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177. Sunday 27th February 2011. Exploring the Sunshine Coast, sort of…


Monday 21st February

Another sunny n hot day. To begin with…

I decided, for no apparent or logical reason to go for my walk at the beach, after lunch and after I had spoken to Donnis in Canada. So it was I sweltered through the morning 36° including a bout of mowing thick grass, grown thicker with lots of rain and sunshine. Looking at the brilliant blue sky there was not a cloud to be seen. There was no breeze either. A good day to spray some poison as I am sure to get a good 24 hours before any rain destroys my poison.

Yeah, right.

As I was talking to Donnis, Skype to Skype, I sensed a cloud was passing over the sun. Hmmm. Time I went for my walk. It was 2.30 as I prepared to leave and noticed some heavy black cloud building up in the northwest but brilliantly clear over the coast. The cloud had a greenish tinge putting the thought in my head there may be hail.  I reasoned I had a few hours before any rain arrived. On the drive to Noosa there came a severe storm warning on the radio, mostly for Brisbane, Toowoomba and the Gold Coast but also included Gympie and the Sunshine Coast as a possibility. On arrival at the beach the storm was still brewing and moving towards the coast. Better cut my walk in half and have a quick surf as the warning included such things as strong winds, lightning, large hail and of course rain. At this stage the wind was still blowing in off the sea, probably more of a north easterly. The walk and surf accomplished I showered and changed and headed to Noosa Civic for my grocery shopping. By the time that was completed there was 100% cloud cover and storm warnings were every 10 minutes. Halfway home the wind had changed direction and shoved light rain ahead of it and included lots of lightning. The afternoon turned to night in a few minutes. Shortly after arriving home the heavy rain started and continued for another three hours while the temp had dropped to 22°. By the time I went to bed, thankful I had missed out on the hail and real heavy rain and damaging winds they experienced on the Gold Coast, it was a mild sort of night, with no wind or rain.

Tuesday 22nd February.

Rudely awakened at 4am by the sound of heavy rain being slammed into the side of WWWGO by strong winds. Although I had left the roof hatch open only a fraction, the rain was coming from the same direction as the opening. I levitated out of bed and managed to close the hatch and the one in the bathroom before everything was soaked. I tossed and turned in bed for another half hour before realising I was not going to get back to sleep. Outside, when the light finally came just after 6am I noticed the el cheapo tarp I always carry and which I had rigged up over the awning to keep rain off WWWGO door, was beginning to shred.

Hmmm. I probably paid less than $5 for the tarp and it has been in position doing what it orta since mid December. In all that time it has endured rain, wind and blazing sun. Only the end over the awning is shredding. I can reverse the ends and maybe get another months use out of it. Despite the gale force winds whipping the bush and trees into a frenzy I was able to reverse the tarp ends. I needed to climb up on the roof of WWWGO at one stage to undo one knot and re-install it onto the good end of the tarp. Scary stuff being up there when the wind is trying to blow you away. Belly crawling on the roof was the only way. At least the rain had stopped for awhile and I only had to contend with the wind. That should keep most of the rain off the doorway for another month.

Today was so windy with rain on and off I did not do a long walk at Noosa. Instead, I drove to Pomona as I wanted to be sure about the hike up the mountain which Enid, Ken and I want to attempt. I drove to the beginning of the walk and this is where I learnt quite a bit. Firstly. I have been calling the volcanic plug Mount Pomona. Enid on the other hand thinks it is called Mount Black. We are both wrong. It is Mount Cooroora!

The second thing I learned is the Pomona King of the Mountain footrace is held in July each year. (The reason I became confused with the mountains name is I thought the Race was called Mount Pomona King of the Mountain Race. In fact it is Pomona King of the Mountain Race – held at Mount Cooroora.) The track is 2.4 klms each way of very steep, slippery rock.

The third is the walk is only recommended to be attempted by extremely fit people although the first lookout at 500m is achievable by those with a reasonable fitness level. Apart from the steep and slippery rocky surface there are tree roots and loose surfaces to contend with. The embedded photo gives a bit of an idea how steep the mountain is.

Mount Coorooran. Near Pomona.

Of course the wind blew a gale all day and did not settle down until well after dark.

Wednesday 23rd February.

The day did not start out on a promising note. There were early morning showers and the wind picked up. By mid morning the sun peaked through the clouds a few times and the wind dropped away. Temporarily!

I packed a lunch and headed into Noosa for a long beach walk and endured the returning rain showers and wind. Although the water looked marvellous and clear, the combination of high tide and offshore wind kept the surf flat except for the unpatrolled area used by the board riders who also had a hard time getting a good rideable wave. I am sure that as the tide starts to go out the surf will pick up and the board riders will be in plague proportions especially as the radio surf report recommended Noosa at low tide would have the best wave on the coast.

Spoke with Donnis on Skype to Skype when I returned. She and sister Joan are flying to Calgary next week for a few days to visit two of Joans daughters. From there Donnis will fly to LA to catch a flight to Sydney then a flight to Mackay where I will finally catch up with her at my sister Sandra’s 50th Birthday dinner.

While in Noosa I bought two wheels at Bunnings so I can manoeuvre the Hitch n Go A Frame around to get into position for towing and also for stowing when not in use. The A frame is very heavy and would need two people to move it. The wheels will make life easier. I also bought a spare tarpaulin as I will give the torn one a decent burial before we leave here next month. I was also looking for a couple of spare clamps which I use to keep the tarpaulins in place. I found a bag of 16 clamps of various sizes for $12. Bargain.

Thursday 24th February.

Hmmm. Nothing unusual or special or different or exciting happened today.

Well…I did get my last acupuncture treatment. Then it was off to Noosa Beach for my usual walk, swim, shower and home again.

Friday 25th February

Something different today.

Washed the car.

Went to the movies.

Grocery shopped.

Home to Traveston.

Saturday 26th February.

As I was driving in to Noosa I was ?#@%& off with traffic all going to the same place I was. Instead of staying bumper to bumper I turned off to explore Sunshine Beach. I even got a parking spot near the beach. Although the beach is open to onshore winds, the water was clear, the swells large but confused. I managed to get a good walk along the beach, about the same distance as I get at Noosa, without the crowds. The walk was followed by a swim in the surf leaving me euphorically tired. Today was the first day of the last weekend of summer and it was a glorious day, sunny, hot, comfortable humidity and a gentle breeze.

After the beach I drove to Eumundi to see the markets on a fine day. Alas they were packing up when I arrived. Funny but I never noticed Joes Waterhole

Joes Waterhole. Unusual name for a pub. Note the entertainer on 25th (which I missed) is Nadia Sunde. Nadia has been a MC at the Wintermoon Festival for more years than I have been attending. She is very popular. She is also a radio presenter on the ABC .

when I was last here. Too busy dodging raindrops I suppose.

Sunday 27th February.

The second day of the last weekend of summer and if anything it was a carbon copy of yesterday. Perhaps a little hotter and more people on the beach. I could not get a parking spot at Sunshine Beach so followed the coast a couple of klms to the south and found Sunrise Beach.

Confused? Me too.

Same beach but north of a certain line it is called Sunshine Beach and south of that line it is called Sunrise Beach.

The walk I did today was a marathon taking 90 minutes at a fair clip. The walk was followed by a surf in what was mainly metre and a half swells dumping on the edge of a sandbank.

By the time I arrived home this afternoon I was worn out tired and felt like I had had too much sun and after a good hot shower fell asleep in the recliner.

Aaaah! The sleep of the exhausted.

Bring on tomorrow.


Arrr. Houston Please start the countdown. WWWGO is cleared for take-off in the last week of March.

176. Sunday 20th February 2011. Traveston, Noosa, Big Pineapple and cable skiing…


Monday 14th February – Valentine’s Day

Lots of photos this week.

Yep. Spoke with my valentine today.

Also spoke with the doc today. As far as the back problem goes the MRI reveals that vertebrae L3, L4, and L5 are affected as well as S1. There is disc bulge at the joint between L3 & L4 and L5 & S1. The bulge is to the left and is pressing on the nerve which sends messages to/from the muscles in the left leg. Treatment? Rest. No heavy lifting, pushing or pulling. Maintain walking and extension exercises. If any lifting cannot be avoided it can only be a straight lift. In other words, no twisting action, turning or over extension. When pain occurs use codeine supplemented pain killer but nothing was prescribed at this stage. Cannot use anti-inflammatory as these will elevate my blood pressure.

The hiatus hernia can be corrected with minor surgery but I will know more about that when I visit the surgeon. I have an appointment for 22nd March.

The rain has returned and it seems, with a vengeance.

When it rains heavily, water and mud runs beneath our mats.

Accidentally step on a mat in the wrong place and water n mud squelches through the holes onto your feet.

I had planned to drive to Rainbow Beach for a solo picnic. Instead, I sat at home and had my picnic. As the weather has also turned coolish I decided to bake a chocolate cake. Now if I have my choice of cake it would have to be chocolate. Today I had my choice.

Tuesday 15th February.

The day dawned promising. That is, it was not raining.

After coffee and chocolate cake at 10am I packed a picnic lunch in my cooler and headed to Noosa River. My thought was to walk along the sandy beach on the river edge for as far as it was possible. That thought was short lived as much of the Noosa River, at least at the part I chose to start, has lots of little boat sheds all hiring kayaks, tinnies and jet skis. Most of my walk was on paths following the river. Mostly, in bare feet, it was comfortable.

As I was enjoying the picnic lunch, the rain began and got heavier as time wore on. Any half formed plans I may have had for the afternoon, dissolved with the rain. Instead I sought the safe dryness of the Civic Shopping Centre, did my shopping and hightailed it back to Traveston.

Wednesday 16th February.

The rain was intermittent all night. Mostly heavy stuff which has once again turned the area outside my door into mushy mud between the pebbles.

Along with the rain comes cool. Most mornings I can walk around “naked”. Well, when I say naked I really mean underwear or jammie pants. This morning was so cool I searched for my nylon gown to lend a bit of warmth.

Again it was too wet to make any plans to go anywhere so I stayed at Traveston. Once more I pulled the moonroof off and inspected the seals to identify where the water is coming from which leaks from the light fitting. I have applied some silicone beading along where the rubber seal does not 100% join the roof lining. I am theorising the rubber seal acts like a kind of “wick” allowing water to follow its course until it reaches the slight gap in the roof lining and instead of draining into the drainage channel it drains into the roof lining. Time will tell if the silicone works.

It rained off and on all day. The weather forecast is for the same for the next 3 or 4 days. This evening I spoke with former workmate Brian L. Brian was the mate who helped me polish WWWGO when he first came to work at Oceanic. He also twice came to visit us when we went on weekend chapter meetings. He bore gifts of slabs of bacon, hash browns and eggs. We would have a right royal high cholesterol mid-morning breakfast cooked on our outside stoves. It seems that Brian suffered a heart attack just after Christmas.

WTF! Brian is at least 20 years younger than me and he always appeared healthy. Not a big drinker, light smoker, no exercise. He did buy his lunch every day and mostly it was Hungry Jacks, deep fried fish n chips or meat pies. Often at night he would dine out. Seems his cholesterol was way high just before the heart attack. Now he is on a strict diet and has been ordered to exercise. He now has a computer at home and I explained the benefits of Skype and he could find it a useful tool.

Thursday 17th February.

It rained off and on all night. Often, it was quite heavy.

I woke early to find a thick fog enveloping the property and the valley below.

In the morning I had my acupuncture session and followed this up with my always enjoyable walk and surf at Noosa Beach. The walk alone takes an hour and this is at a fairly steady pace. If I did a dodder the walk could take 90 minutes or more. After the surf I had an outdoor cold shower then sat on the edge of the beach, under the shade of a spreading casuarina (also known as a Beach She Oak) and enjoyed my home packed lunch.

All throughout Noosa Beach, car parks, Hastings street, river, scrub and lagoon are the cheeky Scrub Turkeys. The last week or so there have been lots of little baby scrub turkeys and at a week old are independant and can scratch up a feed in the ground or harrass the tourists for a handout.

After lunch I drove around the hills above Noosa Heads and found a lookout in the National Park. There are stunning views from up here and I sure hope it is never turned over to developers. The view overlooks part of Laguna Bay – Noosa Beach – the river draining into the ocean,

Noosa River and surrounds from Laguna Lookout.

Weyba Creek which drains into the Noosa River

Bridge over Weyba Creek which drains into Noosa River.

and the suburb of Tewantin, the Noosa Everglades system, sandhills near the Great sandy Straits – Fraser Island – and some of the volcanic plug mountains –(including Mt.Cooran near our campsite) I have mentioned in previous posts.

My walk extends from the river mouth at the rock wall to another rock wall below the catamaran then to the end of Noosa Beach hidden by the shrubbery then walk back the other way. Somewhere I have a surf. Photo from Laguna Lookout looking down on laguna Bay.

I then drove over to Coolum Beach to visit “TEX” a man about my age and fitness level who is a collector and purveyor of all types of surfboard, some dating back for thirty or more years. I was looking for a belly board but mainly more interested in his collection. I did see some of his collection which covers all the kitchen, lounge, bathroom, stairs, laundry, bedroom and backyard. I did not ask if he lives there but from looking around I would guess he squeezes in somewhere amongst the collection. Tex no longer surfs as according to him he has “too much steel in his shoulders”. Tex is Ken’s cousin and according to Ken, yes, he does live amongst all those surfboards.

From Coolum I drove to Cooroy as I had heard they have a theatre above the library and I was keen to find out what was showing. Actually it was not so much what was showing as where. Above the library there is a concrete slab deck. Open air movies are shown here about once a fortnight depending on weather. It is a bring your own chair and blanket affair. This week’s movie is one from the Twilight series. According to the librarian they expect a full house of teenagers tonight.


Friday 18th February.

It was a busy day today and I covered many kilometres.

The Touch Up Guy arrived about 20 minutes early and completed the job by 9am. The silver bumper now looks all new again. All that needs to be done is drive on the dirt road so a thin layer of dust settles on it and it will look just as dirty as the rest of the car.

He caught me off guard as I expected he would take longer so had not planned anything for today.

Hmmm! What to do this morning? Drive to Noosa for a walk and a surf.

Or drive to Rainbow Beach – a distance of over 90 klms each way – for a walk and a surf.

Or drive to the Big Pineapple near Nambour

The Big Pineapple. Iconic Sunshine Coast landmark is no more. Sob.

as there are probably readers who have never been there or for that matter never heard of this great Ozzie Icon. Afterwards I could drive to the coast and have a walk and a surf before heading home. I was last at the Big Pineapple waaaay back in the mid 1980’s and remember it as a great place to take kids. At the time it rained all day but we still had fun. OK that settles it. I am off to see the BP.

Umm errr. On arrival and from a distance the place looked run down, nay, deserted. Probably because it was a weekday and it was still not yet midday, I reasoned to myself. The car-park is empty. Well not quite empty. There is a car near the walkway to access the zillion dollar footbridge constructed over the highway from the car-park. There is another car parked in the shade of a tree at the bottom of the car-park. Another vehicle is a Maui hire campervan way over in a corner. They looked like they were camped. Why not, as I found out. WTF! The BP has been closed for a couple of years and the walkway has padlocked gates. The iconic BP is still there and looking as I remember it a quarter of a century ago. I fumed internally that I had driven all this way to a locked and deserted Sunshine Coast attraction. Even the walkway is looking tired and in need of maintenance but as nobody will be using it…

Footbridge built to allow visitors to safely cross from the car-park to the Big Pineapple now going to ruin. As seen from the empty car-park.

The car park would make an ideal overnight camp spot.

A few more cars arrived and left while I was here so I guess I was not the only one still unaware the place was closed.

My mind went into top gear devising a plan B. What the heck, I made it up as I went along. Leaving the BP behind I headed up the Bruce Highway and turned off towards the Mudjimba Airport thinking I would go to the beach somewhere, have my picnic lunch followed by a walk followed by a surf. This was a road I had never been on before and a bit of exploring will not go astray.

Yay. All is not lost.

Driving over a bridge on the upper reaches of the Maroochy River I found a park beside the river near a town called Bli Bli – I think. This was where I had lunch watching the change of tide as it drained the river. While eating I could hear some commentary being broadcast nearby. After lunch I drove on and found a cable water ski park in what looked like a sugar cane farming area. Wow! There was a competition in progress with competitors from the local area and from what I heard, NSW and overseas. Today was a King of the Kicker

Lining up the ski jump "kicker" ready to perform acrobatics.

event and simply the competitors had to go over a ski jump and perform a trick.

Mid air antics.

There are two types of board. One is a bit longer and wider than, say, a skateboard and is used in a similar fashion. The skier has no foot holds to anchor to the board. Staying on is simply a matter of skill.

Boards with ski boots attached and boards without any binding whatsoever.

The other boards are a bit longer and have boots attached, similar to a snowboard. Either way the object is to jump the ramp, do tricks in the air and preferably, land and stay upright. The booted board riders definitely had an advantage. At least they did not have to worry about keeping their ski attached to their feet! I spent a couple of hours watching, listening and photographing all these people having fun. Of course I did think to myself how all these people, many of them school age, perhaps should have been somewhere else on a Friday. Who cares? It was fun.

One thing I did notice was the young men – that is, probably under 25, all had tattoos on their legs and strangely the tatts all looked the same. I guess the tatts are one way to tell the boys from the girls as the girls all had a tattoo in the small of their back. Again their tatts all seemed to be the same. I would have thought basic body shape, physique, height and different voice types may have been an indicator of which sex is which. I guess that is not enough these days.

I followed the coast road from Mudjimba Airport until I arrived at Point Arkwright

Pandanus has a tenuous rocky foothold on Point Arkwright.

where I stopped for a bit of a walk and photography session. Lovely spot and there is a clifftop bush walk to Coolum Beach but as the day was dwindling it was time to head home.

However I had one more stop. I visited the Mater Hospital Prize Home at Coolum. The house has a $1,000,000 plus price tag. As nice as the house is, it is a fair walk to the beach and has no beach views at all. It even shares a common driveway with the house behind. That is a recipe for future disagreements. No! I did not buy a ticket.

Saturday 19th February

Walked Noosa Beach as I have been doing regularly, well at least when I can. Although it is a 45 minute drive each way, I do enjoy the walk, rain or shine and feel remarkable well as a result. I even have no trouble taking a cold water shower before I leave the beach and walk to the car while I drip dry. I only carry the bare essentials when I walk the beach. Hat, sunglasses, keys. When I walk from the water to retrieve my stuff, no matter how hard I try to be careful, water will drip off me onto the glasses or the keys. I have decided to buy a microfiber towel which folds into a bag smaller than a pack of cigarettes. At least with a towel I can dry the worst of the water before I pick up my sunnies.

I carried my lunch stuff through to the back lagoon behind Noosa village. What a lovely quiet spot. Lots of families come here to have a picnic and where they can watch the kids splash in the calm water. There is no surf, no jet skis or other boats and is just a nice out of the way quiet place.

Along with Enid n Ken, we walked about 2 klms along the Noosa River to The Boathouse where we had a beer sitting on the top deck watching the sun set behind the volcanic plugs in the distance. Then we walked to an Indian restaurant for dinner. Well, I am being generous calling it a restaurant. It is more along the lines of a deli and lolly shop where they sell breakfasts and Indian dinners. It was such a beautiful balmy night and the numbers of families having a barbeque or fish n chips along the banks of the river is incredible. Even when we walked home the river banks were still crowded. Many of the kids had fallen asleep on blankets laid on the grass while the parents sat around their tables having a wine or a beer. All very nice, relaxing and dignified.

People were fishing and we saw one man reel in a very large Flathead, enough to feed four people. A crowd soon developed with questions such as “what is it?” “what bait ya usin?” “it’s a breeder, throw it back”, “its too big to throw back, toss it on the barbie”, “somebody got a measuring tape?” and so it went. The fisherman said, “I am putting it back just as soon as I can get the hook out of its mouth”. True to his word he released it a few minutes later amongst cheers from conservationists and gasps from those who would keep anything they pull out of the river or ocean.

Sunday 20th February.

Up early, packed a lunch, the boards and we were off to the beach. Oh, dear!!! Noosa Beach was hosting two events. One, on main beach and the other was an Outrigger Regatta on the back lagoon. Parking was a problem and the beach, even the northern end was jam packed. We had an hour or so in the surf, ate lunch at a grassed area behind the beach and watched a man practising his balancing skills on a tightrope he had set up between two trees.

By the time we arrived back at their house we were all exhausted from lots of walking, surfing and the effects of the sun, believed to be about 36°. Down on the beach it was cool in the water and under the shade of the trees and with a lovely breeze blowing. It was a different matter out in the open car-park.

After a snooze I headed home to Traveston.

175. Sunday 13th February 2011. Travelling around Traveston…


Monday 7th February 2011

Lots of Green Tree Frogs around the house at night.

In last weeks post I mentioned going to the Cooran Accoustic Night and the acts were a mixed bag of talent. I left before the evening was over because…I had a headache and worse a backache…the act on stage was singularly unappealing…the names on the board seemed to be more of the guys on the stage…it was late and I was tired.

I was sent an email with a UTube site showing the last act which I missed. Have a look at this

This act should have been on much earlier in the night.

Now back to today.

Spoke with a helpful panel beater in Pomona. The window, door and moonroof rubber seals are all in good condition. He claims the moonroof hatch has a set of drain holes and they get blocked with dirt , the water backs up and overflows through the head lining into the cabin. Hmmm. What he says is plausible but I was not 100% convinced. After showing me how to take the roof out I promised to try it myself before I came back. Got the hatch out and thought how am I going to check the drain holes are not blocked, he told me not to use wire and not to use compressed air if the drain system is plastic tube. Hmmm. I squirted a small amount of water into the four drain holes, one at a time. Each drained water onto the ground pretty quickly.

Hmmm. Using the panel beaters theory of a blockage would mean a huge amount of water, firstly getting past the first hatch seal then moving into the roof lining and overflowing across the dash, over the seat, the gear stick and the windows and door trim including door pull and radio speakers. That is an area measuring 1m x 70cm. Far larger than the hatch area and most of it not immediately below the hatch.At the time I checked the interior roof lining and none of it was damp. No leaks except the one leak through the light fitting.

Hmmm. Yesterday’s theory that the door was open and a good Samaritan closed it during or shortly after the rain is beginning to look plausible. I might take the hatch out again tomorrow to understand how water does come through the light fitting.

As well, today I went to Noosa to have a new battery put in the remote and have a spare key cut. The key shop made a replacement but commented the remote battery is only 8% used but was full of moisture. They dried it out at no cost.

On leaving the shopping centre I came across something which brings me to today’s rant.

People who leave their shopping trollies anywhere except in the many trolley return bays provided. In this case it is a covered walkway where the trollies are so numerous I had to push them out of the way to get past.

Used and abused shopping trollies left abandoned by lazy shoppers.

In most cases a trolley return bay was within 50 feet. Just inconsiderate people and there must be an awful lot of them in this world. For the sake of having to take a couple of minutes out of an extremely busy lifestyle and having to walk that long distance of 50 feet to put a trolley out of the way. Aldi have partly solved the problem. You want a trolley? It will cost $2 before you can get one and if you want your $2 returned, you have to return the trolley from where you got it.

I drove over to Peregian Beach to have a look at some 100% Lambswool seatcovers at $285 a pair, fitted. Hmmm. Well not 100% lambswool. On questioning I discovered only the part you sit on is lambswool. The backrest part is genuine imitation lambswool- polyester or some such synthetic. I really expect more for my $285 I do not know about you dear reader but my back sweats while driving so I thought good ole lambswool might be better in the back of the seat cover.

I also took a walk along Noosa Beach again. This could become a habit. Not many people on the beach today because it was overcast and the wind had shifted to the southeast, which is a lot cooler and provides an offshore on this beach. Combined with a small swell

Perfect one foot wave breaking around a tree in the river mouth.

and a low tide most beachgoers stayed home today.

It was a great day for the kite surfers.

Tuesday 8th February

Today was D Day. No, not the World War II Commemoration Day but a Dreadful Day – for me. I was going to call it Disaster Day but on reflection it was only a dreadful day.

It was overcast this morning and quite cool. Darn! You better believe it. Just as I started to get the mower out to cut the grass it begins to rain. No sense cutting in the rain so will have to wait until it dries out.

After breakfast I went to the car and heard a scraping sound off to my left. It was a yellow bellied green tree snake moving across the concrete. The scraping sound was his scales moving across the concrete. Well at least I hope it was a green tree snake. An hour later I was opening the spare bedroom door when I noticed a strange stick on the gravel. I stepped outside for a closer look. It was a green tree snake with the first part of its body raised up. I raced back inside to get the camera but when I returned it was disappearing into the same garden bed the goanna disappeared into last week.

Sorry, no photo.

I took the moonroof off again and with the aid of a plastic tie and a LED torch examined the roof where the hatch fits into. The drain holes, four of them, are clear and draining as they should. I tested them yesterday and again today. The only other place where water could get into the light fitting is where the hatch hinges fit. On examining the hinges attached to the hatch there appears to be a residue of foam attached. Perhaps at one time there was a foam seal covering the hinge. I also unscrewed the light fitting and felt around the roof with my finger. I also used the LED to look at the roof lining to determine if there have ever been any leaks. I also felt with my fingers and found no drops of water or dampness.

It seems, the suggestion put forward by reader Geoff, in a Skype hook-up, was that I had left the door open and the heavy driven rain, drove inside. Then a good Samaritan came along and closed the door. Really, after checking all aspects I am almost convinced that is the answer. The sheer size of the area soaked cannot be explained by one little leak from a central light fitting. I still have the problem of a leak into the light fitting but again I think the problem is a huge volume of rain at one time and the drain holes cannot cope and the water builds up and overflows into the hinge sockets and into the light fitting. The jury is still out on that one.

On Monday both my iPod and iTouch were getting low on power so I attached them to the laptop to recharge. I followed instructions and clicked YES where appropriate and the devices were recharged. Yep. Recharged but in the process all my music was gone. WTF! I quickly checked my iTunes. Yep. 1756 tunes were still in place. Until that is, when I clicked on a tune and got a message to say the tune could not be found. Several random checks later and it seems the titles to the songs are still in iTunes but the tune is missing.

Hmmm. What happened yesterday? iTunes had an update to download and I said yes. Wait a minute was there something in the download that said something about backup all tunes otherwise they will all be deleted?? I ignored it?? I started a search for my Backup hard drive and finally found it wrapped in Donnis sweater at the bottom of the wardrobe.

I thought maybe I should backup the whole computer before tackling the music problem in iTunes. So, I proceeded to backup using the Windows 7 backup software instead of the usual LaCie.

Then after backup was complete I looked for music on the LaCie hard drive for all backups done last year and started to import music wherever I could find it. In the process I then had to go back and delete any duplicated files which were a name only and did not contain the tune.

Late in the evening I decided to take a break and check my emails.

WTF. The laptop could not/would not connect with the modem. The signal was there, the laptop would not connect and in the trouble shooting process I came across a little option called “Restore to an earlier known safe point”. Hmmm. That safe point was timed at just before I did the backup. Taking an almighty leap of faith I decided to go back to that safe point.

Eventually the safe point was reached and I had internet connection again.

I went back to restoring music and by 11pm I had had enough and had restored most of what I thought was lost. I still have to delete the duplicates and to restore music to the iPod and iTouch. I can do that tomorrow.

Now did I call that a dreadful day?

Wednesday 9th February.

After spending some time cutting grass in the morning I spoke with Donnis via a Skype connection to her hotel in Cancun in Mexico. She went for a walk along the beach and had a swim in the ocean. Her description of her walk ended by saying she always will prefer to walk in the sand barefoot with the wind in her hair and face. Hmmm.

Then I packed up and headed off to Tin Can Bay which is about 40klms as the crow flies but more like 80klms via Gympie.

Due to the recent heavy weather all the fishing fleet is in town.

We were last in TCB in

The FV NAMBUCCA caught my eye. It is named after a seaside town in the northern rivers district of New South Wales. We hope to visist and spend some time at Nambucca this year.

late May 2009. After a lunch at a cafe on the inlet where the dolphins come every morning at 8.30 I looked for somewhere to go for a walk. Way, way, way back at post 015 dated 23rd January 2006, I said, in part, the following; “but I really wanted to get out of the car, run barefoot in the sand and feel the wind and salt air on my face and hair.” Since starting to walk on the beach at Noosa I have come to the realisation I have often said that about walking barefoot on the sand beside the sea with the salt air and wind on my face and hair. In fact I have almost stopped my early morning walk in anticipation of a beach walk later in the day. Some years ago I lived at Bucasia Beach near Mackay. Each night, after dinner, I would walk about 3 klms along the beach in all conditions, including hovering cyclones, lightning storms, rain and wind. I would do this summer and winter. I always felt alive, refreshed, energised and clear headed. My constant companion was Freddie, our poodle and one whom I have very fond memories. Freddie was a family dog but he insisted on being my dog! He followed me everywhere. On those night time beach walks he would run out ahead of me into the darkness only to reappear minutes later, unerringly straight to my feet and once satisfied I was me he would bound off again. Freddie had one major fault. He would always get wet when he went to the beach. When we were leaving the beach he would roll in the sand under the trees. There are always lots of Seaforth Burr under the trees. I would spend the next hour pulling burrs out of his wool. (poodles have wool, not fur, not hair)

I enjoy walking but my preferred walking footwear is not a walking shoe, not a hiking boot but good old fashioned skin on my bare feet. It is my preference to walk on the ocean shore.

Today I was fortunate the tide was receding and I was able to walk along a white sandy beach bordering the mangroves along the inlet. The wind was howling and whipping the water into small waves but I enjoyed the walk with the sand and the salt water and the wind in my face and hair. I am also able to take big lungfulls of breath as I walk. No wonder I feel energised. Truly it was the highlight of my day.

On the drive home I passed through Gympie and stopped at a railway crossing and was surprised to see the Valley Rattler rattling past.

Valley Rattler.

Quick as I was with the camera I only obtained a so so photo but not bad under the circumstances.

Thursday 10th February

Today I had an acupuncturist appointment and strangely, one of the needles was beginning to hurt. The doc said that was good as the treatment was working.”But it was on the wrong leg” I said. “Ahh” said the doc, “not so. It means the CHI is moving around the body as it should”. Being of doubtful and suspicious mind I let that slide but if there is not some improvement before our next appointment there will be no appointment

Next I found a parking spot near the beach and went for a now welcome walk along the beach and splash in the incoming waves. On the weekend I had noticed amongst the crowds of people a shade tent on the beach offering massage. Amazingly there were two masseuse working on two clients and people waiting. Business looks good. Further along the beach were two buggy type trailers pulled up on the beach. They towed into place by an ATV. These guys sell fresh coffee and doughnuts and sandwiches and what have you. When I was a kid the only thing which was sold on the beach was Snow Cones and a spray suntan lotion man. If you wanted an ice cream or drink you had to skitter across hot concrete and bitumen across the street to find a milk bar. Does this happen on other beaches – Bondi or Maroubra or Manly for example? So I finished my hour long walk but forwent the swim and splash in the ocean as there were dangerous rips and undertows and there was no surf to speak of. Just a lot of onshore wind generated slop dumping on the shore.

Walking back to the car I noticed a scrape along the rear right side bumper bar.

Not a lot of damage but noticeable.

WTF! Somebody has scraped against me driving in or out of a parking spot and did not leave me a note. GRRR!

Friday 11th February.

First I went to Noosa Beach and as I was a little late getting started only did a half beach walk plus a frolic in the small surf. The water has cleared up amazingly well. It was so clear I could see whiting swimming around in a gutter between the shore and a small sandbar. Have I mentioned before how great I feel after a walk and frolic and or swim in the surf?

Then it was off to see a movie “TRUE GRIT” I enjoyed it more than the 3D movie last week. While at the movie I had a man from Touch Up Guys take a look at the Terios and give me a quote. $198. I looked at the damage from a number of angles. If I do not get it fixed it will forever be a blight on the Terios presentation and will be a constant reminder to me. It is a no choice. Get it fixed.

Saturday 12th February

Cut a bit of grass in the morning then off to visit Enid n Ken at Noosa. We went to Noosa Woods and had a surf. Enid n I with Boogie Boards and Ken on his surfboard. The waves were small but constant so we caught a few waves. A few? Ummm. Near enough to the point of exhaustion actually. My rib cartilage injury has been agrevated so that is bothering me once more. Then back to their house for a shower and a change of clothes then off to Tewantin RSL for dinner and a musical night of old rock tunes from the 50’s and 60’s. We caught a bus home at 9.30.

Sunday 13th February.

Headed off early so we could get a parking space at Noosa National Park and walked over to Tea Tree Beach where there were some small waves about a foot near the beach and almost 2 foot on the point. The tide was coming in so the breaks became few and far between but we had a great couple of hours in the water. Close to exhaustion again. We then walked over to Granite Beach further around the point where we had a mid-morning snack before heading home for a hot shower and an ice cream.  Enid showed me how to “bead” and I was able to make a bead bracelet and earrings for Donnis.

Bracelet and earrings. My first beading masterpiece.

Mid afternoon I came back to Traveston. Sleep is hovering over me, as well as every muscle in my legs and shoulders screaming out for a rest.

Oh, all right muscles, have a rest.


174. Sunday 6th February 2011. Traveston and surrounds. More rain and rain related problems…


Monday 31st January 2011

It was raining when I woke this morning. Instead of wearing wet weather gear while I went on my walk I walked around the house under the awnings on three sides. Endlessly, backwards and forwards. I still covered the same distance and time but without the gravel road and various inclines so I did not feel as though I had a satisfying walk.

Last March when Donnis returned from Canada she gave me a battery operated Oral B toothbrush. I have always pooh poohed electric toothbrushes in the past and have never owned one. These battery operated brushes are different in that that they move backwards and forwards quickly rather than rotate as do the electric jobs. I have happily used the battery toothbrush every day since she gave it to me. Today, it died.


The toothbrushes are just like an ordinary toothbrush and are intended to be thrown away when they become worn. No sense replacing a battery on a worn toothbrush. In fact you cannot replace the battery because according to Oral B they are especially made to fit the brush. Either way I am more than happy with the life from that one battery and have bought a new battery brush.

Today I visited the doc and went through a few health issues.

Blood tests reveal cholesterol slightly increased and I am on the verge of diabetes susceptibility. It was suggested I should lose some weight which will also impact on the other issues. I have the name of a dietician in Gympie. In the meantime I will keep a daily food diary.

Left leg is worsening so we have arranged an MRI of my spine on Wednesday, particularly L3, L4 and L5 as the 4&5 have an impact on the leg nerves.

Hiatus Hernia. Will have an ultrasound on Wednesday as well. Results will determine the next course of action.

I have noticed that I feel nauseous in the mornings after I have taken my BP medication and eaten breakfast. It could be the new blood pressure medication so as a trial I will start taking it at night so I can feel nauseous while I am asleep.

The torn cartilage is still uncomfortable when I first wake in the morning and when I go for my walk and do deep breathing.

Cyclone Anthony crossed the coast last night north of Bowen. My neighbours Merewyn and Stan sent photos of what happened at our house. A tree in the yard of our rear neighbour, fell down across the driveway to the garage. Thank goodness it missed the garage. Our tenants had put their car in the garage for safekeeping. Stan and Denis got their chainsaws in action and soon cleared away the rubbish. No time for complacency as the monster cyclone, Yasi, is on its way and expected to cross on Wednesday. I received a text message on the mobile from the State Emergency Centre advising to move by Tuesday if we are in a low lying area. Tidal surge as well as heavy rain is expected.

Gee, the Premier, the Emergency Services and the weather Bureau are all taking this cyclone with a lot of seriousness. All news services are also playing it up. Just like the floods in Brisbane they spelled out all the dangers and asked people to self- evacuate – early. The size of this cyclone is three times that of Anthony and expected to be twice the severity.

The house at Airlie is well above any potential tidal surge and there are no nearby creeks to bother us.

The house in Mackay could be another matter. It is built behind a range of sandhills which are about 5 metres above the mean high tide level. However Reliance Creek is some several klms away but the land is flat all the way to our house. Of course if the tidal surge combines with a high tide then it is possible the drainage and sewerage systems could back up. Can only wait and see.

This evening I went for another walk, this time up and over the hill and started on the downhill side. Again, It was probably the same distance as my regular walk but had up and downhill sections which got my heart rate up and I was perspiring freely by the time I got home.

Tuesday 1st February

After getting my walk up and over the hill and back I felt I had had a reasonable workout.

It sprinkled or rained on and off all day.

I decided some exploring was in order so headed off to have another look at Boreen Point, Elanda Point and Lake Cootharaba. I faithfully followed the signs to Elanda Point but the road ends at a private property and there is no access to the lake until a fee is paid.

It was raining at Boreen Point when I arrived and the scenery was not inviting enough to take a photo. A while later the sun came out when I visited the Appallonian Hotel but decided not to have lunch there.

Appallonian Hotel at Boreen Point.

Next destination was Lake Cootharaba. Again I followed the signs, along a deep sandy track and finally arrived at a private property. Again signs declared access to the lake was via an entry fee and this property looked very feral with dead cars and motorbikes and other household equipment laying g around without a decent burial.

Next stop was Tewantin Marina

Tewantin Marina on a miserable wet day.

where I thought I could book a day trip on the Noosa everglades. It seems the trip leaves from somewhere around Elanda Point? I decided against lunch here as again it had started to rain and as seems to be true of every marina I have visited, food prices are higher than I prefer to pay.

Hmmm. Cooroy is on my way home, they have the cheapest fuel around and there is an award winning café with reasonable prices. I had a lentil burger with chips and a cup of tea. On reflection a Big Mac may have been a wiser move. I do not think I will eat there again. The lentil patty was very curry hot and loaded with salt. Their pies are around the $6 mark, about $2 dearer than the next worst price I have encountered. They probably did not win the award based on their lentil burgers!

Late in the afternoon I noticed movement on the gravel driveway next to WWWGO. Wow. It is a Tawny Frogmouth Owl. Probably the same one who crashed into the fly screen the other night. I started taking photo but crept closer until I was no more than two metres away.

The Tawny Frog Mouth from 2 metres. Note the leaf in his beak. If you magnify the photo you can see WWWGO reflected in his eyes.

He then flew onto an arbour archway where I took more photo’s.

Tawny Frog Mouth on the flower bower.

Heavy rain began to fall as I prepared for bed.

Wednesday 2nd February.

It rained during the night.

When I woke I could smell damp and mustiness. Although I checked all around WWWGO I could not find anything obviously damp. The sheets however felt limp. Same thing in the house. It just smells, damp. My Kanagroo leather brimmed hat feels damp but I cannot see any obvious signs. Simply the humidity is high once more and all forms of material are absorbing the dampness. Last week I left an absorbent paper towel, doubled over, with a quantity of rock salt. It has remained relatively dry. This morning there is a puddle of absorbed salt water on the towel.

Sitting at the table I watched as four Kangaroos came onto the grass behind WWWGO and grazed. On the other side of WWWGO a Scrub Turkey strutted around.

The news this morning is mostly about Cyclone Yasi. It developed into a category 5 overnight and is expected to hit below Cairns around 10 pm tonight. All official warnings are now including phrases such as ”life threatening” into their messages. Hardened locals who have been through cyclones in the past are now evacuating.

During the day I could smell something dead and decaying just outside the dining room door. I could not find anything on the veranda or in the gardens. Sitting at the table I could hear a noise outside but dismissed it for a few minutes believing it was the wind blowing the tarpaulins I put on the awnings to give a little extra protection from the rain. I looked up and there at the screen door was a metre and a half, very fat, very sharp clawed and sharp toothed goanna. He was scratching at the door. As I grabbed the camera he took off along the veranda wall with me in hot pursuit. Boy! Can those guys get up a head of steam. He was too quick, I did not have any shoes on my feet and I have no photos.

I spent the night watching the coverage of cyclone YASI.

Thursday 3rd February.

No kangaroos, tawny frog mouths, snakes, goannas, geese, scrub turkeys or centipedes to greet me this morning. Instead there was a rabbit on the driveway.

Woke to reasonably good news that the cyclone was not as devastating as expected. Daughter Shelley text me from Townsville to say she had a sleepless night, the roof leaked in many places, power was off from 10pm and was still off, two trees fell across the drive way and two trees had fallen across power lines outside.

Lots of devastation to Mission Beach, Tully, Tully Heads, Hull Heads, Cardwell and Port Hinchinbrook. By now I suppose everybody has seen the photos of at least 70 boats stacked together against the houses and units and Port Hinchinbrook. A friend, Mary-Beth H (Mary Beth was my chiropractor for many years) who lives at Port Hinchinbrook, told me she has 70 boats sitting on her front deck.

The day goes by slowly when you have no planned activities. In the morning I had an appointment with the acupuncturist to relieve the numb muscle in the left leg. I also collected the MRI on my back results and the results of the ultrasound on the hiatus hernia. Yep, the MRI confirmed the back problem, mentioning L3,L4 and L5 and that a disc was bulging to my left.

The ultrasound confirmed the location of the “small” hernia.

I guess in both cases I will discuss and know the next step when I see the doc.

In the meantime I have elected to run with acupuncture in the hope it may give me some relief as the leg muscles feel progressively weaker and the numbness more…ummm…numb.

So I found myself explaining my situation to the man with the magic needles then I was on a table having needles inserted along the spine, in the left leg and in my head and left to lie on my stomach for 20 minutes. I felt no different on leaving. He explained it could take several visits to take effect. Hmmm. Sounds like standard acupuncture talk to me. Oh he said, “do you take any of the following supplements?” Hmmm I thought. Here it comes, the sale of his products which will help the repair process. I assured him my wife Donnis has a whole apothecary of supplements she encourages me to take so that is exactly what I will start doing.

He also warned me against sitting for long periods.

By tonight my leg was “tired”, uncomfortable and some pain. Oh, did I forget to mention numb? Worse, my back was painful and required some Panadol but an hour later there was no relief but I managed to fall asleep.

Friday 4th February

Woke to a thick fog down in the valley. Also woke with a painful back. Left leg muscle is still numb and the other muscles are following suit.

Hmmm. Was it the acupuncture or did I sit for too long?

I went for my walk and watched as the fog crept further up the hill to the house. As well, the air was still. So as I walked I could hear cars on the road a klm or more in the valley below. I could also hear trains clickety clacking along the line which runs parallel to the road. The fog now shut off any views of the surrounding hills and Mount Cooran had disappeared. When I was a kid my parents always told me that a thick fog heralds a fine sunny day will follow.

The Currawongs, Torresian Crows, Whipbirds and the booming Pheasant are all calling to each other.

Let me share a thought with you. Each morning I see how green and lush the steep hillsides are. They are, for the most part covered in long waving grass. The remainder appears to be virgin forest not cleared. Originally all this area was covered in thick wood of very tall and straight trees. Then the timber cutters moved in and cleared most of the trees. Then the dairy farmers moved in, planted the lush pasture grass and ran fat dairy cattle. That too disappeared and the pastures were divided up into smaller lots and sold to hobby farmers. You know what a hobby farmer is. He earns big money doing something else but has a desire to move to a country retreat. No cows or sheep. Maybe a horse or two. Maybe a billy goat for the rubbish. Maybe a couple of chooks for fresh eggs. Instead of fat cattle eating the grass for him he buys an expensive tractor with a slasher/mower attachment and spends his time cutting that long lush grass and allowing the cut grass to stay on the ground as mulch which in turn adds more nutrients and seed to ensure he has plenty of grass to cut. It is not even baled up and given to or sold to real farmers in the area. That is a hobby farmer. He cuts the grass on his twenty or thirty acres. I have watched one local HF doing just that over the last two months. The neighbour on the hill above is a coal miner somewhere near Emerald. He packs up the family, takes them to Emerald, close to 1,000 klms from here, for his 10 day or 14 day shift, then returns here at the end of his shift so he can cut the grass. No wonder the farm is up for sale. It would be good dairy pasture or banana plantation. At the moment it produces grass which is cut and left to promote the growth of more grass.


The day was hot n sunny. Humid too.

I travelled into Noosa and tried my luck at the National Park. For the first time since my arrival in December I was able to get a parking spot. Probably because the wind was blowing onshore and the surf was little more than chop.

Looking back to Noosa Beach from Noosa National Park.

Historical Markers at the entrance to Noosa National Park.

With the humidity and the north wind it was just an uncomfortable day at the beach. I guess that is why there were far fewer people on the beach than usual.

The rocky Noosa National Park coastline is thickly populated with Pandanus.

However I persevered and took a walk along the coastal trail to a place called Boiling Pot then headed back to the car-park before driving on to Noosa Junction. I have been promising myself a movie. Donnis has been urging me to see The kings Speech with Geoffery Rush but I wanted action. I also wanted 3D. I chose Sanctum an Australian made and acted attempt at cashing in on 3D and James Camerons name on the credits. James Cameron is the man responsible for Titanic and Avatar. He just loves one word names for his movies. The script was barely acceptable, the acting was acceptable – with help – and the 3D was acceptable in places. Maybe I should have seen True Grit instead. In fact I will…next week.

The day was rounded off by dinner with a couple we met on Christmas Day, Peter n Maggie who live on several acres on the Traveston Road about 2 Klms from where I am camped. Dinner was good, the company good but with all the sitting I had done today my back was in constant pain and a headache had decided to kick in. I headed home about 10.30, took a couple of Panadene Forte and got into bed. Thankfully the tablets kicked in quickly and I got 6 hours straight through sleep.

Saturday 5th February.

Woke with back pain, my sleeping companion.

Did my usual walk. Up the hill, down the other side, up the other side, down this side. Good thing about the walking is that it is not painful. In fact when I had a severe bad back situation many years ago I could not walk. A shuffle was about as good as I could manage. After I got back to being able to walk and the pain controllable, my chiropractor – Mary Beth- told me walking was good. Lots of walking.

It was a delightful bright sunny, hot n humid day.

Why not put on my new board-shorts, rashie, a good hat and walk along Noosa Beach, perhaps even splash around in the surf? So I did. I walked all the way from Noosa River mouth to the rocks at the southern end of the beach and back again. Then a bit of a splash around in chest deep water. I walked back to the car and took a lovely fresh water shower near the car-park and somehow managed to get changed in the car. It was a bit of an effort and my big toe was stuck in my ear for awhile but I still felt good.

Yeeeeeeeharrr! I did feel good.

Tonight I drove to Cooran, 2 klms from the top of my hill, for an Acoustic Night. Entry was $4. Refreshments were sugarless and flourless organic cakes and cookies along with chai tea sweetened with local honey – if you are inclined towards sweet things. If you did not want chai tea you could opt for camomile tea or  green tea – all tea bag dunking style.

What is an Acoustic Night I hear you ask??

Exactly, that is what I said and frankly after attending my first Acoustic Night my only question is…what is an Acoustic Night??? (sort of a karaoke without the screen or background music)

Good thing I wore my Wintermoon Festival tshirt and baggy Vietnamese Fishermans pants, so I almost fit right in. I did have to kick off my quality leather sandals and walk around barefoot. That way I was mistaken for one of the artists, several times.

It seems an Acoustic Night is one where people who have a talent AND even for those who do not have a talent, can put their name on a blackboard and get up on stage and perform. They get things such as power for amplifiers, amplifiers, a sound man to mix, a light man to light (actually he is the same man) and an MC to hold the night together and introduce the acts. Generally it was an enjoyable and interesting evening with some people being nervous on their first public performance. Others were clearly polished. Most of the music and lyrics were written by the performers. A couple of acts stood out. A Maori man and an Oz woman played guitar and sang duet. They were very good. Another was a young woman with stage presentation who sang as part of a trio with her dad and younger sister, then performed alone, sang and played guitar, a song she had written and tonight was its first public performance. No nerves from this woman as she clearly knows she has a good voice. All artists are limited to no more than three songs or pieces of poetry. Different instruments were a harp, mandolin, ukulele. bongo drums, didgeridoo, violin and lots of guitars. Basically I enjoyed or endured the acts until shortly before 11pm a bunch of teenagers without much talent between them and even less idea of organisation or stage presentation decided to inflict some tuneless noise, complete with screaming and swearing on their audience. Lots of squealing from their girlfriends but the audience like me was too stunned to applaud. The blackboard only had two performances to complete the night but the names seemed to belong to the screaming guys on stage. A quick mental calculation meant there could be at least another 8 pieces to be presented by these guys and it would be midnight or later before it was all over. I used the opportunity of other people heading to the exit to follow them.

Sigh! I fell into bed and slept the sleep of the tired.

Sunday 6th February.

I planned to leave early and get to Noosa about 7am for a walk along the beach. Well, a little after 8am was not bad.

Midway through my walk along the beach the heavens opened with driven torrential rain. The rain was colder than the sea and it felt like tiny cold needles slamming against my body. Ooooh but it was refreshing. At the end of my long walk I dove into the ocean and caught several waves. Wow. I have not body surfed in I do not know how long. Half a lifetime perhaps?

A quick rinse down under the outdoor showers, changed in the…change sheds and back to the car and off to somewhere to have a late breakfast. Gee but I was feeling fresh and invigorated and NO pain. I opened the drivers side door on the car and


My seat is covered in water!


So is the dashboard!


Water has pooled on the floor in front and in the back as well!

It is not wet. It is soaked.


The door trim has filled with water in the pull handle and map pocket!


Some water is dripping from the light fitting. I sort of expected that might happen. But that cannot account for the amount of water over such a large area of the driving compartment. The passenger seat is dry. The back seats are dry. Only the drivers side is wet. The moonroof was closed. The windows were fully wound up. I checked the roof lining and internal seals. All dry. Not even damp.

If I had left the window down this is the damage I could have expected. If I had left the door open this is what I would have expected.

Hmmm! Could I have left the door open and a good Samaritan was walking past during the storm, noticed the door was open and closed it? Possible.

Thinking back over the events, I came back from the beach to get my towel, a change of clothes and a bucket from the cargo area. Using the remote opener the sound was not its normal “THUNK”. Almost as if the doors were not locked. After getting the stuff I used the remote again but nothing happened. So I used it again, this time there was a loud thunk as I watched the door locks retract.

Later when I used the remote, the doors would not lock.

Hmmm! Either because the electrics are wet OR as now seems likely the remote battery is dead and did not close the doors when I left the car at the beach. This could tie in with the Hmmm above.

Maybe, just maybe, I have left my door partly open and the remote did not lock the door and a good Samaritan was in the area.

Tomorrow I will get a new battery for the remote and a spare key to hide somewhere.

The afternoon was hot and HUMID. Running perspiration just while sitting.

Tomorrow I will again try to find somebody who can do door seals.