148. Sunday 8th August 2010. Final week, dinner, farewell and grrrr…


This was my final week of employment until I officially retired on Friday 6th August.

So, although I am retired today, I will not feel retired until Monday morning and do not have to go to work. However, I will go into the office at 10.30 am. It is Joey’s birthday and they have a morning coffee and cake and I will join them.

I first met Joey,

Workmate Joey at my retirement dinner.

then called Joanne, when she was just 18. She is the daughter of Peter who died in a tragic accident 6 years ago when he fell off a ladder while painting the eaves on his house. Unknown to me, Joey was filing inside the Compactus (for those who do not know what a Compactus is I have attached a link   http://www.officecentre.com.au/category19_1.htm?gclid=CLakzffxqqMCFQk2bwoduRdS5A  but basically it is a system of shelving on tracks) I needed a file in a hurry and without looking I started to close an open bay when I heard a squeal from inside, “Help! Stop! I’m in here!” That was how I met Joey. She is now 31, has two kids and will marry Keith in 6 weeks. Joey loves toys and always has the latest mobile phone and computer and accessories. A bit like me in some respects.

On Wednesday the management took the office staff to dinner to celebrate. Dinner was at a restaurant called Waterline at the Shingley Beach Resort.

Frank n Donnis at Waterline Restaurant overlooking the marina.

When I saw the prices of the meals, most were around $36 and the cheapest wine was about the same price. I thought the meals better be good at those prices. Realistically I thought my meal was average. Now for $36 I got chicken thigh, pocketed with chorizo sausage and a small salad of coral lettuce leaves with a few sliced green olives. That is all. No potatoe, rice, pasta or cous cous. Sides included chips, mash, or potato au gratin for $7. I chose mash. Imagine my disappointment when the mash arrived, halfway through eating the chicken by the way, only to discover it was made from instant mash potato powder. Donnis had a double roasted duck dish which was dry but had plenty of meat.

Workmate Sim.

More Workmates. Frank, James, Ian, Mustang (Sally) and Syna.

Another workmate Leash.

I was not impressed so we will not put it on our list of places to eat out. Not that we eat out all that often. Apart from that, we got picked up and returned home by a courtesy bus which allowed me to have a few glasses of wine. Not over indulge mind you.

The big surprise of the evening was Keith announced that as a leaving gift they had ordered an Apple iPad complete with a 3Gb card. Wow oh wow! It will arrive next week sometime. Am I looking forward to the challenge of getting it set up.

Thursday night my brother Al and his wife Rae arrived and we went to a pizza dinner at Jubilee Tavern. They have been wanting a wood fired pizza since their last visit a few years ago. The pizza was not as good as 4 years ago but it was wonderful catching up with them. They left to travel to Burrum Heads early the next morning.

On Monday a new fellow started at the office. Stuart was  described as a young Frank, that is, accurate, good at maths, has a strong work ethic and sense of pride and a few other positve words. I not only had to train him but there were certain jobs I needed to finish this week as well. Stuart did not get my usual 100% training but at least I got all my other jobs done and he learnt something and I did put put him in the drivers seat, metaphorically speaking, on a couple of files so his time with me was productive. By 3pm on Friday I thought I had achieved or finished all I had on my plate (metaphorically speaking) so I shook hands or hugged the staff still in the office and went home. I sort of felt wooden.

Sniffle sniffle boo hoo.

That was it.  No trumpets or people lining the streets and throwing rose petals. Oh, Sally sent me an email to say she was not going to say goodbye as she was crying, even as she typed the email she was crying and could not handle a face to face goodbye.

Saturday was a laid back not much done sort of day. I did manage to sort out some issues on the wireless and can now go on line with our iTouch. That took me a long time sort. I called Geoff my guru and we started changing settings in the wireless set up. In the process Geoff got cut off but on my own I found the secret hidden number to log into the modem. I re-set the original settings, re-logged back into the device on the laptop, set up the iTouch and it all works and 80% of it I did without Geoffs guiding hand. Yeeha!

I also managed to get the remains of the Pandanus pulled out of the front garden and cleaned up most of the Golden Cane Palm fronds which self clean and make a mess in the garden.

Donnis started her holidays but got a call from the Nursing Home and agreed to do a shift in the afternoon.

Now we come to the Grrr part of the heading.

Today we drove to Mackay so Donnis can catch up with her son Errol and so she can put more blankets and food in the motorhome (none of which he needs or wants). Errol and his friend Alex are busy building a block toilet beside his shop in Mackay. We only had a short visit as he was keen on getting to finish laying the blocks today. So we went to WWWGO. As we opened the door a couple camped behind in their wizz bang came over.

“We hope you do not mind but we changed your 240v power connection”

“Whaaaaat! Why?”

It seems their power lead was too short so they unplugged us and moved our lead to another pole. Of course moving their wizz bang closer to the power pole did not occur to them.

Hmmm! They moved it to the pole I was hooked onto when I set up last week! Somebody else has moved us during the week and this couple moved us back. In the process they did not turn the power back on. I sorted that out but found the fridge was not drawing any power. Uh!Oh! Most likely scenario is a blown 240v heating element in the fridge.

Hmmm! There goes another few hundred dollars. I am not happy.

Grrrr! why do people move 240v power leads???I could have been running a delicate set of electrical apparatus. As it is I am convinced their changing cords blew the element.  I had this happen in another camp years ago and somebody plugged me into a power box which had no power.  Somebody else a few years also disconnected our water supply  without telling us. Grrr!

Finally last night we went out to dinner with Errol. We went to the North Mackay Bowls Club. They have a HUGE dining area and kitchen. For $14.50 we had a big meal. In my case it was Honey Glazed Baked Ham with veg. There was more ham on the plate than we would normally serve between two of us.

At this point I feel a rant coming on. Part of the deal is a self serve of veg or salad.  I see so many people loading their plates with chips and salad stuff and when they leave the table the plate of food is only half eaten. It annoys me to see such a waste of food.

Until next week when I share my first week of retirement. It promises to be busy.


2 Responses to “148. Sunday 8th August 2010. Final week, dinner, farewell and grrrr…”

  1. Claude Brown Says:

    Welcome to the club of the retired. NOW YOU LIFE WILL GET REEEELLY BUSY.
    You will have more to do now than you thought possible and it will all get in the way of your retirement.
    Welcome to the club.
    If the Waterline Restaurant at Shingley Beach Resort is the same one we ate at in 2006, it sounds like nothing has changed. Average food and HIGH prices. But the wine was good and as we stayed there, the walk to the room was ok and short after a few glasses.
    The best meal we had in Airlie Beach was the meal we enjoyed with you and I do not remember the places name. Good food, Baramundie (sp), and company.

    Enjoy the “not having to go to work” routine.



    • frankeeg Says:

      G’day Claude. Yes that is the same place you stayed at although the restaurant closed down for awhile and has re-opened under new management. When you were here we ate at a place called Fish D’Vine. They have now opened two other restaurants. One in Mackay and one in Cairns. They moved to new premises on the corner overlooking the new marina. They have twice the floorspace and have a take away (takeout) as well. It is always popular and although their prices are a bit on the high side the food is always good.
      Thanks for continuing to read the blog and look forward to our adventures.


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