175. Sunday 13th February 2011. Travelling around Traveston…

Monday 7th February 2011

Lots of Green Tree Frogs around the house at night.

In last weeks post I mentioned going to the Cooran Accoustic Night and the acts were a mixed bag of talent. I left before the evening was over because…I had a headache and worse a backache…the act on stage was singularly unappealing…the names on the board seemed to be more of the guys on the stage…it was late and I was tired.

I was sent an email with a UTube site showing the last act which I missed. Have a look at this


This act should have been on much earlier in the night.

Now back to today.

Spoke with a helpful panel beater in Pomona. The window, door and moonroof rubber seals are all in good condition. He claims the moonroof hatch has a set of drain holes and they get blocked with dirt , the water backs up and overflows through the head lining into the cabin. Hmmm. What he says is plausible but I was not 100% convinced. After showing me how to take the roof out I promised to try it myself before I came back. Got the hatch out and thought how am I going to check the drain holes are not blocked, he told me not to use wire and not to use compressed air if the drain system is plastic tube. Hmmm. I squirted a small amount of water into the four drain holes, one at a time. Each drained water onto the ground pretty quickly.

Hmmm. Using the panel beaters theory of a blockage would mean a huge amount of water, firstly getting past the first hatch seal then moving into the roof lining and overflowing across the dash, over the seat, the gear stick and the windows and door trim including door pull and radio speakers. That is an area measuring 1m x 70cm. Far larger than the hatch area and most of it not immediately below the hatch.At the time I checked the interior roof lining and none of it was damp. No leaks except the one leak through the light fitting.

Hmmm. Yesterday’s theory that the door was open and a good Samaritan closed it during or shortly after the rain is beginning to look plausible. I might take the hatch out again tomorrow to understand how water does come through the light fitting.

As well, today I went to Noosa to have a new battery put in the remote and have a spare key cut. The key shop made a replacement but commented the remote battery is only 8% used but was full of moisture. They dried it out at no cost.

On leaving the shopping centre I came across something which brings me to today’s rant.

People who leave their shopping trollies anywhere except in the many trolley return bays provided. In this case it is a covered walkway where the trollies are so numerous I had to push them out of the way to get past.

Used and abused shopping trollies left abandoned by lazy shoppers.

In most cases a trolley return bay was within 50 feet. Just inconsiderate people and there must be an awful lot of them in this world. For the sake of having to take a couple of minutes out of an extremely busy lifestyle and having to walk that long distance of 50 feet to put a trolley out of the way. Aldi have partly solved the problem. You want a trolley? It will cost $2 before you can get one and if you want your $2 returned, you have to return the trolley from where you got it.

I drove over to Peregian Beach to have a look at some 100% Lambswool seatcovers at $285 a pair, fitted. Hmmm. Well not 100% lambswool. On questioning I discovered only the part you sit on is lambswool. The backrest part is genuine imitation lambswool- polyester or some such synthetic. I really expect more for my $285 I do not know about you dear reader but my back sweats while driving so I thought good ole lambswool might be better in the back of the seat cover.

I also took a walk along Noosa Beach again. This could become a habit. Not many people on the beach today because it was overcast and the wind had shifted to the southeast, which is a lot cooler and provides an offshore on this beach. Combined with a small swell

Perfect one foot wave breaking around a tree in the river mouth.

and a low tide most beachgoers stayed home today.

It was a great day for the kite surfers.

Tuesday 8th February

Today was D Day. No, not the World War II Commemoration Day but a Dreadful Day – for me. I was going to call it Disaster Day but on reflection it was only a dreadful day.

It was overcast this morning and quite cool. Darn! You better believe it. Just as I started to get the mower out to cut the grass it begins to rain. No sense cutting in the rain so will have to wait until it dries out.

After breakfast I went to the car and heard a scraping sound off to my left. It was a yellow bellied green tree snake moving across the concrete. The scraping sound was his scales moving across the concrete. Well at least I hope it was a green tree snake. An hour later I was opening the spare bedroom door when I noticed a strange stick on the gravel. I stepped outside for a closer look. It was a green tree snake with the first part of its body raised up. I raced back inside to get the camera but when I returned it was disappearing into the same garden bed the goanna disappeared into last week.

Sorry, no photo.

I took the moonroof off again and with the aid of a plastic tie and a LED torch examined the roof where the hatch fits into. The drain holes, four of them, are clear and draining as they should. I tested them yesterday and again today. The only other place where water could get into the light fitting is where the hatch hinges fit. On examining the hinges attached to the hatch there appears to be a residue of foam attached. Perhaps at one time there was a foam seal covering the hinge. I also unscrewed the light fitting and felt around the roof with my finger. I also used the LED to look at the roof lining to determine if there have ever been any leaks. I also felt with my fingers and found no drops of water or dampness.

It seems, the suggestion put forward by reader Geoff, in a Skype hook-up, was that I had left the door open and the heavy driven rain, drove inside. Then a good Samaritan came along and closed the door. Really, after checking all aspects I am almost convinced that is the answer. The sheer size of the area soaked cannot be explained by one little leak from a central light fitting. I still have the problem of a leak into the light fitting but again I think the problem is a huge volume of rain at one time and the drain holes cannot cope and the water builds up and overflows into the hinge sockets and into the light fitting. The jury is still out on that one.

On Monday both my iPod and iTouch were getting low on power so I attached them to the laptop to recharge. I followed instructions and clicked YES where appropriate and the devices were recharged. Yep. Recharged but in the process all my music was gone. WTF! I quickly checked my iTunes. Yep. 1756 tunes were still in place. Until that is, when I clicked on a tune and got a message to say the tune could not be found. Several random checks later and it seems the titles to the songs are still in iTunes but the tune is missing.

Hmmm. What happened yesterday? iTunes had an update to download and I said yes. Wait a minute was there something in the download that said something about backup all tunes otherwise they will all be deleted?? I ignored it?? I started a search for my Backup hard drive and finally found it wrapped in Donnis sweater at the bottom of the wardrobe.

I thought maybe I should backup the whole computer before tackling the music problem in iTunes. So, I proceeded to backup using the Windows 7 backup software instead of the usual LaCie.

Then after backup was complete I looked for music on the LaCie hard drive for all backups done last year and started to import music wherever I could find it. In the process I then had to go back and delete any duplicated files which were a name only and did not contain the tune.

Late in the evening I decided to take a break and check my emails.

WTF. The laptop could not/would not connect with the modem. The signal was there, the laptop would not connect and in the trouble shooting process I came across a little option called “Restore to an earlier known safe point”. Hmmm. That safe point was timed at just before I did the backup. Taking an almighty leap of faith I decided to go back to that safe point.

Eventually the safe point was reached and I had internet connection again.

I went back to restoring music and by 11pm I had had enough and had restored most of what I thought was lost. I still have to delete the duplicates and to restore music to the iPod and iTouch. I can do that tomorrow.

Now did I call that a dreadful day?

Wednesday 9th February.

After spending some time cutting grass in the morning I spoke with Donnis via a Skype connection to her hotel in Cancun in Mexico. She went for a walk along the beach and had a swim in the ocean. Her description of her walk ended by saying she always will prefer to walk in the sand barefoot with the wind in her hair and face. Hmmm.

Then I packed up and headed off to Tin Can Bay which is about 40klms as the crow flies but more like 80klms via Gympie.

Due to the recent heavy weather all the fishing fleet is in town.

We were last in TCB in

The FV NAMBUCCA caught my eye. It is named after a seaside town in the northern rivers district of New South Wales. We hope to visist and spend some time at Nambucca this year.

late May 2009. After a lunch at a cafe on the inlet where the dolphins come every morning at 8.30 I looked for somewhere to go for a walk. Way, way, way back at post 015 dated 23rd January 2006, I said, in part, the following; “but I really wanted to get out of the car, run barefoot in the sand and feel the wind and salt air on my face and hair.” Since starting to walk on the beach at Noosa I have come to the realisation I have often said that about walking barefoot on the sand beside the sea with the salt air and wind on my face and hair. In fact I have almost stopped my early morning walk in anticipation of a beach walk later in the day. Some years ago I lived at Bucasia Beach near Mackay. Each night, after dinner, I would walk about 3 klms along the beach in all conditions, including hovering cyclones, lightning storms, rain and wind. I would do this summer and winter. I always felt alive, refreshed, energised and clear headed. My constant companion was Freddie, our poodle and one whom I have very fond memories. Freddie was a family dog but he insisted on being my dog! He followed me everywhere. On those night time beach walks he would run out ahead of me into the darkness only to reappear minutes later, unerringly straight to my feet and once satisfied I was me he would bound off again. Freddie had one major fault. He would always get wet when he went to the beach. When we were leaving the beach he would roll in the sand under the trees. There are always lots of Seaforth Burr under the trees. I would spend the next hour pulling burrs out of his wool. (poodles have wool, not fur, not hair)

I enjoy walking but my preferred walking footwear is not a walking shoe, not a hiking boot but good old fashioned skin on my bare feet. It is my preference to walk on the ocean shore.

Today I was fortunate the tide was receding and I was able to walk along a white sandy beach bordering the mangroves along the inlet. The wind was howling and whipping the water into small waves but I enjoyed the walk with the sand and the salt water and the wind in my face and hair. I am also able to take big lungfulls of breath as I walk. No wonder I feel energised. Truly it was the highlight of my day.

On the drive home I passed through Gympie and stopped at a railway crossing and was surprised to see the Valley Rattler rattling past.

Valley Rattler.

Quick as I was with the camera I only obtained a so so photo but not bad under the circumstances.

Thursday 10th February

Today I had an acupuncturist appointment and strangely, one of the needles was beginning to hurt. The doc said that was good as the treatment was working.”But it was on the wrong leg” I said. “Ahh” said the doc, “not so. It means the CHI is moving around the body as it should”. Being of doubtful and suspicious mind I let that slide but if there is not some improvement before our next appointment there will be no appointment

Next I found a parking spot near the beach and went for a now welcome walk along the beach and splash in the incoming waves. On the weekend I had noticed amongst the crowds of people a shade tent on the beach offering massage. Amazingly there were two masseuse working on two clients and people waiting. Business looks good. Further along the beach were two buggy type trailers pulled up on the beach. They towed into place by an ATV. These guys sell fresh coffee and doughnuts and sandwiches and what have you. When I was a kid the only thing which was sold on the beach was Snow Cones and a spray suntan lotion man. If you wanted an ice cream or drink you had to skitter across hot concrete and bitumen across the street to find a milk bar. Does this happen on other beaches – Bondi or Maroubra or Manly for example? So I finished my hour long walk but forwent the swim and splash in the ocean as there were dangerous rips and undertows and there was no surf to speak of. Just a lot of onshore wind generated slop dumping on the shore.

Walking back to the car I noticed a scrape along the rear right side bumper bar.

Not a lot of damage but noticeable.

WTF! Somebody has scraped against me driving in or out of a parking spot and did not leave me a note. GRRR!

Friday 11th February.

First I went to Noosa Beach and as I was a little late getting started only did a half beach walk plus a frolic in the small surf. The water has cleared up amazingly well. It was so clear I could see whiting swimming around in a gutter between the shore and a small sandbar. Have I mentioned before how great I feel after a walk and frolic and or swim in the surf?

Then it was off to see a movie “TRUE GRIT” I enjoyed it more than the 3D movie last week. While at the movie I had a man from Touch Up Guys take a look at the Terios and give me a quote. $198. I looked at the damage from a number of angles. If I do not get it fixed it will forever be a blight on the Terios presentation and will be a constant reminder to me. It is a no choice. Get it fixed.

Saturday 12th February

Cut a bit of grass in the morning then off to visit Enid n Ken at Noosa. We went to Noosa Woods and had a surf. Enid n I with Boogie Boards and Ken on his surfboard. The waves were small but constant so we caught a few waves. A few? Ummm. Near enough to the point of exhaustion actually. My rib cartilage injury has been agrevated so that is bothering me once more. Then back to their house for a shower and a change of clothes then off to Tewantin RSL for dinner and a musical night of old rock tunes from the 50’s and 60’s. We caught a bus home at 9.30.

Sunday 13th February.

Headed off early so we could get a parking space at Noosa National Park and walked over to Tea Tree Beach where there were some small waves about a foot near the beach and almost 2 foot on the point. The tide was coming in so the breaks became few and far between but we had a great couple of hours in the water. Close to exhaustion again. We then walked over to Granite Beach further around the point where we had a mid-morning snack before heading home for a hot shower and an ice cream.  Enid showed me how to “bead” and I was able to make a bead bracelet and earrings for Donnis.

Bracelet and earrings. My first beading masterpiece.

Mid afternoon I came back to Traveston. Sleep is hovering over me, as well as every muscle in my legs and shoulders screaming out for a rest.

Oh, all right muscles, have a rest.



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