212. Wildlife, um err maybe even some less than wildlife and some tame life…

In our travels we often see animals doing whatever it is that animals do. We take photos because that is what we do. Some of the photos may have appeared in earlier posts. Some never have been published before. We thought it might be nice to share some of our many wildlife photos.

The good local folk around Noosa Beach mostly learn to live with the Scrub Turkey which is a protected animal. They are also in plague proportions and are very cheeky and a bit like a seagull in that they want to eat what you are eating…while you are trying to eat it. Some locals have suggested an annual cull but so far their pleas have fallen on an unreceptive audience. There is one albino scrub turkey running around and we were fortunate enough to see it.

Albino Scrub Turkey taken at Noosa Woods November 2010.

In July and August 2011 I met a many cattle while carrying out my Census duties. Often the cattle was in small herds while at other times they were in small groups of five, sometimes less. Sometimes they would crash out of the thick undergrowth or jungle and give me an annoyed stare. Some even looked ready to charge. So far the score in the cattle charging and my retaliation is, Cattle 0, Frank 0.

Hmmm! Just a thought. Perhaps they thought I should be counting them in the Census as well. Maybe that is why some of them looked annoyed.

Annoyed Brahman at Eungella.

We see the Australian White Ibis almost everywhere we have travelled. This one was seen at a crowded Southbank in Brisbane late November 2010. Kids were running around on the sand and in the water but the Ibis just ignored them all.

Australian White Ibis, Southbank, Brisbane, Queensland.

While driving the “back o Bourke” in NSW in October 2010 we saw many fine specimens of lizards in the red sandhills.

Bearded Dragon somewhere near Bourke, NSW, October 2010.

The Census allowed me to see parts of Eungella the average person would never see.

Llama sighted at Eungella, (more correctly that should be Dalrymple Heights) Queensland, during the August 2011 Census.

There are many different ducks in Oz. This one was spotted in Gympie, Queensland, January 2011. I have not identified what type of duck it is. Perhaps because deep down I know it is not a duck but is really a juvenile Swamp Hen.

Juvenile Swamp Hen ???

Ahhh. The magnificent Brahminy Kite. We see them everywhere we travel near a body of water. For years I called them a Sea Eagle which looks nothing like this. They are not easy to photograph and this was the best of about twenty photos I took. It was taken in May 2011 over Eimeo Creek, Bucasia Beach.

Brahminy Kite

More unidentified ducks. This pair would investigate the old campfire every morning. They were spotted in November 2011 on the banks of the Gwydir River near Bingara NSW.

Ducks...Bingara NSW

I saw this lovely Black Swan on the banks of a water course running through a park on the outskirts of Gympie Queensland in January 2011.

Black Swan

The last photo in this post (there will be future animal posts) is of the huge cattle drive we became part of for a short period of time in October 2010 near Morven Queensland. As we inched our way forward and passed the cattle they would turn their heads to give us an uninterested look then continue ambling along without a second glance.

Cattle across the highway.


2 Responses to “212. Wildlife, um err maybe even some less than wildlife and some tame life…”

  1. cliftontravels Says:

    Get Ducked
    Duck off.
    Who gives a Duck?
    Where the Duck was that …
    Moooooooo outadaway Ducks

    Good stuff F&D, luv your posts 🙂

    Cheers, Geoff :))


    • frankeeg Says:

      G’day Geoff, I Ducked out earlier today and only got home at dinner time. I went looking for some Duck for dinner. When I saw what you had written i thought “what the Duck is this all about?” Of course having a couple of photos and paragraphs about Ducks in the post was probably a clue.
      Cheers mate.


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