146. Sunday 25th July 2010. On a roller coaster ride…

In fact since deciding to retire the world has sped up with some ups and some downs but each day I seem to have less time to get things done and in fact forget to do some things. I forgot my daughter Shelly’s birthday at the beginning of the week.

We would really like to get on the road by the first week of September but the days are rushing at us so quickly and now it seems there is more to do than I first thought and suddenly spending money on new equipment seems to be a risk that has to be reconsidered.

We had some interesting and exciting phone and skype calls this week.

We have spoken with a French couple, Guy & Dominique who live on 5 acres at a place called Traveston in the hills behind the Sunshine Coast. About 30 minutes from Noosa! As a result of those conversations we have accepted to house sit their property from mid December until mid March.

That will work out well for us a many reasons.

My sister Sue lives at Noosaville so we should be able to have Christmas together.

Donnis siter Linda has a house swap on the Gold Coast for three weeks in January. That is about 200klms away. We will have to get a couple of e-Tags for the car and the MH.

Donnis is also considering returning to Canada with her sister for a month. With me parked at Traveston in the summer I can visit sister Sue and maybe spend some time at the beach, photographing surfers, maybe even borrowing a surfboard from Ken. Donnis and I will be able to keep in touch by Skype or VOIP. It will be interesting to chill out, veg out and catch up on a bit of writing and perhaps planning the next three months.

This weekend we started cleaning out the garage. We started on on the roof, cleaning off all the accumulated debris of leaves and gum nuts. We cleaned out the gutters and replaced the gutter guard.

Next we pulled all the heavier items out of the garage and swept the floor. Then we selected stuff we no longer want, is not worth selling but we are prepared to give away. We took some to the re-cycling centre and will take another load tomorrow.

While cleaning out some items I picked up the original flat screen TV which came with the MH. It has never worked. For the sake of the exercise I plugged it in to power. It turned on and reacted to the remote. Hmmm! I brought it inside and connected the Wii console. It works! Hmmm. We were wondering how to take the Wii with us. This could be the solution but where would it be stored and used?

I measured up in the basement which is accessed by a large hatch type door. Yes! It will fit. On a swivel  TV stand it can be turned outwards and can be viewed from outside the MH. I think we have solved the Wii problem and saved a TV as well!

A few comments gave me pause for thought. She found a 2009 calandar issued by the nursing home where she works. There were photos of all the residents at the time the calandar was created in the last quarter of 2008. Donnis mentioned that she had wiped the bums or showered all of them. She also mentioned which of them had died, which of them were in a vegetative state and which needed constant high level care. Frankly I found it depressing. Where the food for thought comes in was that it must also be depressing for the nurses and in my case I was thinking about how this effects Donnis. I discussed it with her. It seems she is comfortable with the work and that is her role in life.  She is a carer.

So here we are two weeks from the end of my working life and on the precipice of the great unknown adventure.

Hmmm! If some work comes my way, casual of course, I will take it.

Other than that I am more concerned with practical day to day solutions such as a garage sale, buying a container, finding somewhere to store it and our furniture and finding a mail redirection solution.

Maybe we will have solved some of that by next weekend.

Hope so!


I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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