154. Tuesday 21st September 2010. We are on our way, tra la ta dee doh…

Gosh I am late getting this posted. There is a reason. In fact many reasons.
Let me tell about some of them.

All last week was spent packing and packing the packing into the garage. Of course I had my timetable and could see the days slipping by and my deadline slipping past me going the other way. I felt stressed and this led me to being a bit short with Donnis. In my defence I believe she was feeling the strain as well. By Wednesday niggling bickering crept into our life and soon was a constant companion.
I kept saying I wanted to be on our way by Friday. That day came and went and we were still at home although by now we were sleeping in WWWGO and having pizza at the Jubilee Tavern.
Karen G came over Saturday to help with cleaning and by 8pm we were 99.9percent finished.

The room I built in the garage was chock a block full. In fact I could find no space for a couple of saw horses. They will have to stay outside unless Peter wants them. Final cleaning was done after dinner on Saturday night and a final check on Sunday morning. I also sprayed all the cupboards with coackroach spray as I did in the garage. In the garage I also laid out mice/rat baits although I have not had a problem with them in the past. I also laid out cockroach baits and moth repellants although again, I have not had a problem with moths in the past. We covered our bedding with sheets and that is about all we can do for now. Time will tell when we eventually return if the furniture is still good enough to use.

We spent another night in WWWGO and were on our way by 7am Sunday morning. Two hours later we were visiting with Averyl n Paul n Shelby-Rose n Anakin and dropped off our PC for them to use until we return… whenever that will be.
By midday we finally rolled into Pinevale in time for the lunchtime surprise 80th birthday party for John Z. There were many of the Sugarloafers in attendance as well as John’s wife, four daughters and spouses, 15 grandchildren with their spouses and 4 great grandkids and John’s brother and his family. There were around 100 of us enjoying the Maltese food.
There is no wireless or tv signal at Pinevale.
Sunday night was fine but overcast.About 8 rigs stayed on Sunday night.  In the early hours of Monday morning, (which by the way was our planned departure for Lake Elphinstone) a huge clap of thunder woke us up. The rain began and by daylight we had decided we would move out later in the day. Those other campers called over to say they were leaving as heavy rains had fallen overnight with some flooding in Mackay while 350 mls of rain had fallen at Airlie Beach and the two roads were closed. We also discovered a leaking air hatch and a leaking…again…tv aerial handle. Hmmm. We decided to drive to Finch Hatton to visit Melissa n Steve to put WWWGO in one of their sheds to dry out so I can silicone seal the leaks. Steve insisted we remove the hatch and tv aerial entirely, determine where the leaks are occurring, clean the area and put it all back with a complete base of sealant including filling up the screw holes. That took 2 days and we had no wireless or mobile reception. So now there should not be any leaks but we will wait another day for the Sikaflex to dry then we head out to the lake on Thursday morning. That is of course if the rain has eased. In the meantime we have enjoyed the hospitality and expertise of M&S. Of course we also had the company of three dogs, about 15 horses, a handful of chickens and other assorted birds.

The weather forecast is for continuing rain for the remainder of the week.

Also according to news reports and forecasts there has been heavy rain out West including motorists being stranded in the desert. Many of the towns we want to visit have had heavy rain. It will be the wise move if we stay where we are so the track into the shed can dry out and so the campsite, over the mountain at Lake Elphinstone also has a chance to dry out. It is one thing to be camped while it is raining outside. It is an entirely different matter to drive to a campsite in the rain, set up in the rain and stay cooped up inside while it is raining outside. We are comfortable albeit a little frustrated that we have not really got to the first stop on our travels.

Ho Hum.

No photos again this week as I have not even had the camera out of its bag. Today is the first time I have had a few moments to myself to get this post done. All going well the real relaxation, including sunshine should occur next week when I have fully settled into relax mode.

Donnis is already there.


2 Responses to “154. Tuesday 21st September 2010. We are on our way, tra la ta dee doh…”

  1. Bev Hows Says:

    Hi Frank and Donnis,
    Well you did it. You got on the road. Sorry it is raining but the area probably needs the rain. You can’t please everyone!!
    As it has been over a week since you last wrote I am hoping the relaxation has kicked in for both of you.
    LOL Bev and Pete and the boys.


    • frankeeg Says:

      Hi Bev, see my latest post. We really are on our way now. Arrived safely and dry at Theresa Creek. We should have something to write about this week.


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