153. Sunday 12th September 2010. We are so close I am beginning to feel it…

While Donnis was at work I went to the doctor to see about the little growth on my arm. It is the same type of growth I had cut out a few weeks ago. This time the doc said it is too small to cut so we will burn it with liquid nitrogen. He warned me it would be very painful and had I had anything burned off previously. “Yes”, I said, “last time they had to give me a stick to bite on so I would not scream in agony and scare all the other patients”. He told me they no longer use the stick but have a special mouthguard and clamp. “OK”,  I said, “give me the mouthguard”. By then of course it was all over so I asked for a discount. Enough of my droll and sarcastic humour.
I also asked him about the painful arch in my left foot. Some mornings when I get out of bed I have to hobble. Even as the foot warms up it is still uncomfortable and the ball of the foot as well as my calf begins to ache when I go on my walk. The doc believes I have torn a “worm muscle” in the arch and the best cure is time and exercise. He could give me anti inflamatories but he knew I would refuse them. We did talk about some deep tissue treatment using a laser but we both ruled that out. The good old wait and exercise is our option. I now have to pick up a pencil with my toes a few times a day! I can pick up a thick pen with my toes but not a pencil.
Hmmm! More practise required.
I arrived home just before 9am and John arrived to look at buying my inversion mattress. One look and he said sold! While we were loading it on his trailer camper, the neighborhood centre guys arrived to pick up the bed, the walker and three boxes of books. They took one look at the bed and passed. I dismantled it, kept some of the timber and took the rest to the tip. I also took all the half empty (or is that half full?) paint tins. After lunch the plumber arrived to finish the job started last Friday. Donnis arrived home about 3 so we carried some loaded boxes down to the garage as well as emptying and carrying two wall units to the garage. I will repack them tomorrow. We have a lot of possessions to jam into the garage but I am sure we can pack everything to the rafters.
While moving all these things around I found another box of books I could have donated.
Today was overcast and humid but no rain. John said it was raining when he left Bloomsbury.


A bit more packing and storing in the garage.

Also tool a trip to the tip with some more rubbish, to the tax agent to sign the tax return, to the government offices to change our address details then back home again to continue to squeeze things into the corners and edges of the garage in preparation for bigger items to come.

Heard on the news about the floods in Victoria and amazingly the outback and desert. Birdsville which is as outback and desert as you can get has had a downpour. This quiet little dot on a map is a stopover on your way from somewhere to somewhere else. There is a hotel, a bakery, a garage and precious little else. Once a year the townsfolk of about 100 stage the Birdsville Races where five thousand or so people roll up for the races and the ball and the partying. They arrive by 4WD, coach, motorcycle and plane. Hundreds of planes are parked in the paddock across the street from the pub. This year the event was cancelled due to the rain. Not only that but all the roads, which are gravel of course, were closed so the five thousand were stranded and special airlifts of food were sent in. Today, one road out of Birdsville was opened with caution and traffice was allowed out on a staggered rotational basis. At 9am all 4WD drives were allowed to leave. If the road held up (remember we are talking about a gravel road dumped on with more than 100 mils of rain and it turned to mud and slush) then at 10am the semi trailers were allowed through, then at 11 am the coaches and then at 12 noon the motorcycles. As I understand it, conventional vehicles and motorhomes etc have to wait longer for the road to dry some more. This is the desert we are talking about.

In flood!

I want to empty the fridge and freezer of food before next week.

Hmmm. At least another three meals of prawns or fish is on the menu.


Donnis had a day off so we fiddled around getting a few odd jobs done but nothing serious. I am packing a few things away in the garage, mainly stuff which can be tied to and hang from, the rafters. On the other side of the closed off room there is an ever increasing pile of ‘stuff” which Donnis is giving to son Peter when he arrives some time after 17th November. Unless he hires a truck he will need to make several trips in his ute. Gradually things are beiong packed in boxes and put aside ready for the big pieces to be stored. Shelley, my daughter and three of her children arrive on Saturday night. They will only stay the night then will drive my car back to Townsville. BooHoo I will miss that car. It is 15 years old but looks as good as new – at least in my eyes. When we stop travelling Shelley will return the car to me.

After she leaves we can move the mattress and other stuff, including sheets and pillows out of the third bedroom and store them away.

We will progressively move things like the lounge down to the garage by Wednesday, perhaps even our bed and the outdoor table and chairs.

Melissa my eldest daughter will arrive next Thursday to pick up the TV and refrigerator. That’s good timing as we can use the fridge right up until breakfast that morning before turning it off and getting it ready to drive to Finch Hatton. Any other cold stuff will be put in WWWGO fridge.  About this time the washing machine will get disconnected and moved to the garage so by Thursday night everything will in the garage and we will sleep in WWWGO and will use Friday morning for a cleanup and move out. I guess that is when we disconnect the power and telephone landline. All going well we will spend next Friday evening at Pinevale. We will need the weekend to recover. I read a USA blog site about a couple who packed up their house to sell and moved into their 5th wheeler while still working. Boy oh boy they took months and anguished over everyting they packed and every decision they made. I sure hope that does not happen to us. Another week and we should be done.


Donnis is at work today. I took her Imprezza to the suspension shop for a final tune up pof the new shockies installed last month. Jason, the financial advisor was here at 2pm so we could complete my application for an “aged pension”. No it is not the pension which has aged. It seems I am the one who has aged. We had four different applications to complete and some of the information required is so old we either do not have any documentation or it is sealed in boxes in the garage. Some of the weird questions they ask are;

Before you were married, when did you start living together? Like, why would be keep a record of that?

For Donnis who arrived from Canada in the 80’s they want to know a date and at what port and how did she arrive, by air or ship? Amazing Donnis claims she has that information as she has kept all her own passports. They are sealed in a box in the garage along with all our old papers.

They also want to know if either of us EVER had a compensation claim. Donnis did, when her car was hit by another car. Centrelink want to know in case there was any outstanding money owing to them if she was a Centrelink recipient. She was. They were paid their cut and that information is on her record. Donnis also belives those paper are, you guessed it, sealed in a box in the garage. When I say sealed, I mean sealed. They are plastic boxes, not cardboard which cochroaches love. The plastic box has a tight fitting lid but in an endeavour to seal out any animals I filled the lid with space filler expanding foam before tightly closing the lid. The sealant has dried and they are sealed tight.

Some of the things and time frame to get things done is starting become a little stressful and annoying. I find that I am sometimes a little short with Donnis. She on the other hand is coming home from work tired and also stressed and all she wants to do is have a bath and a sleep.


I called into Centrelink this morning to clarify a few things. The nice lady there was helpful and a little miffed that we only want them to certify our ID papers and the application will be lodged by Jason the FA at the Centrelink Mackay office.

Found a dead baby snake in the back yard when I arrived home. It is clear it has been attacked by birds but I am curious why they did not eat it. Also curious as to what type of snake it is because where there is a baby there is a mother and a father. However a bit of Google research shows it may not be an Eastern Brown nor a Taipan which are the third and second deadliest snakes in the world. I also learned that snakes do not watch over their young but leave the eggs to hatch at which time the young are on their own. I also learned that a biet from a juvenile of these species can be fatal. Also… the Eastern Brown and the Taipan are both aggressive and will stand their ground whereas most other snakes will try to get away. I would still like to know what sort of snake it is. Spring is also the season when snakes, particularly the two mentioned above are on the move looking to mate and are more aggressive.


It feels more like summer. It is 27 degrees C (which is about 81 degrees F) in the bedroom at midday and the humidity must be around 75%.


Packing n moving stuff into the garage. Daughter Shelley arrived on the train into Proserpine stations. She is here to take my car back to Townsville and use it while we are away.

BooHoo. I miss the car already.


Waved bye bye to Shelley and Reece and Georgia and Jack then it was back to doing more of the packing. Actually we spent an hour or so with them at the Airlie Beach Lagoon.

We have now placed three wall units into storage and re-packed one of them.  Four more wall units remain to be emptied and moved and re-packed in three days. Plus beds, TV, washer and fridge have to moved.

Do we feel stressed?

You betcha!


2 Responses to “153. Sunday 12th September 2010. We are so close I am beginning to feel it…”

  1. Judy Naumoski Says:

    Hi Frank and Donnis glad you two are about to go. I hope all goes well. Frank I notice your comment about your foot. 18 months ago I went through a similar thing it was so bad that I had Illya take me to the hospital as I was sure that I had a sewing needle in my foot. It seems that I have a common complaint called plantar faceitis (bad spelling there i think) and that I would battle with it continually for about 12 to 18 months. The doctor was right. It came to a situation where I could not walk or could only walk very slowly and very painfully. The tendon under the arch of my foot has torn off the heel bone taking with it a splinter of bone wich proceed to cut through the rest of the tendon. Needless to say I suggest that you strech the muscles under the arch of your foot and massage the foot before you put any weight on it and make sure that you continually stretch the calf muscle and this eleviates the shortening of the tendons. Good luck and always remember that your body will always tell you when it has had enough and you need to rest. Happy travelling


    • frankeeg Says:

      Hi Judy, nice to hear from you. Hopefully we will be able to catch up with you and Ilya next year or the the year after or…
      Thanks for the heads up about your foot problem. I had been trying to pick up a pencil with my toes and was succeeding until last week when I got too busy. I also hurt my knee last week and the doc gave me some anti inflamtory tablets which gave both the knee and foot relief. Cheers for now.


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