208. Sunday 28th August 2011. Another quiet week in Finch Hatton and another week closer to being on the road again…

Monday 22nd August 2011

It was a day off for both of us.

Donnis decided she would start making new curtains for WWWGO. That meant I had to take down the pelmet to gain access to the curtain track to remove the curtains to use as a template for the new curtains. I should mention that was for the dining room curtains. I have to do the same for the two bedroom curtains. Donnis also cut out and hemmed up a privacy curtain for around our bed. All we have to do now is wait for Winnebago to send us the 6m of plastic tape with curtain runners attached. Once that is sewn in place we will have functioning curtains again.

The temperature was cooler than usual until in the afternoon big black clouds rolled in and large slow raindrops fell. Just as well they were slow as we had our blankets on the clothesline. Once they were rescued and hung out inside the house to dry, the real rain started. We could see the rain coming which gave us a chance to close hatches n doors n windows as the rain was accompanied by wind and later, by thunder and lightning. The dogs do not like the thunder and stayed close to us with their tail between their legs. There was only enough rain to dampen the dust and make the ground greasy in each paddock where we feed the horses.

Tuesday 23rd August

We had medical appointments in Mackay today. I had a skin tag removed from my neck.

We caught up with my sister Sandra for coffee.

We went shopping and arrived home in time to feed the horses.

There was 11mm of water in the rain gauge.

Wednesday 24th August.

I drove up the range to Eungella for possibly the last time (at least as far as the Census is concerned).

Shortly after reaching the town, the wispy clouds rolled in and moisture fell all around me. Now I am hesitant to say it was raining as I was right in the middle of the rain clouds and I think everything was wet as opposed to falling rain? The gravel roads were wet and slippery. Visibility was down to about two car lengths and to top it all off, as I rounded a bend about 50 scared cattle were running in all directions from out of the gloom. Hmmm. They have found a way out of their confining paddock, wherever that might be, and were a hazard to driving. Thankfully I missed hitting the moving targets on both the outward and return journey. As I drove beside these galloping beasts, their eyes reflected the terror they felt. I wondered if my eyes looked like theirs, as quite frankly, I was a bit concerned myself.

Thursday 25th August.

A day off for me but Donnis went to work in the afternoon. At dusk it was the usual feed the chooks, feed the horses and feed the dogs. The dogs get as excited as the horses at feed time and chase the horses who start kicking at the them. Of course when I arrive the horses are still a bit skitterish and if the dogs come near them they kick. If I am near the dogs then I am dodging hooves as well. So. I have taken to putting the dogs in their pen while I feed the horses. I feel safer and the horses are just anxious to be fed, not anxious and stirred up.

Friday 26th August

A day off for both of us and we just pottered around doing nuthin’ in particular except a few loads of washing. We have had rain showers interspersed with sunshine the last couple of days. There has been a total of 14mm of rain in the rain gauge. Combined with a bit of nitrogen from the lightning on Monday and the light showers perhaps the grass will start turning green again especially if we get follow up rain.

Last weekend our nearest neighbour gave me a half dozen fruit from his lemonade tree. I squeezed two of them and ended up with a full glass of refreshing lemonade juice. Gee but it has a nice taste. Today I raided the tree for a few more fruit. What a pity it is not loaded with fruit as I could squeeze as much as I can pick then freeze the juice in portions for the future.

Our Solar Screen arrived in the mail today. These things fit the front windscreen as well as the two side windows. There were no instructions included and although it theoretically should be easy to fit, they are designed to fit completely within the window as well as covering the frames and panels. After a bit of putting them up and taking them down a few times I now know the secret. Besides that the Solar Screen gives total privacy, provides a light barrier and keeps the cabin area cool which in turn keeps the rest of the MH cool. Donnis will really appreciate them as summer rolls on.

Saturday 27th August.

Let me tell you about the vagaries of winter in the tropics. A few nights ago we had a cold snap and Donnis decided our two blankets were not enough so we put the feather doona on the bed on Monday and that kept us toasty warm for three nights. Thursday night we kicked off the doona in the middle of the night and substituted a blanket. Last night the blanket was kicked off and we only needed a sheet for warmth. The overcast and rain has kept night time temperatures comfortable. We woke this morning to wispy fog hanging in the low lying pockets of land. From our hillside perch the valley below looked like it was covered with a fluffy white blanket. No photos, as it was still too dark.

Sunday 28th August

Yesterday and today I worked at completing my Census Collector Work Book. All the various boxes which are ticked when a task is complete must cross balance. The good news is the book does balance and I will hand it in to the Area Supervisor tomorrow. Technically my job with Australian Bureau of Statistics will be complete. I said technically. I am contracted until 5th September and need to be available for any follow up by the main team. I have requested to be included in any de-briefing which may occur.

So. Apart from any requests from ABS my time will be my own. We have planned to get TERIOS serviced. We also plan a service on WWWGO as well as four new tyres. We also need a day to get our tax done and after discussion we agree to use the same agent as last year. Regrettably that means a day spent driving to and from Airlie Beach.

After dinner the predicted rain finally arrived along with thunder and lightning. Strangely it was a very warm night requiring only a sheet and during the early hours we pulled a blanket over us.


I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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