217. There’s a Light, a certain kind of Light which never shone on me babe…

…and I apologise to the Bee Gees. The words come from their hit song, To Love Somebody but has nothing whatsoever to do with this post. The opening words, There’s a light came to mind as I was thinking of a title to this apology about…drumroll… LIGHTHOUSES.



This all came due to a phone call from dear friends Geoff n Margaret C who commented I had already done a LIGHTHOUSE post about 18 months ago. They believed the photos were the same.

Hmmm! Could be.

Now, I checked the validity of their claim and found I did a post on lighthouses 6 months ago. It prompted me to review how I store items such as photos after they appear in these posts.

1. I do not want to repeat a post.

2. I may want to re-use a photo in a future post.

3. I want to quickly find all photos relating to a post.

Geoff n Margaret, I have started a new filing system.

Now, the other reason for this post is…because I have short changed our wonderful readers by repeating a post, I have decided I will post the next batch of RUSTY STUFF photos NOW instead of some time in the future.


Let’s get on with the show.

This is one of those rare occasions where the photo credit belongs to somebody else. This was taken by my niece Kelly and is of Jason when they were in Cape York about four years ago. Jase found this rusty relic of a motorcycle.

From the tip of Cape York we move down the coast about 3,000 Klms to Imbil on the Sunshine Coast near Traveston. Imbil is an interesting old town and is worthy of a longer visit if only to see some of the older houses and eccentricities.

Rusty roof and cars in Imbil front yard.

Then we travel about 600Klms northwest as the crow flies to Morven.

Morven was an interesting old town with a mix of down and out old houses and ultra modern beside them. It was strange as Morven is a long way from the nearest town and has limited facilities, the nearest major centre is Charleville to the west. An interesting rusry relic, which regretably I did not photograph was an old settlers cottage (built during the depression years out of flattened kerosene tins) Of course the cottage was no bigger than WWWGO and housed a large family.

More from Morven.

Now we jump about 600Klms to the southwest and find Lightning Ridge.

Purpose built rusty church for a movie filmed at Lightning Ridge.

Now we teleport 1,500 Klms northwest to a cattle property near Moranbah Qld. We find the final resting place of a delivery van.

I found the rusting remains of a deck chair on an island accessible via a low tide causeway near Seaforth Qld.

Just one of hundreds of rusting yesteryear cars which can be found all over Lightning Ridge NSW.

This rusty old shed on the Yakapari to Seaforth Road, near Mackay is still being used as a feed storage shed. Can you believe it?

This is truly rusty stuff. No idea what it was or is. It is rusty. It is stuff.



I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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