139. Sunday 6th June 2010. No repairs this week but still wash, dry, polish on, polish off…

WWWGO really sparkles. Well if not sparkles, shines in sunlight whereas before I think it was absorbing sunlight. More about that below.

This week I started making plans to go to the Palm Creek Folk Music Festival at…err…um…Palm Creek, of all places! The Festival is spread over 4 days on the Queens Birthday long weekend. That is, next weekend. As with most plans it starts in my mind, I do the research, weigh up possibilities and probabilities, work out a travel plan and get it set in my mind before sharing it with Donnis and getting her final seal of approval. I was pretty sure that would be forthcoming as she loves the music festivals. In fact she loves almost any community gathering. It was about Thursday when she told me she was not working over the long weekend and to make some plans.

So I did.

Sometime on Saturday I was ready to share the festival weekend plans with her. You see with her work committments we sometimes only see each other for a short while some days, so it was Saturday arvo before we had some time to sit down and share a beer and catch up. I started outlining the plans to go away. She then said that from Monday she was working 10 days straight, including 4 night shifts.

We are no longer going away next weekend.

Boo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo.

Now I will have to make some solo plans for next weekend that probably means lots of intense work in the garden which has been mostly neglected for months.

Now to the title. Last weekend, after two days of hard yakka, by myself I managed to wash and polish WWWGO front cab, one side and a small section of the back. I spoke with a work colleague, Brian L and asked what his weekend plans were then invited him to come to our house and help me with the polishing. Quite bluntly after last weekend I was quite worn out especially using the heavy polisher. I asked Brian because he has been with the office about 5 weeks and is living here alone. He is separated from his wife and two daughters who have gone back to southern NSW near the Victorian  border. I am unsure how Brian fills his weekends but thought I would reach out and have him spend a day with us and helping me.

By the time Brian arrived Saturday morning I had started washing WWWGO, had brought eveything we need and had it in place. Within minutes of his arrival I had him armed with a chamois and we were both drying WWWGO. It was obvious how badly it needs a polish. The water would just run down the wall in a sheet whereas on the polished side the water run into rivulets down the sides.

We left WWWGO to finish drying in the sun while we stopped for a coffee then the work began again in earnest. First the top of the rear curvature which had to be polished while perched on the roof. Then using our fold up scaffolding I put the polish on a small section, wait 15 minutes for it to dry then send Brian in with polisher to buff it up. While he was doing that I was setting up another section of polish on. Even with teamwork we did not finish until late in the day. Thank goodness for Brian otherwise I would have spent the whole weekend polish on polish off by myself.

On Sunday I decided to put velcro dots on a box of Kleenex and stick it to the cab roof above our heads. It seems, especially when I am driving alone, I need a Kleenex to blow my nose. Of course the box has slid under Donnis seat somewhere and is unreachable. By sticking the box above our heads it will always be handy.

Great theory.

It keeps falling off.


Beside the entrance doorway is a grab handle with integrated light. (doncha just love that phrase? “Integrated light”) The integrated light has not worked for some time. In fact the little switch, which is covered by a little waterproof bonnet gets stuck in the on or off position. Last weekend I decided to pull it all apart. In so doing the switch itself went “sproing” and so I bought a new switch because in the process of going “sproing” it was apparent the wiring was corroded and just looking for an excuse to fall apart. This weekend I planned to put it all back together. On my first attempt little bits n pieces sort of fell onto the ground but on clicking the switch, the globe illuminated. WOW! It works. Then after putting it all together, tightening screws and so forth it does not work. Getting out my trusty volt meter, which I am still learning to use, I tried to measure the current. Hmmm. Sometimes 14v sometimes nil. The little brass fitting on the end seems the most likely culprit but without something to replace it I will have to pay an auto electrician $75 an hour plus 12 cents worth of materials. Only one thing to do. Put it all back together, re-seal so no moisture can get inside  (and just to make it tougher for me to take off when I next tackle this simple job) and try again when I am relaxed. Perhaps next weekend when I should be gardening.

Note to self. Buy the litting brass fitting or in worst case scenario the whole fitting during the week.

Next job. Replace the plastic, sprung hinge fittings on the Dometic Refrigerator freezer door. Hmmm. No obvious way to remove the door to replace the hinge without possibly breaking something else.

Note to self. Contact Dometic during the week for instructions. With a strike rate of minus 2 out of 2 on simple repair jobs I was not prepared to make it minus three out of three.

Went to remove the bedding and noticed it was wet, quite wet, in one place. Just underneath the  TV aerial wind up handle which I thought I had fixed several weeks ago and saving $75 by not buying a new fitting. It rained during the week and after 2 weekends of washing, somehow, somewhere the water got in. Hmmm.

Note to self. Re-investigate the fitting in daylight next weekend before spending $75 on a new part. In the meantime I put a plastic bag, held in place with an elastic band around the fitting – just in case it rains or I lose my marbles and wash WWWGO again.

Eagerly seeking positives with negatives all around me I resolved the following.

WWWGO has been washed, polished and looks great – positive.

Need something stronger than velcro dots to hold an amazingly heavy box of Kleenex upside down. – Positive. Learnt something.

Need a new part for the light fitting. Positive. Learnt how to take apart, put back together and waterproof seal so I can do it all again next weekend.

Waiting on instructions from Dometic – Positive. Did not break something else.

Not cowed by the leaking TV aerial handle. – Positive. Seeking to identify where the leak occurs before spending big dollars which I may not need to spend.

Gee next weekends report is already prepared. I just need to report on the success of my efforts.

See ya then.


I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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