209. Tuesday 30th August 2011. Churches…

In our travels we often see a church which captures the eye for one reason or another.

The following photos are by no means exhaustive. It is just a random sampling of 10 churches we have photographed. There are still more to come sometime  in the future.

An glican Church at Kandanga near Gympie. We had just left the Sunshine Coast at the end of March 2011 and Kandanga was our first overnight stop. I usually go for an early morning walk and carry the camera “just in case”.

Another Kandanga church I found in my walk.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Kandanga.

In the early days of this blog, at page 012 to be precise, I wrote about my trip to Norfolk Island. I recommend everybody should take a trip to Norfolk.

1. Because they need our dollars. Although they need tourists to come and spend money, by some twist in the inbred mentality of the islanders, they despise the tourists. So. On the one hand, they need us but try to ignore us on another level. Those 100% dependent on us go out of their way to give tourists their money’s worth. When they finish work they despise us. That said I still enjoyed my time there and would go back again.

2. The place is just oozing with history and luckily for the islanders, through good luck or good management many of the historical buildings and ruins have been retained and maintained.

3. It is still part of Australia.

This is a fascinating old Church of England and is well worth a visit to see the interior.

Uniting Church Norfolk Island.

Historical Cooktown. Well worth a visit in the Winter months as it is too hot n humid at any other time. Cooktown is an historical place which has retained many of the old buildings, The street outside this church has the original kerb and guttering built out of pieces of bluestone.

Hebel is about 60klm from the NSW border. Next stop is Lightning Ridge. Hebel is a small community with a pub, general store and not much of anything else.

 Our Star of the Sea Catholic Church on the seaside at Stanley in Tasmania.


St.Pauls Anglican Church Yarraville Victoria.

St. Faith’s at Ohinemutu Rotorua, NZ. On the lakeside.

St.Peters Anglican Church, Hamilton Tasmania.

Early photos such as those taken at Cooktown, New Zealand and Norfolk Island were taken with my state of the art (at that time) Panasonic NV-DCF7 1.2mega pixel camera. Two years ago I lashed out and bought my latest Panasonic DMC-FZ50 10mega pixel camera. If you click on the photos to enlarge them, you should be able to see the difference in quality. With the DCF7 I always used the highest resolution for all photos.


4 Responses to “209. Tuesday 30th August 2011. Churches…”

  1. Red Nomad OZ Says:

    Interesting that they’re nearly all immediately recognisable as churches!!

    And Norfolk Island? I’d choose Lord Howe Island any day!


  2. frankeeg Says:

    G’day Red. Thank goodness my photographic skills are still intact. In our travels we have seen churches which look like gas stations or suburban grocery stores. Have never been to LHI. As I understand, it is not as historically significant as NI.Would like to go there one day.


  3. Teresa Bewley Says:

    the photo of church in Stanley Tasmania is Our Star of The Sea Catholic Church not the Presbyterian Church


    • frankeeg Says:

      Thank you Teresa. I will edit the post. Somehow among my hundreds of photos from the Tassie trip some names may have got mixed up.


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