I will need to drive the MH out onto the street and drive in to the same parking spot – forwards. That way I will be able to have the same height advantage with the retaining wall so I can reach the top of the MH.


There goes another weekend of washing, drying, polish on, polish off.


I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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