222. Sunday 30th October 2011. Another full week at North Mackay. Another week closer to being on the road again…

No photos this week.

Monday 24th October

It was Donnis day off and she chose to stay at the house and do a few chores in the house and WWWGO.

I have spent the last week at the house and WWWGO and wanted a little time away. Last week the Canelands Shopping Centre unveiled their extensions including a two level Myers store. The centre is now called Canelands Central and it is surprisingly huge. The extensions increased the centre by three times its previous size. There is now another level and the food court is in a huge glass walled and glass domed area overlooking the Pioneer River.

ego venit ego saw ego eram infigo

I came, I saw, I was impressed.

Tuesday 25th October

Another hot day in the tropics but a cool ocean breeze umm err, breezed in after lunch. The co-pilot was at work so I did a bit of tidying around the yard then washed and polished the cabin of WWWGO. Pretty much, that was my day.

Wednesday 26th October.

The co-pilot had a day off so we cleaned a bit more of the house. We removed nails and screws and cheap curtain brackets and thumbtacks from the walls. They were a legacy of the tenant. Walls were washed in preparation for painting.

Back in the last week of June this year, I wrote about making Cumquat Brandy. Today we opened the smaller of the two containers and had a testing tipple or two. Or was that three for the co-pilot?

Hmmm! First thoughts are the liqueur is tasty, it is smoother than I was expecting and the cumquat flavour stands out. It is also sweeter than anticipated but as the two containers may have had more or less sugar, the next container may be a little less sweet. I will leave it in the hold a month or more before we test it. The cumquats are very nice but the skins are not as soft as I was expecting. They are chewy but the inner flesh is tasty and certainly pickled. I will look at somehow extracting the flesh – intact – before dipping in chocolate. In the meantime I will use several in a fruit salad I plan to make tomorrow.

Thursday 27th October

It was a hot day. More work in and around the house and a bit of a tidy up of the overgrown grass across the footpath.

I made a large fruit salad for lunch but forgot to include the cumquats!

Dinner was a couple of excellent Tasmanian Salmon steaks accompanied by asparagus and snow peas.

After dinner we discussed a rough plan for departure. More on that later as things start to firm up.

Friday 28th October

We spent the day replacing the insect screen in the 9 security windows in the house. The screens needed to be drilled to remove them from window frames. Then we cleaned out the accumulated gunk, mung and drool from the track before removing the insect screen then clean the security frame and finishing off with new insect screen and re-installing in the frames.

While all this was going on I managed to make a thick n hearty beef n vegetable soup. From scratch! For less than $7 of ingredients and gas we both got a monster serving of soup with another litre to be frozen for a couple of meals next week.

The co-pilot has not felt well all day and welcomed the soul nourishing soup. She feels she is suffering an allergic reaction to a wine she drank yesterday. The symptoms sound like the flu to me, especially as she works in the nursing home which is filled with sick people.

Saturday 29th October

The co-pilot was too unwell to go to work but well enough to do some more cleaning at the house. I removed more of the grass growing over the footpath and placed the sods in convenient places around the yard and watered them in. I then removed the sliding security door. The rollers no longer roll and the track is no longer straight so will fix both problems tomorrow.

This afternoon Qantas announced they have shut down the airline.


Donnis was expecting to fly with Qantas to Melbourne on Wednesday for granddaughter Amelia christening and a dental appointment. Unless the unions withdraw their action and Qantas withdraws their action she will not be flying anywhere for a long time.

For the same reason Errol will not be flying to Mackay to help with painting his house.


In that case, guess who will be doing most of the painting???

Another day closer to departing and resuming our voyage.

Sunday 30th October.

The doctor advised me some months ago that my bursitis will take a long time to settle and rest is the best cure. For that reason I have not carried out my usual long walks each morning, This morning I did a two klm walk – with Donnis – around the Gooseponds! Yes, the bursitis let me know it is still there but not bad enough to stop me walking on a regular basis again.

I bought new rollers for the sliding security screen. They fit, thank goodness but I need Francy and his rivet gun to finish the job tomorrow. The security door track and striker plate panel need additional securing rivets. That’s another job for Francy.

We sourced venetian blinds for all 9 windows and brought them back to the house. We installed the bathroom first but will leave the others until the house is painted. The bathroom décor just took a quantum leap from mediocre to good with the installation of the venetians. The rest of the house should scrub up well once the painting is finished, the venetians installed and the sliding security door finished and re-installed.

Internally, the rooms have had the walls and ceilings washed with sugar soap and are ready for painting. Thirty two litres of paint should arrive tomorrow – unless they were on a Qantas flight over the weekend.


While sourcing our venetians at Spotlight we ran into Kay D who is married to Max D a client from 15 years ago when I was a Finance Broker. Max owned a used car yard and a panel beating shop. He is now involved in the finance industry – home loans to be precise. Kay will get Max to call me and we will try to catch up this week.

All in all it has been a hot and busy day.


I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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