178. Saturday 5th March 2011. It’s been a kinda slow week…

Yes it has but that does not mean to say I have not been busy. It’s just that I really have not done much which readers may be interested in. However, the regular post will still be completed on Sunday night along with photos.

Today is wet. Nothing unusual with that. It seems since leaving Airlie Beach on 19th September 2010 it has rained at least every week and some weeks every day. At this stage I have no plans to go anywhere in the wet but may end up at Noosa Beach for a walk, despite the rain.

For some time I have been wanting to share some photos of items which never made it to the regular blog pages or if it did, it will be be shown again, maybe with a bit more information. In our travels over the last 10 or so years, I have taken photos of lighthouses, churches and animals. All the photos you are about to see have been reduced from the original file size otherwise it would take a month of Sunday’s to upload the photos. As well, some of the photos may have been cropped to remove excess sky or ground. You can still see the photo in a larger version just by clicking on the image. I recommend you do that anyway.

I always enjoy seeing a lighthouse. Mostly I do not make a special trip to find them but always enjoy looking around and taking a photo or two.

When a photo is taken with a digital camera, a good deal of information is stored with the image. Information such as date and time of original photo, camera type, f stop, exposure time, focal length and a whole host of other stuff which only the real hardened camera addicts are interested in. This information is lost when the photo is modified (cropped and reduced for example) and saved as a new file. Provided the original photo remains saved so does the information with it. All the photos are modified in some way so I cannot supply all that yummy useless information.

So come with me on a decade long walk to some lighthouses.

Aireys Inlet Lighthouse on Split Point, Victoria. Although we could not secure a visit inside, there is a wonderful Devonshire Tea place about 250 metres down the road, (in fact this photo was taken outside the shop) While waiting for your tea n scones the shop has a great collection of memorabillia, particularly photos of the area, including storm swells breaking on the cliff in front of the lighthouse. The photo was taken when we did the Great Ocean Road trip.

For more information visit


This is the Bustard Head, Queensland, Lighthouse and was reached by a trip on a LARC.

Here is a bit of an explanation courtesy of the 1770 LARC Tours website – http://www.1770larctours.com.au/

worth a look and if you are ever in the town of 1770 make sure you spend a few  dollars and time doing this trip.

LARC! Paradise Tour

This day tour is an amphibious adventure, travelling along the coastline of Eurimbula National Park while experiencing an informative commentary on abundant wildlife and history of Bustard Bay – crossing four tidal creeks, before four wheel driving up the steep climb to the historic Bustard Head Lightstation.

This award-winning tour includes:

  • Morning tea
  • Breath-taking scenery and panoramic views
  • Interpretive tour through the head light-keeper’s cottage
  • Guided walk to the light-station graveyard
  • Picnic lunch with billy tea, coffee and LARC juice
  • Australian wildlife
  • Historical and environmental commentary
  • Sand-boarding down the towering dunes of Middle Island
  • Byron Bay New South Wales, Lighthouse on the most easterly point in Australia. Unfortunately this was the only view and photo we were able to obtain. The carpark demanded an entry fee (Lions Club) then a further entry fee into the lighthouse. We had neither the time nor the money to mess around. Perhaps on another trip.

    For more information visit


    Cape Ottway Lighthouse, Victoria. We were on the Great Ocean Road trip with Donnis sister Linda and her partner Doug. None of us was prepared to pay the ridiculous entry fee. This was the only photo I could get. It was taken with my old Panasonic FZ7 which does not have a big zoom facility.

    For more information visit


    Eucleut, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, Lighthouse. The only photo of a lighthouse during our Canada trip. This is on the west coast of the island.

    For more information visit


    Grassy Hill, Cooktown, Queensland Lighthouse. It is reached by a narrow dirt track which is signposted at the bottom of the hill as being unsuitable for motorhomes. I sort of did not see / ignored the sign. All the other vehicles at the top were 4WD and quite a few people asked how I managed to drive a 7metre Toyota Coaster up the narrow twisting track.

    For more information visit


    Kiama New South Wales, Lighthouse. We visited here on our way to Tasmania in March 2009. I had been here many times before when I lived in Wollongong but Donnis had never seen or for that matter heard of the Kiama Blowhole.

    For more information visit;


    OR     http://www.sydneyatoz.com.au/light_kiama.asp

    Nobby's Head, Newcastle, New South Wales, Lighthouse. We visited here in May 2009 on our return from Tasmania. We had problems with the starter motor and luckily we were able to stay with friends Roy n Katherine who took us for day visits while the Coaster was being repaired.

    For more information visit


    Norah Head, New South Wales, Lighthouse. We visited here in March 2009 on our way to Tasmania. As a young man, before I was called up for National Service I lived at nearby Toukley and often surfed at nearby Soldiers Point or Cabbage Tree Bay and if really desperate on the reef below the lighthouse.

    For more information visit


    Pine Islet, Mackay Harbour, Queensland, Lighthouse. If I recall correctly, this lighthouse was dismantled from its original location on Pine Islet and over a period of time re-assembled at Mackay Harbour. When the harbour underwent a major expansion it was moved again to its current location. When I lived at Mackay I often watched the progress or lack of it, of the original re-assembly.

    For more information visit

    http://www.lighthouse.net.au/lights/QLD/Pine Islet/Pine Islet.htm#History

    Point Dangar, Coolangatta / Tweed Heads, Queensland/New South Wales, Lighthouse. We visited in January 2011. The lighthouse straddles the Queensland New South Wales border.

    For more information visit

    http://www.lighthouse.net.au/lights/QLD/Pine Islet/Pine Islet.htm#History

    Griffiths island, Port Fairy, Victoria, Lighthouse. We visited during our Great Ocean Road trip. The weather was overcast, wet, windy, cold and miserable. Still, enjoyed the lighthouse.

    For more information visit


    Fort Queenscliff, Victoria, Lighthouse. We visited on the first day of our Great Ocean Road trek.

    For more information visit


    Sugarloaf Point, Seal Rocks, New South Wales, Lighthouse. We visited here when touring in the mighty Subaru Liberty Rallye several years ago.

    For more information visit


    Tacking Point, Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Lighthouse. On the day of our visit in May 2009 it was a wild windy day and I could not take a photo unless I stood below the brow of the hill out of the wind.

    For more information visit


    Wollongong, New South Wales, Lighthouses. There are two lighthouses here. One stands at the entrance to the small harbour (The lighthouse was also used as an iconic symbol by the Illawarra Mutual Building Society for many years) the other stands on Flagstaff Hill high above the harbour. We visited here in March 2009. The photo was taken from Keira lookout on the escarpment above Wollongong.

    For more information visit

    http://www.lighthouse.net.au/lights/NSW/Wollongong/Wollongong%20Head.htm   OR


    Clarence River, Yamba, New South Wales, Lighthouse. As with all things Yamba we enjoyed our time visiting the town and walked several times to the lighthouse. Unknown to me at the time, with all the strong winds and heavy seas, my lens was coated in saltspray giving all my photographs at the time a sort of gauzy image.

    For more information visit



    On looking back over these photos it seems that only 50% of the photos is the sun shining. In all other visits it was overcast, raining and or very windy.

    Hmmm! Isn’t that one of the reasons why lighthouses were built in the first place?


    I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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