144. Sunday 11th July 2010. When the Moon is in the Seventh House…

And so go the words of The Age of Aquarius from the sixties musical, HAIR!

When the moon is in the Seventh House

And Jupiter aligns with Mars

Then peace will guide the planets

And love will steer the stars
This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius

Age of Aquarius

Aquarius! Aquarius!

etc etc etc etc and so it goes on with hippy quasi religious peace and happiness messages.

The composers of this song obviously didn’t mean us to take their lyrics too literally however because, as all astrologers know, Jupiter and Mars align so frequently,and the Moon travels through the 7th house once every day, that we would have been through innumerable ‘dawning’s’ since the 1960’s if we were to follow them to the letter.
What has this got to do with Frankeeg’s Blog???

Over the last few years, many people have asked me when I am going to retire.

Sometimes I have not been sure what their intentions were in asking.

Just curiosity perhaps? Perhaps a more sinister sub plot?

Often I would answer with, “When the Moon is in the Seventh House” etc.

Or the other answer was. “how long is a piece of string?”

Depending on the person, their age group, family members or close personal friends

and if they were prepared to listen to a pre prepared speech, – just kidding –

I would give a fuller explanation and a rough timeframe because quite honestly that

was all I had.

A rough time frame.

This was dependant on that and when something else occurs and so on.

Well, let me tell you, the major deciding factor has been bouncing around for some years

while I waited for one particular event to take place. When that event occurred I would announce a date for my retirement. At that time I would also share the date with my employers, giving one months notice. I have not given them or my work mates any hints or thoughts on the subject.

Until now.

The Moon is in the Seventh House”…

and this is the dawning of the age of frankeeg.

(Oh… an explanation of frankeeg. No it is not an Indian name. At work, one of the staff started calling me franky g, including franky g is in da house from some sort of kids cartoon. The nickname stuck. This blog site only accepted frankeeg as all the other variations were already in use. Can you believe that?)

Today I typed out my retirement notice. I will hand it to my employers tomorrow. That in itself was not an easy thing to do.

Firstly because I have been there 13 years and it is hard to give up a weekly wage and replace it with a weekly uncertainty.

Next, I will be late for work tomorrow as I am going to the dentist to have a crown put on a tooth. By the time I get to the office I will not be able to talk properly so will have to wait until the novacaine wears off.

Then, the managing director will also be late tomorrow so I have to wait for her as well. On Tuesday she will fly to Brisbane for the rest of the week and tomorrow will be the last opportunity when both directors will be together for at least a week.

Let me tell you I have been a bit nervous about this all weekend. It has finally happened. I will be 65 in a couple of months so will be elligible for retirement anyway. Regretably I will only be entitled to some medical and travel benefits along with a small pension. That is why when we go on the road we will have to rent our house as well as contuinuing the rental house in Mackay.

“What’s that?”  “I must be elated?”

I am sort of numb. I acknowledge I do not show my emotions well. I might smile on the outside but on the inside the stomach is jumping in all directions. Maybe by age 65 I will be able to let loose and allow my emotions, particularly joy, happiness, excitement, free reign so others can see my joy, happiness and excitement as well.

Yesterday I was a playing Wii Tennis. When I won a game against the computer I threw my arms in the air, danced a jig and shouted yes, yes, yes. Of course there was nobody to see me do that.

It is a pity I am, at the moment, unable to throw my arms in the air, dance a jig and say yes, yes, yes, when talking about retirement.


No photos this week.

Oh by the way (or BTW for all those who write in abbreviations) friends Geoff & Margaret left on Tuesday. On the way to Prossie (Proserpine) they heard a clunk noise in the front of the vehicle. Turns out it was the front wheel, held in place with only one wheel nut and that, held on by about three threads. The other nuts were missing.


After getting it fixed they continued on and turned off at Calen when the GPS low battery light flicked on. Investigating Geoff found smoke coming from under the dash behind the cigarette lighter socket where the GPS unit was plugged in. By now the plug had melted.


After solving that problem – by pulling out the wires to the socket – they continued on looking for Boulder Creek. When they arrived it was on fire. The local farmer had decided to burn off a hill of long grass at one side of the campsite.

Final Hmmm!

They decided to stay one night only as the smell of smoke and ash still falling from the sky was too unpleasant to stay longer.

They continued on to Lake Elphinstone and were still there when I spoke with them earlier today.

BTW…Geoff has started his own blog Cliftons Travels. I will sort out a link over the next week and put it on this site.

So that, my friends, endeth the week.


I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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