177. Sunday 27th February 2011. Exploring the Sunshine Coast, sort of…

Monday 21st February

Another sunny n hot day. To begin with…

I decided, for no apparent or logical reason to go for my walk at the beach, after lunch and after I had spoken to Donnis in Canada. So it was I sweltered through the morning 36° including a bout of mowing thick grass, grown thicker with lots of rain and sunshine. Looking at the brilliant blue sky there was not a cloud to be seen. There was no breeze either. A good day to spray some poison as I am sure to get a good 24 hours before any rain destroys my poison.

Yeah, right.

As I was talking to Donnis, Skype to Skype, I sensed a cloud was passing over the sun. Hmmm. Time I went for my walk. It was 2.30 as I prepared to leave and noticed some heavy black cloud building up in the northwest but brilliantly clear over the coast. The cloud had a greenish tinge putting the thought in my head there may be hail.  I reasoned I had a few hours before any rain arrived. On the drive to Noosa there came a severe storm warning on the radio, mostly for Brisbane, Toowoomba and the Gold Coast but also included Gympie and the Sunshine Coast as a possibility. On arrival at the beach the storm was still brewing and moving towards the coast. Better cut my walk in half and have a quick surf as the warning included such things as strong winds, lightning, large hail and of course rain. At this stage the wind was still blowing in off the sea, probably more of a north easterly. The walk and surf accomplished I showered and changed and headed to Noosa Civic for my grocery shopping. By the time that was completed there was 100% cloud cover and storm warnings were every 10 minutes. Halfway home the wind had changed direction and shoved light rain ahead of it and included lots of lightning. The afternoon turned to night in a few minutes. Shortly after arriving home the heavy rain started and continued for another three hours while the temp had dropped to 22°. By the time I went to bed, thankful I had missed out on the hail and real heavy rain and damaging winds they experienced on the Gold Coast, it was a mild sort of night, with no wind or rain.

Tuesday 22nd February.

Rudely awakened at 4am by the sound of heavy rain being slammed into the side of WWWGO by strong winds. Although I had left the roof hatch open only a fraction, the rain was coming from the same direction as the opening. I levitated out of bed and managed to close the hatch and the one in the bathroom before everything was soaked. I tossed and turned in bed for another half hour before realising I was not going to get back to sleep. Outside, when the light finally came just after 6am I noticed the el cheapo tarp I always carry and which I had rigged up over the awning to keep rain off WWWGO door, was beginning to shred.

Hmmm. I probably paid less than $5 for the tarp and it has been in position doing what it orta since mid December. In all that time it has endured rain, wind and blazing sun. Only the end over the awning is shredding. I can reverse the ends and maybe get another months use out of it. Despite the gale force winds whipping the bush and trees into a frenzy I was able to reverse the tarp ends. I needed to climb up on the roof of WWWGO at one stage to undo one knot and re-install it onto the good end of the tarp. Scary stuff being up there when the wind is trying to blow you away. Belly crawling on the roof was the only way. At least the rain had stopped for awhile and I only had to contend with the wind. That should keep most of the rain off the doorway for another month.

Today was so windy with rain on and off I did not do a long walk at Noosa. Instead, I drove to Pomona as I wanted to be sure about the hike up the mountain which Enid, Ken and I want to attempt. I drove to the beginning of the walk and this is where I learnt quite a bit. Firstly. I have been calling the volcanic plug Mount Pomona. Enid on the other hand thinks it is called Mount Black. We are both wrong. It is Mount Cooroora!

The second thing I learned is the Pomona King of the Mountain footrace is held in July each year. (The reason I became confused with the mountains name is I thought the Race was called Mount Pomona King of the Mountain Race. In fact it is Pomona King of the Mountain Race – held at Mount Cooroora.) The track is 2.4 klms each way of very steep, slippery rock.

The third is the walk is only recommended to be attempted by extremely fit people although the first lookout at 500m is achievable by those with a reasonable fitness level. Apart from the steep and slippery rocky surface there are tree roots and loose surfaces to contend with. The embedded photo gives a bit of an idea how steep the mountain is.

Mount Coorooran. Near Pomona.

Of course the wind blew a gale all day and did not settle down until well after dark.

Wednesday 23rd February.

The day did not start out on a promising note. There were early morning showers and the wind picked up. By mid morning the sun peaked through the clouds a few times and the wind dropped away. Temporarily!

I packed a lunch and headed into Noosa for a long beach walk and endured the returning rain showers and wind. Although the water looked marvellous and clear, the combination of high tide and offshore wind kept the surf flat except for the unpatrolled area used by the board riders who also had a hard time getting a good rideable wave. I am sure that as the tide starts to go out the surf will pick up and the board riders will be in plague proportions especially as the radio surf report recommended Noosa at low tide would have the best wave on the coast.

Spoke with Donnis on Skype to Skype when I returned. She and sister Joan are flying to Calgary next week for a few days to visit two of Joans daughters. From there Donnis will fly to LA to catch a flight to Sydney then a flight to Mackay where I will finally catch up with her at my sister Sandra’s 50th Birthday dinner.

While in Noosa I bought two wheels at Bunnings so I can manoeuvre the Hitch n Go A Frame around to get into position for towing and also for stowing when not in use. The A frame is very heavy and would need two people to move it. The wheels will make life easier. I also bought a spare tarpaulin as I will give the torn one a decent burial before we leave here next month. I was also looking for a couple of spare clamps which I use to keep the tarpaulins in place. I found a bag of 16 clamps of various sizes for $12. Bargain.

Thursday 24th February.

Hmmm. Nothing unusual or special or different or exciting happened today.

Well…I did get my last acupuncture treatment. Then it was off to Noosa Beach for my usual walk, swim, shower and home again.

Friday 25th February

Something different today.

Washed the car.

Went to the movies.

Grocery shopped.

Home to Traveston.

Saturday 26th February.

As I was driving in to Noosa I was ?#@%& off with traffic all going to the same place I was. Instead of staying bumper to bumper I turned off to explore Sunshine Beach. I even got a parking spot near the beach. Although the beach is open to onshore winds, the water was clear, the swells large but confused. I managed to get a good walk along the beach, about the same distance as I get at Noosa, without the crowds. The walk was followed by a swim in the surf leaving me euphorically tired. Today was the first day of the last weekend of summer and it was a glorious day, sunny, hot, comfortable humidity and a gentle breeze.

After the beach I drove to Eumundi to see the markets on a fine day. Alas they were packing up when I arrived. Funny but I never noticed Joes Waterhole

Joes Waterhole. Unusual name for a pub. Note the entertainer on 25th (which I missed) is Nadia Sunde. Nadia has been a MC at the Wintermoon Festival for more years than I have been attending. She is very popular. She is also a radio presenter on the ABC .

when I was last here. Too busy dodging raindrops I suppose.

Sunday 27th February.

The second day of the last weekend of summer and if anything it was a carbon copy of yesterday. Perhaps a little hotter and more people on the beach. I could not get a parking spot at Sunshine Beach so followed the coast a couple of klms to the south and found Sunrise Beach.

Confused? Me too.

Same beach but north of a certain line it is called Sunshine Beach and south of that line it is called Sunrise Beach.

The walk I did today was a marathon taking 90 minutes at a fair clip. The walk was followed by a surf in what was mainly metre and a half swells dumping on the edge of a sandbank.

By the time I arrived home this afternoon I was worn out tired and felt like I had had too much sun and after a good hot shower fell asleep in the recliner.

Aaaah! The sleep of the exhausted.

Bring on tomorrow.


Arrr. Houston Please start the countdown. WWWGO is cleared for take-off in the last week of March.


I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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