182. Sunday 27th March 2011. Still at Traveston but not for long and the traveller returns…

No photos this week.

Monday 21st March.

Although I had a great walk this morning, the pain in my left lower back and hip was becoming too much for me. It is time to find a chiropractor who uses the wedges instead of manipulation. A quick Google search revealed several chiropractors in the Noosa area including one at Cooroy. I chose one at Noosa as the blurb on the internet suggested he uses a number of different techniques. I called at the practise and asked a few questions. Yes, he uses the wedges and the activator and can see me today. I drove back to Traveston to pick up my x-rays, have lunch and head back to Noosa for my appointment.

Duhh! I was in a hurry and forgot the x-rays.

The treatment was gentle and yes I did feel some difference although the chiropractor did say I would not experience any great relief from the first visit and may in fact have more pain as my pelvis was out of alignment and now that it is back where it ought to be it will be a day or two before everything settles down.

Spoke with Donnis after dinner. She is sounding better although I can still hear the congestion in her voice. She is arranging a flight to come home tomorrow.

She tells me her hips are out of alignment and she needs a chiropractic appointment. What a pair we make!

Tuesday 22nd March.

Donnis finally walked out the airport doors just before midday. It was a happy and sad reunion. I asked her if she wanted lunch at a beachside place, the shopping centre or a picnic at the beach. I had previously packed some salad and avocado, smoked oysters and grapes. She wanted none of the above until she had had a swim in the surf. That was her big wish. Although I was reluctant to agree, after all, she is still recovering from bronchitis, we went to the nearest surf beach at Mudjimba. The surf was rough with strong current, rips, backwash and sideways waves. It felt as if we were in a fuzzy logic washing machine, being churned in different directions. It was fun and invigorating. I believe it also loosened Donnis congestion and she immediately felt better.

Late in the afternoon we had the appointment with the surgeon about the hiatus hernia. In fact in his opinion if there is a hernia it is small and hidden behind the sternum cartilage and he was not inclined to operate just to find it. What about the episode of food being caught in my chest and causing tears and pain way back in mid-January and which prompted me to visit a doctor in the first place? In his opinion that was more likely to have been an oesophageal spasm and likely to have been caused by eating too quickly and perhaps with soft fluffy or doughy type bread.

Hmmm! I was on my way to the Gold Coast at the time, in hurry and eating a Macca’s. That could have done it. It did not explain all the years of reflux pain and taking acidophilus capsules to maintain a healthy digestive system. Stranger still is I have not taken any acidophilus since January and I have only had a mild indigestion once.

Now that is a good piece of news. We can travel wherever and whenever we want and not have to come back for surgery. All we have to do is complete the house sitting next week and we are on our way.

We are both looking forward to that.

But, first there is the matter of getting my back, hip and leg sorted out.

Donnis was welcomed home by a little snake coming up to the dining room door. That is the second time in a week a snake, that size, has been in the same place.

Wednesday 23rd March

First on the agenda was we both had chiropractic appointments in the morning. Later WE had a long walk along the beach followed by a sort of surf. Sort of surf because the real surf was at the other end of the beach. It was a more of a splash around in the small occasional waves. Afterwards we had a delightful picnic lunch at Noosa Beach.

Thursday 24th March

Another day of walking on the beach followed by a surf (a small surf but we did catch a few waves) followed by a picnic lunch followed by a visit to the dietician. Lost a couple of cm around the waist and around a half Kg in weight. Not good enough I say but will see how the first month pans out.

Friday 25th March.

Cleaning the cushions and curtains in WWWGO day. Plus of course vacuuming and cleaning behind the curtains. We took down all the pelmets and cleaned them and behind them. Sheets and blankets were also washed and packed away for the future.

We drove into Noosa and met up with Enid n Ken and went to dinner at an Indian Restaurant where Donnis n I shared a Tandoori Lamb and a cottage cheese in spinach gravy. Nice. The naan type bread was good to soak up the gravy.

Afterwards we decided to stay with Enid n Ken as they are only one klm from the Chiropractor and my appointment was for 8.15am

The day ended with significant pain in my back and left hip. I dragged out my remaining anti-inflammatory so I could get a good night’s sleep.

Saturday 26th March

We both visited the Chiropractor. Amazingly after the Chiropractic visit I felt much less pain and combined with the Panadol Osteo I was able to drive all the way to Woodbridge, south of Brisbane before pain started to kick in and annoy me. We had come to Woodbridge to visit Regelyn and her son Chris.

Regelyn kindly gave up her bed for us especially as Donnis was feeling unwell again as the bronchitis has returned to keep her feeling miserable


Sunday 27th March.

This morning we accompanied Regelyn n Chris to their church, St. Pauls Catholic Church at Woodbridge.

As an aside, Donnis and I went to two Anglican churches at Gretna and Ouse in Tasmania in April 2009. What was noticeable about those visits was the congregation was 100% WASPS’s (White Anglo Saxon Protestant. Donnis and I are both WASP’s)

By contrast the visit to the Catholic Church this morning was interesting by the cultural mix. There was a smattering of WASC’s (cannot really call them Protestants as they are Catholics) but the main body of the congregation was made up of healthy numbers of South Sea islanders, many of whom were in traditional grass mat (skirt?) which is only worn to church or other ceremonial occasions. One man, an usher, also wore the traditional conch shell necklace which hung almost to his navel. As well as the south sea islanders the rest of the congregation included Aboriginals, Chinese, Filipino’s and Africans. That was quite interesting.

An amusing sight was, after all the parishioners had completed communion, two ushers gobbled up the remaining wafers. After the lady usher sat down, the male finished off the communion wine from each goblet before wiping the rim with his holy tea towel. He has a good job!

Donnis is not well again, with the congestion clearly rattling in her chest.

Next week begins our pack up and we will be on the move again and back to adventures and photos.




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