172. Sunday 16th January 2011. Noosa to the Gold Coast and back to Traveston plus the worst floods…

Monday 10th January.

Here we are still in Noosa unable to get to our motorhome as several creeks are in flood.

I managed to get a cancellation at the local doctor and he agreed to arrange an ultrasound of my thumb. In fact he called the sonographer and set up the appointment for me. The sonographer agreed I had two swollen tendons and agreed my recollection of what might have caused the injury fits the nature of the injury.

Back at the doctor he believes a cortisone injection will be the cure. (hope hope) He actually called me on the phone and then arranged for me to see the sonographer tomorrow at 11.15 for the injection. After that we will be on our way to collect Chris from Regelyn then on to Parkwood for a few days until it is time to catch the plane on Saturday.

Today Ken drove us around to look at the nuisance flooding around Noosa. Some of the roads had salt water across the road due to the river level rising and a high tide.

Raining, wet and sodden but still busy Hastings Street at Noosa Beach.

Yesterday our moon roof had developed a leak and drops came from the overhead light fitting. Today I bought some duct tape (I prefer to call it 100 mile an hour tape as it is so powerful) and sealed all around the moon roof. We also kept the Terios under cover – just in case.

Tonight on the news we saw how the flood situation has escalated and a further two deaths and several people missing. Terrible scenes of damage from a flash flood in Toowoomba and warnings that Brisbane should prepare for floods. Geez, we have to drive through Brissie tomorrow!

Tuesday 11th January – Noosaville

This has been a long day for many reasons.

The radiology people called at 8.30 to say there was a cancellation and I could come in at 9am for my cortisone injection. The injection itself was a bit uncomfortable and left the thumb, numb with the large amount of anaesthetic and cortisone injection. The thumb remained numb up until the time I went to bed including the events later in the day.

Donnis was keen to get away and collect Chris before his mum, Regelyn, left for work. The rain was constant and concerned me considerably but agreed to the travel. Some water was beginning to lap at the road edges on the Sunshine Motorway but we made it onto the Bruce Highway and I was confident we would be in Brisbane in 90 minutes. That confidence soon turned to concern when in the Beerburram State Forest area at Johnston Road, a Police road-block brought reality back into our plans.

The road block due to floods on the Bruce Highway.

We were turned on to the service road to the garage and food hall located there. Those people who needed to stop such as trucks and buses as well as private vehicle were all parked along the side of the road. Presumably the passengers were all inside the food hall staying dry and eating. It would have been chaotic in there as the regular parking area was full as were all available spaces along the service road and the bridge at Johnston Road. We opted to turn around and head back to Noosaville. We discovered later the road at Caboolture was flooded in a couple of places and the highway remained closed for two days.

The duct taped moon roof performed magestically, no more leak.

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed from the cortisone so went for a sleep. Enid was sent home early so she and Ken left for a medical appointment while Donnis snoozed on the lounge.

I woke to heavy rain and Donnis calling that water was 6 inches deep along one side of the house and was threatening to come in the laundry door. We put on our wet weather gear and got to work firstly trying to set up a barricade at the door, then bucketing water away from the area. Ken n Enid arrived and set about digging a trench to the road. Although we were working furiously it seemed we were losing. Even standing beside each other we had to shout to hear above the sound of the falling rain.

Long story short. The rain eventually eased, the water level went down and of course I injured my back. Of course my emergency stash of Panadene Forte is on WWWGO.

There are too many flooded roads on the way to Brisbane, in Brisbane and on the way to the Gold Coast. Flood levels are likely to peak tomorrow.

Donnis travel plans have changed. She is now booked on a direct flight from Maroochydore to Sydney on Thursday and Linda and Alecia will pack her clothes which are already on the Gold Coast. They will bring her clothes when they fly out on Saturday.

Wednesday 12th January

The anaesthetic in the thumb has almost worn off so the digit feels tingly but I can move it with less discomfort.

Today after watching the horrific events unfolding in Toowoomba, Ipswich, Lockyer Valley and Brisbane we decided to try to reach WWWGO on the hillside at Traveston. Remember on Sunday we could not even reach the nearby village at Cooran let alone the dirt road to the top of the hill. Today after leaving Cooroy, 6 Mile Creek was open, allowing us to reach Pomona and Cooran only 6 klms away. One Klm outside Pomona we encountered a road block at the second 6 Mile Creek Bridge. We were turned back. Darn!

The Pomona Post Office told us there was a back road via Mountain Road and Jam Pot Road but to take care as it was steep, winding and slippery after all the rain. They were not kidding. It may be the only way to get from Cooran to Pomona and vice versa. The road is also potholed and badly rutted and guttered as well as narrow and probably now carries as much traffic in an hour as it would have carried in a week previously.
Eventually we reached Cooran but one road under the railway bridge was flooded up to the bridge – at least three metres deep. We then found another road down into the town and at last we were on our way to Old Noosa Road but still had one more 6 Mile Creek to cross. This bridge is normally at least three or more metres above the water.
Our creek was now a river and the bridge was at least 2 metres under the swift current.

Our bridge at 6 Mile Creek under 2 metres of floodwater.

This bridge was impossible to cross so we turned back to Cooran and went to the post office for information. Seems they have not seen any of their regular customers for a week. There is also a rumour the power has been out since the floods commenced in Gympie on the weekend.
That means we face a couple of fridges with rotting food in them.
Oh dear!
We have no idea when we can get in but I will try again on the weekend once Donnis is on her way to Canada.

Thursday 13th January

The anaesthetic seems to have completely gone and the thumb is now operating on cortisone alone. It feels much better today and I can use it almost as well as the right thumb. Still a bit of stiffness and soreness but not the constant ache as previously.

Today I spoke with former workmate Bill L. He mentioned it took 8 hours to get home from work on Tuesday night. He works at Murrarie on the south side of the Gateway Bridge and lives at Twin Waters on the Sunshine Coast. The trip normally takes less than 2 hours.

Hmmm. That strengthens our decision to fly Donnis out of Sunshine Coast Airport. I dropped Donnis at the airport then went to Twin Waters to see Bill L at his home. After coffee with Bill I decided to drive back to Noosaville along the coast road. Although the road follows the coastline and incorporates twists and hills, it is all behind the first line of sand dunes so only a few glimpses of the beaches are seen.

I also tried to buy fuel but it seems deliveries have not occurred this week so the garages I called into only had diesel. The Shell at Noosa Junction only had V Power Super at $1.47 a litre. I need a full tank to get to the Gold Coast tomorrow so filled up.

Donnis arrived in Sydney at Errols home just on 7pm so we do not have to worry about her missing any flights due to Qld floods.

The night was spent watching the unfolding flood stories which now accounts for 75% of the state. I have heard the highway has been closed several times but should be open tomorrow. The news is just devastating and I feel so helpless and not be able to do anything to help.

Friday 14th January.
There was a reasonable amount of traffic on the highway. Probably a little less than normal but I do not drive the road regularly to be able to assess. I do know that traffic came to a halt then bumper to bumper for about a half hour on the southern side of the Gateway Bridge where 4 lanes merge into two.

Linda, Alecia n Doug are all packed ready to leave. The alarms are set for 3am and I will drive them to the airport – a 40 minute drive – at 4am. I fell asleep watching a movie on TV then tossed n turned for ages after I went to bed.

Saturday 15th January.

I woke at 2am and realised it is still too early and went to sleep until 2.30.

Linda has decided the flight loadings do not favour them so instead of flying out of Sydney today they are now booked to leave on Monday. There will be no complaints from Donnis as she gets more time with granddaughter Amelia. After dropping off the three passengers at the airport I headed back to Parkwood. Somehow I ended up in the Currumbin Valley after making a wrong turn. I eventually found the Gold Coast Highway and followed it through Surfers Paradise etc. It only added 10 minutes to the trip and it felt like every traffic light was against me.

After an hours sleep and a good breakfast I was on my way by 8am arriving at Traveston at 10.30. All roads were open. 6 Mile Creek has returned to being a gentle watercourse although it still has a chocolate brown colour.

No damage that I could see in either the house or WWWGO. Our rubber mats under the awning have been washed away but easily located in the gardens. Inside, the house smells musty with mould growing on lounges and doors. After a bit of a cleanup and a load of washing I headed back to Noosa for the night. Enid, Ken n I went to the river and had a drink at the Boathouse on the river then found a cheap Indian Restauarant for dinner.

After a couple of wines and a filling, satisfying meal we headed home and I was in bed by 10pm.

Sunday 16th January

Today I visited the Noosa Farmers Market. I found a loaf of Hand Made Lovingly prepared and baked Spinach n Fetta bread loaf. I also found a loaf of Rye n Carroway seed..

Mid morning Enid, Ken n I drove out to Traveston for lunch. Now they have left I am facing my first night alone.

Sob. Sob.

Not much else happened today apart from washing, tidying, and putting stuff away which we have been carting backwards n forwards for the last two weeks.

PS. The EKS key on the laptop no longer functions. I have to drive to Caloundra tomorrow to have it repaired under warranty. I have been told this could take a week. So, I may be late getting the NEKST post on line.


8 Responses to “172. Sunday 16th January 2011. Noosa to the Gold Coast and back to Traveston plus the worst floods…”

  1. tvandoros Says:

    Hi mate it was quite comforting to learn that Gold Coast was not affected by the floods !!! At least this is what I understood from your notes .be well my friend !!


    • frankeeg Says:

      You are correct. The Gold Coast got the rain but not the floods. I did not write much about the floods as they were well and truly covered by all the media, all of whom did a wonderful coverage. Do you have an affinity for the Gold Coast?


  2. Geoff Says:

    Mate here’s a few to tide you over


  3. frankeeg Says:

    Mate is that a bunch of fourecks you are sending or lots of kisses? OR, as seems most likely, you have a bunch of spare ECKS on your keyboard and you are donating some to me! Aw gee, thanks.


  4. Joey Says:

    Glad to see you survived the floods 🙂


  5. Claude Brown Says:

    Good to see you are doing fine , even with the rain. Sure has been a bunch down there. I’ve kept up, somwhat, w/ online news. Too darned bad it can not be spread out over the entire of OZ at an as needed bassis. But that is the way mother nature does her thing, bits & pieces or big chunks, as she sees fit.
    Hope you have a good time just being you while your better half is out of the country. The Canooks & Staters all promise to let her go when the ransom is paid (OR SHE IS OUT OF $$$) – same thing. Take care,


  6. frankeeg Says:

    G’day Claude. In 1904 an Ozzie lady called Dorothea MacKellar penned an epic iconic poem called My Country. The following lines are the most often used by people in verbal and written communication to sum up their feelings and to say, “that is the way of things”. I have used her words from the poem in previous posts. Every schoolchild when I went to school, learnt the poem by heart. I do not know if it is taught in schools these days. If not, it should be.
    Here goes…My Country…
    I love a sunburnt country,
    A land of sweeping plains,
    Of ragged mountain ranges,
    Of droughts and flooding rains.
    I love her far horizons,
    I love her jewel-sea,
    Her beauty and her terror –
    The wide brown land for me!


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