167. Sunday 19th December 2010. The big wet, rib cartillage injury, bruised thumb and a new leak…

Not many photos this week as we have been too busy, it has been too wet and I have been too forgetful to bring the camera.

Monday 13th December

We were up earlier than normal and on our way to Forest Glenn by 8am. By the time we dropped both vehicles at Caravan Repairs and had a lift to the Maroochydore Sunshine Plaza it was 9.30. The manager, Glen said the job would take around 5 hours and he would call us and arrange a lift back when the job was done.

Soooo. We spent those 5 hours wandering around the very large shopping centre looking like wide eyed children let loose in a lolly shop. All we bought was a protective film for the iPad touch screen. However, just looking around the shopping centre which has a river winding past and through the complex was a bit of an eye opener. The numbers of people was a bit daunting for a couple of simple country folk. At just on 5 hours we got the phone call to say all was done and a car was on its way to pick us up. Our feet were so pleased all that walking was over.

After a run through with the mechanic we were all set to go. I felt nervous driving out of the workshop with the Terios attached. Instead of driving back the way we had come I decided to go back through Maroochydore as the road was almost level all the way whereas driving on the highway and then heading to Noosa would involve a couple of very steep hills. On arrival at Noosa

Terios n WWWGO all hitched up.

Closer view of the Hitch n Go.

we unhitched and started the Terios to drive into the carport. I noticed the airbag warning light was illuminated. I called Glen and according to him, none of the work they perfomed was anywhere near the airbag. The pre-tensioner probably needed adjustment but they are not authorised or equipped to do that.

I made a doctors appointment to renew my blood pressure prescription and to have a look at my left thumb which has been quite painful the last few weeks.

Oh, by the way. The sun shone all day today. It was quite hot and humid.

Tuesday 14th December



The sun was shining and I went for a walk along the creek for about a half hour. After a leisurely breakfast I went shopping at Bunnings, Big W, Super Cheap and BCF. By the time that adventure was over and I had coffee it was time for the doctor. The appointment was for 12.15. He wanted X-Rays of the thumb. By the time I had the X-Rays printed and back at the doctors to arrange another appointment only an hour had passed. I now have an appointment for Thursday morning.

I also made an appointment for tomorrow in Maroochydore to have the Terios air bag problem checked and re-set.

After lunch Ken took us to Noosa Beach to surf. First I tried the paddle ski and managed to get “out the back” behind the breakers but trying to paddle onto my first wave I fell off and in trying to get back on felt a muscle in my leg “pop”. On the next wave I fell off again and did not have the energy to get back on, particularly with the sore leg muscle. Next I tried the board. Remember I have not board surfed for over 40 years. I managed to get “out the back” and in the process of paddling for my first wave felt my rib cartilage go pop. This pop also included much pain. Although I tried a few more times I simply could not paddle without a good deal of pain. That was the end of my surfing. I must say I really enjoyed the time in the surf and the delightful sunny day was such a bonus. The pain in the chest is a downer so I guess I will be on anti-inflamatories for a week or so.

Wednesday 15th December

Had a bad night due to the pain in my ribs. I could not move without getting a jolt of pain. I was up at 3am on the computer for an hour before getting back into bed and having a restless on off sleep until 6 am when I gave it up as a bad joke. I went to WWWGO and found my Panadene Forte as well as the anti inflamatories. Those tablets got me through the next few hours.

We left at 8.30 to drive to Maroochydore to have the airbag light sorted. We drove into the service bay at exactly 9.30, our appointed time. Uh Oh. Somehow I got it mixed up and our appointment is for tomorrow and they cannot fit us in. The place is like, Robotic, with cars, mechanics and people on the move constantly. So we drove back to Noosa and managed to get a doctors appointment. Verdict? No break in the little bone beneath the base of the thumb. Somehow internal bruising is the culprit.

Cure? Rest and anti-inflamatories.

Hmmm. I suspect the culprit is the gear shift on WWWGO. When the motor and gearbox are cold it is hard to shift into reverse gear. It involves pushing the lever all the way to the left and lift a lever and pushing forwards into gear. I suspect this is what caused the bruising three weeks ago. (I was leaving Ben Lomond and had a great deal of difficulty finding reverse gear) The rib cartilage injury has the same prognosis. Rest and anti-inflamatories.

Hmmm. Once I get WWWGO moved to Traveston in a couple of days it will not be moved for a few months so the only driving will be in the Terios and the gear shift on that is user friendly.

This afternoon I started some jobs on WWWGO which have been waiting for a few weeks. I placed some foam on the lightweight ladder so I can attach it to WWWGO without causing damage to the gelcoat. I also managed to insert a wall plug and liquid nails into the hole in the door where the closing magnet used to live. Perhaps with 24 hours drying time it will stay in place this time.

Donnis, Sue n Ken went for a surf on Noosa Beach while I stayed at home licking my wounds.

Thursday 16th December


We went to Maroochydore to the Toyota dealer to have the airbag reset. After 2 hours they confessed they could not find the fault and in fact their diagnostic equipment for Daihatsu has been taken away. Their advice was to go to a well-equipped auto electrician.

After that bit of annoying news we headed over to Sunshine Plaza at Maroochydore for Donnis to look at some clothes and where we could have lunch. While eating lunch we watched a storm cell build up in the distance and regular lightning and thunder displays. Mindful of possible hail I decided to sit it out for awhile especially as our car was safely undercover in the car-park. After more walking around and deciding the 40% off bargains were on an already inflated price and we did not need the items anyway decided to throw caution to the winds and drive back to Noosa. We took a roundabout route to look at some of the beaches and continued on past Noosa to Boreen Point. At the local store the owners were watching a satellite view of the storm cell. It seems golfball size hail hit Maroochydore and caused multi millions of dollars of damage. According to the shop-owners the storm was not likely to head our way so we travelled a little further around Lake Cootharaba. From the lake edge we could see the storm in the distance including the lightning. Despite the weather report at the local shop and the radio announcing a storm warning for further down the coast we decided the head back to Noosa immediately. A little way out of Tewantin the rain started. Light drops at first, becoming heavier until it was thundering down accompanied by strong winds. By the time we were half a klm from home base the roads were awash. Small branches were falling from trees. Arriving at Sue n Kens we found the power was out and stayed out for at least another 6 hours. We had phoned Ken from the lake and he had closed the windows and hatches in WWWGO ensuring there was no water inside.

Regrettably the Terios developed a leak in the roof and water dripped from the overhead light fitting.

Sigh. A new problem to solve.

Friday 17th December 2010.

We packed up and took our leave from our wonderful gracious hosts, Sue n Ken. Thanks for your company and somewhere to park/ It was greatly appreciated.

We travelled a half hour away to Traveston or Cooran where the nearest post office is situated. Although there was heavy rain last night the gravel road in was in remarkably good condition. Thank goodness, as the road is quite steep and has some tight corners. I may have driven a little fast as Donnis was following at a respectable distance. As it turned out, too respectable as she never saw me drive onto the property and drove on by. Some 5 minutes later she called on the mobile and I was able to guide her back.

The property owners, Guy n Dom gave us a more detailed tour and explanation of how things work. Late in the afternoon they drove to Maroochydore Airport to meet their son arriving on a flight from Sydney. Meanwhile the predicted storm was building in the distance and sending out a few teaser rain drops to announce what was coming.

Campsite beside the house with Mt.Cooran and storm buildup in the background.

The storm arrived with a constant light show where the sky all around was lit up as if broad daylight. In fact mount Cooran some 1.5klms distant was clearly lit up in the night sky.

Mt.Cooran is the dominant feature in the area.

We turned off all unnecessary electrical items and sat in the dark watching the spectacular show. Guy, Dom n their son Alec arrived at the height of the storm during the heaviest of the rain.  In fact we could see their headlights from off in the distance, cutting a light path through the dark landscape between lightning displays. At one stage after one close strike we heard strange noises in the kitchen and found the coffee machine had turned itself on.

Dom made a wonderful Vietnamese Chicken Curry for dinner and we sat around chatting until sleep crept up on us.

Saturday 18th December.

Well, in my case, sleep caught up with me and ran past sometime around 3,30 am. Leaving me wide awake and in pain from the rib cartilage injury I received on Monday. I know it will take awhile to heal but I am not able to get comfortable for sleeping.

At this time of morning it is beginning to get light and I can see a thick mist is hanging in the valley but at the moment it is too dark for a photo. The Paracetamol I took a half hour ago is beginning to kick in and I should be able to get back to bed for another hour or two of sleep.

Today we had a French breakfast at a French restaurant at Cooroy. We went with the house owners and their son and met their friend Dave and his wife n son. Dave, it seems is the mister fixit I should call should I need anything auto electrical, auto mechanical or computer repairs. I deliberately did not eat anything earlier in the morning so I could have a hearty breakfast at the appointed time of 8.30. Oops! I did not know what a typical French breakfast consisted. No bacon n eggs. No toast with butter n jam. No scrambled eggs n sausage tomato. It was Capucchino with a sweet pastry such as chocolate filled croissant. It was all airy fluff and is more of a mid morning coffee break. I was hugely disappointed not to mention still hungry. I must be getting old but I really look forward to my high fibre oat bran flakes to which I add walnuts, sultanas and prunes. If I feel the need I will have a fried egg on toast or perhaps baked beans on toast. Rye of course.

It was a brilliantly sunny morning along with high humidity. In fact just after lunch I fell asleep and woke in a lather of sweat. That did not last long as by about 3.30pm the electrical storm started to roll in with lots of lightning and noisy thunder. This was the third day in a row the storms have plagued us.

Another storm is brewing.

The good side is the temperature drops. The bad side is with all that moisture, when the sun comes out, the humidity levels rise dramatically. The electric light show was not as spectacular as the night before nor was the rain as heavy.

My ribs are as painful today as they have been all week. The anti-inflammatory tablets are helpful but the effects only last a few hours. The bruised thumb is also giving me curry but the brace I purchased does help. According to the doctors, rest is the cure for both ailments. Much of the heavy moving and lifting has been finished. Donnis can drive the car for the next week or so and that way my thumb will get a rest – no gear changes. No lifting, pushing or pulling should also give the ribs a rest. Any thought about buying a surfboard, at least this year have been put out of mind. Even something as innocent and fun as a Boogie Board would be painful to use for the next few weeks. I am not a good humoured guy when I live in pain.

Hmmm. This location is pretty isolated with no neighbours for a few hundred metres across steep hilly and bushy ground. It is quiet except for the birds. It will be interesting to see how we both cope this week leading up to Christmas and the New Year. Also, how will I cope on my own when Donnis flies out to Canada for seven weeks!!!

Tonight we ate leftovers for dinner and watched TV including Carols by Candlelight until we were too tired to watch any more. Bed beckoned.

Sunday 19th December.

4.30 am!!!

A heavy mist shrouds the nearby valley and hills. I cannot tell if it is overcast or sunny as the sky is hidden by the mist.

It was sunny but that changed. Guy n Dom left before midday in a light drizzle. That also quickly changed to rain. We went to Noosa Civic for a bit of shopping then on to the movie theatre but they are closed Christmas Day. By now the rain was constant and heavier. We drove to the marina only to discover the Everglades Tour does not operate on Christmas Day. We checked out a couple of RSL and Bowling Clubs, none of which have a Christmas Lunch this year. Ooops. It seems like we will have a simple Christmas Day lunch, by ourselves, at Noosa Beach or beside the river. The weather forecast also predicts rain for Christmas Day so our options are diminishing daily.

The trip back to Traveston was in very heavy rain. The area under our doorway is at least 2 inches under running water. I have stacked up the rubber mats on top of each other so we can walk into WWWGO without having to wade through water.

The leak through the roof light fitting recurred. It seems regular rain is OK but heavy driving rain seems to have found a weak spot in the sun roof rubber seals. We cannot sort that out until it is dry enough to find somebody capable of doing the seals as well as somebody to solve the air bag problem.

Sigh! There is always something needing attention.

Hmmm! Last Sunday we woke to two inches of water at Kenilworth. This Sunday we closed the day with two inches of running water at Traveston.

Although technically the property is in Traveston, Guy n Dom say they live in Cooran and Cooran Post Office is closer. The boundary line puts the property one metre into Traveston.

I have not slept well the last few nights as I have pain from the torn rib cartilage and the bruised bone in my left thumb. We believe it is from the tight reverse gear change. The “sore thumb” seemed to start about the time we were at Ben Lomond when I changed into reverse gear countless times trying to get into a level position in the sloping yard. I wear a thumb brace during the day. Doctor tells me rest is the cure for both injuries.

Hmmm. No pressing jobs. No appointments. No plans. Monday will be a rest day – rain permitting.


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  1. Claude Brown Says:

    Hello and happy holidays.
    When Donnis flies up to this neck of the woods, where will sshe be arriving first? You never know, maybe I could meet an airplane as was done for us.. Keep me advised.


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