183. Sunday 3rd April 2011. Starting at Traveston we have moved on. King of the road and back on the road again…

Monday 28th March 2011

Donnis was still recovering from her bronchitis and although I woke feeling almost pain free, as the morning wore on, the pain returned.

Today was a work day and despite our health issues some tasks were completed.

We did wash all the sheets and clothes we had stored. With all the rain of the past three months the clothes had absorbed moisture from the humid air and smelled musty and felt slightly damp. We also took the opportunity to jettison some clothes and bundle them for the Vinnies bin.

We put the foam rubber back into the washed seat cushions and set them aside ready to put into place once the under seat storage is re-packed.

We removed the tarpaulins which provided additional rain shelter over each end of the awning. The tarps were put in the garbage bin as they were beginning to disintegrate. Noticeably the silver tarp was in far better condition than the blue. (the blue was shredding while the silver showed signs that it would shred sometime soon) It was also an older tarp. Next time I buy a tarp I will be looking for the silver type.

The shade shelter at one end of the awning (the weather end) was removed and packed away as was the shade cloth on the drivers side which kept the fridge shaded all day. The next couple of days has overcast and showery conditions are predicted.

The under bed storage was re-organised so the step ladder can be stored there instead of being tied to the back of WWWGO.

I tried a new way of cooking a steak for the stir fry. Instead of cutting the fillet steak into strips then quickly stir frying I cooked the small steaks for about three minutes and allowed them to rest for a couple of minutes then sliced them thinly and oh what a difference that makes. I set the steak aside while I stir fried the ginger, onions, garlic, fresh chilli, snow peas, broccoli and radish, yes radish.


Tuesday 29th March.

Another work day of washing clothes and removed gear already packed away to determine if we keep it and how to repack.

Wednesday 30th March

Started the day off with a visit to the chiropractor, grocery shopping then back to Traveston to continue cleaning and repacking. Today we also cleaned the awning, top and underneath, using Orangepower, as Donnis just cannot use chlorine based products. We managed to get most of the accumulated gunk off the awning but it still does not look sparkling brand new clean. Perhaps in the future when Donnis is working and I am over my back problems I can use another type of spray cleaner and finish the job.

Thursday 31st March

Started the day with repacking and stopped for an early lunch. The house owners Guy n Dom arrived home halfway through our meal. We got stuck into the packing but spent too much time socialising with G n D and were not ready to leave until near enough to 5 pm. Although we could stay another night, I was anxious to be on the road, particularly as we were going to meet up with friends Glenise n Eric the next day at Inskip Point. We drove away from Traveston to the Bruce Highway towards Gympie then turned west to the Mary Valley and stayed overnight in a delightful freedom campsite at Kandanga. The locals have done a great job in the park, providing eight levelled and gravelled campsites for self contained vehicles.

Our delightful level campsite at Kandanga.

In fact we could stay here, quite happily for a few days but Inskip Point was calling. We phoned Glenise while we were cooking a delicious beef n vegetable soup Imagine our surprise to find that G&E are visiting a friend at Amamoor just 6 klms away! A further surpise was that the friend, Helen was a workmate of both Donnis and Glenise from from around 20 years ago when they all worked at Fantasea Cruises, the ferry service which took visitors to Hamilton Island and other island and the reef in and around the Whitsunday area.

Friday 1st April.

The morning dawned clear and sunny so I took a walk around the village of Kandanga.

The nearby rail bridge over the road bridge over the river.

Attractive and neat Kandanga Pub.

We visited the friend and GnE at Amamoor and after a cup of coffee we were on our way after being given a pumpkin as a parting gift. It turns out it was a bit of an April Fools Day on us after all. On arrival at our chosen campsite

Our campsite on the coastal dunes at Inskip Point.

the wind was blowing fiercely and the surf was churning away, too dangerous to even contemplate. Donnis n I managed a good walk along the beach before G&E arrived just on dark. We sat in the lea of their MH and had happy hour until the wind whipped the sand around our legs. Just as we got back to WWWGO the rain started slamming against the sides of the MH. Any thoughts of sitting together for dinner disappeared. Our onboard water heater provided a wonderful hot shower before we turned in for the night.

Our campsite is known as "The Oaks" presumably for the coastal Casuarina trees also known as She Oaks. Most of the trees near us were young and struggling.

Saturday 2nd April

The day was overcast with patches of bright welcome sunshine.

I believe this was once a dune Pandanus tree which has drifted here from elsewhere as there were no such trees within shouting distance of its final resting place.

Dune Grass in re-vegetation area next to our campsite.

Initially there was no wind but as the day progressed it got stronger until by bedtime it was whistling through our windows. We spent the day by doing a little exploring at the point and looking at some of the alternate campsites which are available. This National Park is one of only a few which allow domestic pets – dogs. They must be on a leash at all times. Despite the many rules of the park people still let their dogs run free, exceed the speed limit on the beaches, drink while driving, accessing the dunes in other than designated access points, do donuts on the beach and within the campsites and of course leave their rubbish strewn throughout the camp. Apart from that we had a lovely quiet day including a couple of walks along the beach and almost being bowled over by the rogue waves. At lunchtime Glenise decided to use up a pack of 40 fish fingers in her freezer with a bit of Greek salad whilst we supplied some pocket bread, bean salad, homemade salsa and cheese. What a filling feast.

Sunday 3rd April

The weather changed overnight to a heavy overcast sky and freshening winds. I was certain it would rain during the day so after we farewelled G&E our own packing up commenced but not before my walk on the beach. I walked through the campsite near us where about 8 carloads of people were camped. One was the aforementioned donut driver who also did donuts within his own campsite where young children were playing. A brief look suggested a clean campsite but as I walked through it was obvious there was lots of rubbish left behind. Considering that there four dumpster bins within 20 metres of their campsite they did not have far to go to get rid of their rubbish. No wonder we see campsites being closed. Later as we hitched the Terios to WWWGO I noticed the ranger having a good look around the campsite. At Rainbow Beach we emptied the black and the grey water tanks and filled with fresh water, finishing as the rain began.

We need to find some work. Donnis is happy enough to go back to nursing in a retirement home but would feel more comfortable closer to where we started as there is some family support in that her son, Peter, lives in Mackay as do my daughters Melissa and Averyl. Having spoken with Melissa she advised the Mirani Nursing home, 20 minutes from her home, are looking for nursing staff. Melissa had also agreed we could stay on her property at Finch Hatton while Donnis works.

So it was in heavy rain we turned northwards in increasingly heavy rain. The road to Maryborough was signposted as having 20 klms of damaged roads and to take care. Yep! It sure needed care in those conditions. I have this knawing doubt about travelling north at this time. In Mackay alone they have had more than half a metre of rain this week and added to the couple of metres of rain this year, with no let-up we could be in for a miserable, wet year. Somewhere along the road in the heavy rain I must have missed a turnoff so we ended up in Maryborough and not Tiaro where I had intended to spend the night. Pam n Gerry live at Yandaran, about 35 klms north of Bundaberg so despite my back getting worse we headed to P n G place where we will spend perhaps two nights before moving on. Donnis will contact the Mirani Nursing home in the morning.

We caught up with P n G over a dinner of leftover soup and stir fry.

Will let you know in the next post how things work out, workwise.


One Response to “183. Sunday 3rd April 2011. Starting at Traveston we have moved on. King of the road and back on the road again…”

  1. Geoff Says:

    What’s the latest on camping at Norval Beach? Last we were there it was supposed to be overnight or was it day only for motorhomes and no caravans. Real loss of a great camp spot stuffed by people moving in for months although the solution of virtually totally closing it was ridiculous.


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