224. Sunday 13th October 2011. Painting a Masterpiece in North Mackay and the countdown to leaving commences…

Monday 7th November

No photos’ this week because we have been painting and no time off for good behaviour.

Up at 5.45am and a brisk walk around the GP. The walk is again becoming a regular feature of my day and the Bursitis is reasonably under control. At this time of day, on a Monday, the beginning of the working week I could see, hear and smell the city coming to life.

The duck lady at the GP was walking along the edge of the water carrying her load of feed for the geese, ducks, grebes and whatever else decides to feed on the goodies she supplies. There was a procession of water birds strung out behind her, waddling, swimming or flying to her chosen feeding spot.

Another interesting sight is the lady who takes her dog for a walk in a pram! So the dog is perambulating rather than walking.

I collected Errol from the airport at 10.30 and although he has been awake since 4am he was quickly involved in painting ceilings in the house. If we can keep up this rate of progress we should have all the painting completed by the weekend.

Tuesday 8th November

Another long day of preparation and painting. Good progress was made. We drove to the airport and collected the CO-PILOT then we went to Souths Leagues Club for dinner. I know, I know, I said we would never eat there again. Once again they stuffed us up. The Two for One Tuesday deals now only applies to club members. By then we had queued to get into the dining room then queued to order our meal. We could have joined the club for $2.50 each but it would mean relinquishing our position at the order counter, go to the front desk, complete membership applications then line up again. Member meals are cheaper by $2 and all drinks are discounted to members.

Wednesday 9th November

More painting and all rooms and ceilings have at least one coat, some two and some even have three coats. All the doorways need the gloss trim to be painted as well as the kick boards at floor level. Masking tape is in place ready for tomorrow.

Tonight we dined at North Mackay Bowls Club. The CO-PILOT and I paid $2.20 each to become members until the end of December.

I have previously mentioned any plans we make are set in jelly. We plan to leave by the end of the month and things are shaping up that we will. I will not disclose an exact date until we are sure we are leaving.

Thursday 10th November

How much more boring can I be??? We are still painting. Painting white over dark colours such as red and purple needs 763 (do I exaggerate?) coats to hide the colour underneath.


Do I have anything else to report? Apart from the fact the CO-PILOT was offered an agency nursing job for 5 weeks at a 10 bed hospital at Dirranbandi in western Queensland. The job starts 19th December. Of course we said yes.

Somebody via another agency said yes faster than we did and the job is gone.


Remember, our plans are set in jelly so another opportunity will come along.


Friday 11th November.

Armistice Day and at 11am we were painting and forgot to observe a minute silence.

Saturday 12th November.

We dropped Errol off at Mackay Airport, drove to daughter Averyl’s house, collected VIRAGO and rode it to niece Kelly’s where it will stay until it can be sold. Then it was back to the house where we spent the day painting the ceiling and walls.

Sigh! Will this job ever end?

Sunday 13th November

I apologise dear reader. The boring painting in North Mackay is coming to an end. Today I commenced painting gloss coats on the window frames and installed four sets of venetian blinds. They look pretty good, even if I do say so myself.

Also coming to an end is our sojourn in this area. The next two weeks will be a busy time for us with a round of lunches and dinners and coffee meetings before we leave.

I am feeling the anticipation building within me and just like when we left Airlie Beach last year, the leaving will end up being an anti-climax.

In the meantime there is still some painting to be completed


2 Responses to “224. Sunday 13th October 2011. Painting a Masterpiece in North Mackay and the countdown to leaving commences…”

  1. The Retro Roamers Says:

    Hey Frank, you sound like you are enjoying painting like me. Painting the inside of the RetroLIner is just the pits, but I must keep on chipping away, cause like you our plans are also set in jelly.

    Let’s get outa here!!!!!!!!!\

    Cheers & beers

    The Retro Roamers


    • frankeeg Says:

      G’day, Paul. Yep. Luvin’ this painting gig. Ahhem. I lie. I am not luvin’ this painting gig. Only a few more days of punishment, then a few more days getting WWWGO ready and we hit the road.


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