227. Sunday 27th November 2011. Still at North Mackay. Still painting the house. But…this is our last week. YeeHar…

Monday 21st November

“Monday, Monday, So good to me”. So go the words of the famous Mamas and Poppas song written by Wilson Phillips.

Except, it was another hot working day not so good to me. The only good part is, it is one day closer to leaving.

Another day of painting and other associated house renovation jobs. The project is looking good even if I do say so myself. I think we are just about finished but the reality is we keep finding things not yet completed, not yet started or not yet thought about.

Have I mentioned in the last two weeks I have had enough?

Tuesday 22nd November

I suppose the heat and humidity and the seemingly never ending work is beginning to test our patience with each other. We seem to disagree over small items. I can imagine how the contestants in the TV series “THE BLOCK” felt after a few weeks of working all day and into the night with little time for a break. Add to the mix my insistence that we are leaving on 28th November and we have a deadline to contend with.

We took time off to have lunch with Kelly and Jason with newborn son Cooper. We dined at the Northern Beaches Bowls Club at Eimeo and were once again surprised by the quality of the food, even the food in the hot boxes.

It rained just on dark while the CO-PILOT was painting eaves and gutters. She was sheltered from the rain so kept on painting. The rain did not last long and was more of a distraction and a nuisance than helpful rain. The rain lasted about 20 minutes.

Wednesday 23rd November

Last night’s rain contributed to the high humidity levels we faced today. By 6 am the level was 85% and midday saw the rate increase to 95% but no rain.

Thursday 24th November

I took some time off while the CO-PILOT continued to paint and clean. The time off was really things that needed to be done anyway. I drove to Slade Point to collect a cigarette lighter fitting from Len F. The cigarette lighter in WWWGO has never worked and the replacement I bought will not fit the opening. Len took parts from the old and new fitting and made a new workable item. As I will be running a GPS and a Black Box Video camera at the same time it is imperative the fitting works correctly. After my visit with Len it was off to do battle with CentreLink to apply to have my pension re-instated. Geez they have frustration inducing methods which really work well. I left frustrated with business still incomplete, requiring a return visit in the afternoon.


I went to a tent maker to collect the side awnings they made for me then into Caneland Central  to have a prescription filled and while waiting I had a coffee and a scone and sat at a table overlooking the Pioneer River.  It was good to have a few hours away from the project and to have some alone time.

Friday 25th November

Not Happy today.

Went to install a cigarette lighter in the dash of WWWGO as the old one was too short to hold either the GPS or the Black Box plugs.


Once fitted it holds the devices OK but there was no power coming into the fitting. Len F came over to help but first we needed a testing device but it had a faulty positive wire so he rewired and soldered the wire and probe. Testing continued apace but the cigarette lighter never got installed.

Our gas stove has an electric ignition switch. The switch failed today.


I gave up and went back to painting. Will find an auto electrician somewhere along the highway.

Only another three sleeps until we start travelling south along the Bruce Highway as we sail off into the sunrise on the next chapter of our adventures.

Saturday 26th November

Woke early and drove the CO-PILOT to work at Mirani

After I dropped Donnis at the nursing home this Falcon swooped and caught a mouse from the grassy roadside verge and flew to the top of the power pole to eat it. It was a bit hard to photograph and it became agisited and flew off before I could get some decent close ups.

while I continued on to the horse stud at Finch Hatton and a visit with daughter, Melissa.

In the evening we walked to the local bowls club for dinner. On the walk home and just as we approached the bridge over the Gooseponds, I developed a nose bleed. Just like that. Out of the blue (or in this case the black of night) We stood on the bridge waiting for the bleed to stop but each time I released the pressure on the bridge of my nose, blood would start spurting again.

Uh. Oh!

I have never had a nose bleed where blood pumps out. It usually just drips. We walked back to the house and I sat in a chair while the CO-PILOT administered a cold pack on the back of my neck and washed blood off my hands and face. The nose still spurted. Long story short, it took an hour to stop the bleed by which time I also had a headache and felt drowsy tired.

Sunday 27th November

Woke at 5am when the CO-PILOT alarm went off. Her last day of work (for the time being at least) WTF! I slept all night propped up by pillows. At least there was no more nose bleed during the night.

It was a very hot day with little or no breeze but high humidity levels.

I worked on finishing touches and cleaning inside the house. All the empty paint tins and accumulated bits n pieces were either binned or put in a box for Francie to use.

Also some cleaning and packing work on WWWGO. When the CO-PILOT arrived home we both started packing and more finishing touches were carried out on the house. We discussed leaving in the morning.

We will not set the alarm but if we wake early, as we mostly do, we will finish packing and try to get on the road by 7am before the mad rush hours and have breakfast along the highway. If not we will breakfast one last time here, wash up and wait until 9am to leave.

We shall see which option pans out.

This time next post should see us on the Sunshine Coast.

See you then.


I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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