198. Rusty Stuff…

During our travels we often see stuff that is old, falling apart, or just plain rusty. Or a combination of all three.

Ten of those Rusty Stuff items are shown below.

We will include more Rusty Stuff posts in the future.

Please click on each photo to enlarge it. Then click on the enlarged photo to enlarge again.

Bawley Point Jetty. The rusty remains are parts of the machinery used to load timber onto ships sometime in the late 1800 's. The area once housed a large sawmill which was reputedly the largest in the southern hemisphere at the time. The mill employed 72 men. The photo was taken in May 2009 on our way home from Tasmania.

Rotting buggy wheel located at Kidmans Camp Caravan park, Bourke, NSW. Photo taken October 2010.

More photos and information can be found here… http://www.caravanparkphotos.com.au/bourke/

This ship once stranded, was turned into a restaurant which itself went out of business. It sits on the shore somewhere between Bowser and Qualicum Bay Vancouver Island, Canada. The shoreline is layer upon layer of oyster shells either from Indian habitation, or more likely the nearby oyster farms. Photo was taken during our trip to Canada (not chronicled in this blog) about 2002.

Ronnies Place at Pinnacle, Qld. Here is some useless information. Ronnie was a well known chef in Mackay. She opened her own coffee shop called the pink something. She was well known for savoury pancakes and pastries. She moved to the Rainforest Cafe at Eungella at the top of the mountain range west of Mackay. Her speciality at the cafe were sausage rolls. She moved to the rainforest at Finch Hatton Gorge and started the tradition all over again, called it Ronnies but the business closed due to lack of tourist numbers. From there she started again at Pinnacle and simply called the cafe Ronnies Place and extended her speciality to include home made ice creams and smoothies. Again the business closed due to lack of numbers. Since then the house has continued to fall apart. It will collapse of its own accord eventually.

Just a falling down rusting old farmhouse at Finch Hatton, Qld. I have no history about this house.

Old machinery on Glasshouse Beach, Victoria. used to unload supplies and load completed glass insulators to be ferried across the lake to a waiting horse drawn cart. Photo taken May 2009 on our way home from Tasmania.

This rotting boat and rusted anchor were found in a delightful old sandstone building with paved courtyard at Constitution Docks, Hobart, Tasmania in April 2009.

This home built rustic and rusty motor home was spotted at Sapphire Qld sometime around July 2008. If you look carefully (after first clicking on the photo to enlarge it) you can see the corrugated iron toilet and shower beside the owner sitting on the steps. The shower swings back into place when travelling. Note the owner is giving the "finger". Hmmm. Perhaps he did not like having his photo taken.

While visiting Imbil, Qld in March this year I was taken by all the rusting cars in the yard of the rusting roofed house and the never painted timber boards.

More rusting relics across the street from the rusting house and other rusting cars at Imbil, Qld.


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