151. Sunday 29th August 2010. Highs and lows in this lucky dip week…

Monday. Week 3 of retirement. Don’t worry I will not keep a running count of weeks retired.
Building a sealed off area in the garage has taken up all my time, thoughts and energy. It has taken longer than imagined but then I am working alone most of the time.
The iPad has the wireless connected and I am adding favorite blogs to the bookmarks. I need to be careful not to spend all day on the iPad.
The good ole faithful Toshiba Quosmio laptop may have reached the end of it’s useful life. Dan n Dillon could not even get it to boot up. Dillon advised taking it to a Toshiba agent in Mackay or Townsville. He also advised me they charge a fee of p$84 just to look at it and before they will quote. I called Mackay and arranged to take it there when I go to Big Wheels and the Financial Adviser on Thursday. Dillon thinks it is a power supply problem and as such will be expensive to fix. In my mind I have a plan B. If the repairs cost too much I will have to buy a cheaper replacement.

Dick Smith have a unit with a few bells and whistles for $699 and the same size screen as my Quosmio.

Hmmm. Today felt like yesterday, did the same stuff, it felt just like yesterday. I achieved about the same except there was no depressed feeling as I already have the bad news about the laptop.


The plants, mulch and gravel I ordered on Monday have arrived so I set aside today to do some gardening and to give me a break from the garage.

While outside doing some gardening I noticed the sound of small airplanes. Here’s the funny thing. I know we have regular and daily sky diving going on in Airlie Beach.  I also know there is a very early model Tiger Moth providing joy flights over Airlie. (http://www.tigermothadventures.com.au/) but during the weeks when I was at work I never saw them. On weekends I was always too busy doing other things. Working in the garden I soon became aware of the flights above me and saw the Tiger Moth doing its stunts while the sky diving plane when in position always cut its engine to allow the divers to dive. Shortly afterwards I could hear the the “thwuck”, “thwuck”, “thwuck” as parachutes opened.

Today I managed to get 15 plants planted and half the mulch in place.  I will finish the mulch and laying the gravel another day.


Up early to leave for Mackay before 7am. Donnis had left for work at 5.30. Arrived at the Big Wheels shortly after 9 and Nevin from the Sugarloafers picked me up and took me to the main street of Mackay where I dropped off the laptop at the Toshiba specialist.

Hmmm. The power supply unit is gone and will cost about $600 plus labour to replace. I went to plan B and arranged a new Toshiba Satellite L500 Notebook with 500Gb of HDD and includes an inbuilt video camera. It has the same screen size as the Quosmio.  I asked them to try to transfer data from the Quosmio to the L500 while I went off to the appointment with the Financial Adviser.

I got to the bank and Jason informed me his presentation was not back from wherever he sent it and was not ready for our appointment.

Huh!!! This was arranged before I finished work!

I used the time to change our address details at the bank, building society and Credit Union as well as with Council and a visit to our real estate agent.

The wheel alignment was completed by 2.30 so I picked up WWWGO and went to Bunnings to buy some hinges and door lock for the new door in the garage then it was over to Toshiba to pick up the new toy and a slow drive home.
More of the same today although I have to admit to the room in the garage is looking good.
More work in the garage and finally got all the plants mulched. I have a little mulch left over and will spread that around next week. Also managed to fit the door hinges and lock and the frame is all nicely squared up. Pity it was not square to begin with.
A bit of a tidy up and a few strengthening touches to the door frame. Still some jobs to finish but will do those on Monday. Managed to get a shelf put in over the window although it is higher than the others because I cannot put the shelf anywhere else. Put a few objects on another shelf which is good. The more I can get off the floor the more room I will have for all the other stuff. Took two loads of green waste to the tip. Donated the old lawn mower and an air walker to the tip recycling centre. Also took Donnis recliner to store at Karen’s house along with a number of boxes of Alecia’s belongings. We managed to have a two hour break at midday when we went to Ros n Loc’s hydroponic lettuce farm. They put on tours as well as a good spread of food in return for a donation to the Pakistan Flood Relief Appeal.
I took the iPad to show off. The new Assembly of God (AOG) Minister who talked about his tour of the Bible Lands and was particularly interested in discussing the iPad and showing off his 32Gb iPhone.
It was a long and tiring day and I started to drift off to sleep during the 6pm news.
We reached our 3Gb wireless limit so have put the laptop and the PC to one side while I use the iPad to monitor the email and do all our online stuff.
The limited download will be something we must learn to use while we are on the road.
Again, no photo’s this week as I have not even thought about or picked up the camera for two weeks.
I promise that will change.
Cheers until next week.
PS pardon any typo errors as typing on the iPad is a bit of a challenge when trying to scroll and proof read.
Still learning.


I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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