210. Tuesday 30th August 2011. It has been a long time since we have had a woops so we will correct that…


Just before Christmas 2010, Donnis and I took on a housesitting gig at Traveston on the Sunshine Coast. We had agreed to stay at Traveston until the owners arrived home at the end of March. On 15th January 2011 Donnis flew across the sea to Vancouver, Canada, then by ferry to Vancouver Island. After a few weeks she flew to Cancun, the party capital (Donnis was not and still is not, aware that Cancun is a “swinging hotspot”) on the east coast of Mexico. She spent almost 10 days at a luxury resort apartment along with her sisters Joan and Linda and her long time friend from high school, Darlene. On the day of departure, Darlene tripped on the wet and slippery tiles near the checkout. Although she bravely soldiered on and flew back to her home in Edmonton Canada, she sought medical advice and found she had a broken ankle. So much for memories of a fun time in Mexico.

Linda flew to Porta Viata on the west coast of Mexico and joined her partner, Doug for a few weeks in their very own luxury apartment.

Donnis and sister Joan returned to Vancouver Island and after a couple more weeks they flew and drove to Bamff and on to Calgary where Joans daughters Andrea and Simone are living and working.

What a difference Donnis went through. Hot humid and heavy rain here in Queensland before she left, then cold of Vancouver, then down to a tropical winter in Cancun and up to the bitter sub zero conditions in Calgary.

Donnis flew from Calgary direct to Las Angeles and a direct QANTAS flight to Sydney where she stayed a few days more, with a heavy cold she brought over from the USA or Canada. When she was well enough to travel she flew to the Sunshine Coast Airport and the rest was chronicled in our blog pages during March this year.

Although Donnis took my trusty Panasonic NV-DCF7 1.2mega pixel camera with her, she did not take many photos. The following is a few of her photos from that travel adventure.

Oh! Did I mention I stayed at Traveston all that time?


Joan, Linda and Donnis soaking up a few rays of Sunshine at Cancun.

Linda, Darlene and Joan in a little eating thatched hut beside the ocean.

Linda, Darlene and Joan beside one of many luxury pools at the Cancun resort.

How big are these pools at Cancun?

The girls visited a nearby village in Cancun and took a few photos.

This horse and buggy was a part of an afternoon cultural event.

Local colourful cemetry at Cancun. Note the stairs to a crypt.

I do not know what sort of dragon this is. I understand it is some variation of a Rainforest Dragon. It was spotted at the cemetry. Perhaps it is an after hours security service?

Another view of the colourful cemetry.

Also spotted at the cemetry was this pair of Macaws.

Driving into Bamff, Canada. Note the height of the snow.

Main street of Bamff with mountains in the background.

These are the mountains you can see from any point in Bamff.

Joan, on the right, with her daughters, Simone and Andrea on the left. You can probably understand how cold it was by the clothes they are wearing. Joan's parka partially covers her face.

Remember these photos were taken with a 10 year old digital camera with a 1.2 megapixel capacity. Given the camera was at the forefront of the digital revolution and used as a “point n shoot”, mostly the results are not bad. The photos, as always, can be enlarged by clicking on them. A second click will double their size again.


I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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