228. Sunday 4th December 2011. Wooo Hooo. We are on the road again…

Monday 28th November… Lots of photos this week. Perhaps it was a subconscious decision on my part to make up for the lack of photos over the last few weeks.

Escape Day!

Simple huh! Just load the vehicles and go. No problems. No worries. No impediments.


Let’s start at the beginning.

Woke at 6am and some quick mental arithmetic told me we would not be on the road by 7am. As it was we got out the front gates at 9.02 am. Yay.


The CO-PILOT had an appointment with her nursing agency and sort of forgot to tell me.


We arranged to drive separately and meet at Bakers Creek south of Mackay where would hook up TERIOS and get on the road. The target was a long day of 466 Klms to reach Calliope River for an overnight stop. I had a few back up plans to stop at St.Lawrence or Waverley Creek or Woolwash Lagoon near Rockhampton.

Finally met at Bakers Creek and after a coffee hitched up TERIOS and away we go.

Hmmm! WWWGO seems to be a bit underpowered. About 1 Klm down the road I noticed the frightening injector light was glowing. Uh.Oh! Not good. I called Iveco at Mackay and they agreed if I could drive there they would run a computer scan. Halfway back to Mackay, the penny dropped. The TERIOS handbrake was still ON. That explains the lack of power but not the injector light. When I got to TERIOS the smell of burned brakes was a bit strong.

Pulled into the Iveco workshop, unhitched TERIOS and true to their word they ran a computer scan. Hmmm! The handbrake did show as a fault but all clear now.

We drove separately to Sandy Creek and re-hitched and away we go again. Uh. Oh! The dreaded light is on again and when I pulled up the brake light on WWWGO was on.


I decided to ignore the lights and pressed on. After another 40 Klms the injector light went out. On arrival at our lunch stop at Clairview

What a great spot for lunch beside the first view of the sea along this stretch of coastline...CLAIRVIEW.

I noticed WWWGO brake light was also off.

After a delightful lunch beside the sea, in the shade with a cool breeze we were on the road again with the intention of making Woolwash Lagoon by 5pm. At 5.15 and in peak hour traffic  I missed the turnoff in Rockhampton and after a bit of hesitation decided to drive to Calliope River. First we stopped for fuel at a Truck Stop called Marmor where we also had a shower (imagine a couple of old farts like us having a shower at a truck stop! It is all part of the adventure) and a hamburger for dinner.

We arrived at Calliope River just on 8pm very tired and ready for bed.

We found this spot overlooking the Calliope River in the dark.

This is a wonderful freedom campsite maintained by the local council.

I sure hope tomorrow is a bit easier.

Tuesday 29thNovember.

Looking upriver at Calliope River.

WWWGO campsite reflected in the Calliope River. Photo taken from the old bridge which formed part of the original Bruce Highway. The bridge is now closed to all but foot traffic.

We both slept straight through the night, sleeping the sleep of the innocents. I was awake by 5.30am but we took a leisurely attitude to getting on the road and we left by 8.30am.  There were no extra or warning lights shining when we pulled away. I should mention that even with towing TERIOS  and with having the air con on at all times, WWWGO is still averaging around 16 litres per 100 klms. Today was a different story. With all the road works, hills and stopping and starting the fuel consumption at fill up was 18.2 litres per 100 Klm. The fuel price here was $1.57.9 cents per litre, the dearest we have encountered since last year.

Nearing the town of Tiaro, I decided to stop for lunch. The other reason for stopping were the signs as we neared the town. Trays of mangoes for $10 and a kilo of cherries for $5. There were extensive roadworks on the approach to town and there, beside the road next to the cemetery, was a truck selling the cheap fruit. There was no way to get out of the long line of traffic created by the roadworks. After lunch we pushed on to our overnight stop at Kandanga, in the beautiful Mary Valley, near Gympie. We last stayed here at the end of March when we first left Traveston. After a swim in the pool across the street and a hot shower we were once again ready for bed after an early dinner.

Wednesday 30th November

We were away from Traveston by 9am and drove the Bruce Highway to Forrest Glenn to have WWWGO assessed for some work.

Hmmm! Yes they can do the work and solve the cracked fibreglass issue but cannot fit us in until 14th December. We cannot wait that long so thanked them for their time.

Around the corner from the repair works we found a Natural Food Company

Photo taken with my mobile phone.

and spent a half hour wandering around the huge barn like building looking at the products they had on sale, including fresh organic fruit and vegetables.

Next stop was Hi-Way 1, truck repairs. They are Iveco specialists and I wanted them to repair the horn which does not work, the cigarette lighter which does not work and the two way radio which is not connected to the ignition switch.

Those items are now sorted and we drove to Noosaville for a couple of nights visit with sister Enid and her husband Ken.

During the night I developed another nose bleed and the flashing lights in my eye, which developed on Monday has not gone away.

Hmmm! A visit to the doctor is in order tomorrow.

Thursday 1st December

Went to the doc in the morning with a long list of medical problems. Well, not a long list. Actually, just three items.

The nose bleeds. Despite previous advice from other doctors, the close to the surface capillaries can be cauterised with silver nitrate to stop further nose bleeds. OK. That was done in the surgery quickly and with as much discomfort as I was warned there would be. The discomfort continued off and on all day.

The light flashes in my right eye. I have not mentioned them before. Long story short I was sent on to an optometrist and after lots of examination pronounced OK for my age and the suspected retinal delamination was not evident. However age activated flaking of the retina was occurring and is worthy of regular check-ups. As well, my spectacles are several years old and a couple of new pairs are now on order. The optometrists at OPSM have arranged for the specs to be picked up when we arrive in Sydney at their Miranda Fair store.

I have not mentioned the lump and occasional pain in my left chest either. An x-ray was carried out and further tests are planned tomorrow.


I suppose it is a good thing to be on the Sunshine Coast where medical services are delivered quickly and cheaply.

A southerly change came through this afternoon bringing strong wind gusts and light rain accompanied by a temperature drop.

Friday 2nd December

It was an overcast, windy and cool day. Not something we are used to.

Woke with a great deal of pain in my chest. Any movement just sends waves of pain through the chest. However in my mind I believe it is more a muscle problem associated with a pinched nerve, perhaps in my neck.

The x-ray people did discover some sort of darkness (mild prominence of the hilar bilaterally) which they feel warrants further checking with a CT scan. The doc and I agree we should get the scan done. In the meantime she feels the pain is associated with a pinched nerve and muscle inflammation. The CT scan cannot be done until Monday so she has prescribed some anti-inflammatory medication as an aid in providing relief. The tablet took several hours to kick in but taken regularly each day should see me pain free.

The wind increased during the day while the temperature fell. I did not try to get on the roof of WWWGO to replace the broken hatch over the bathroom. We will have to wait for a less windy and less painful day to tackle this task.

Saturday 3rd December

Today I took the CO-PILOT to the Eumundi Markets

A small part of the Eumundi Markets.

because she has not been there before and this could be our last opportunity for a long time. Although I normally do not like markets but have visited these markets before, I do not have a problem visiting them again. The CO-PILOT really enjoyed her visit

The co-pilt enjoyed her visit to the Eumundi Markets.

and like many other conversations we overheard, she said similar things. “These markets go on and on and on”, “there are so many stalls”, “there is such a variety of food”, “there are people everywhere”.

It was all true.

There was Indian, Mexican,

Mexican food stall.

Dutch, German,

Malaysian, Chinese, Japanese,

Tibetan and other food I cannot even recall. Of course things such as baked spuds,bagels,

ice cream, yoghurt, chips, snow cones, curly potato on a stick, pancakes, profiteroles, potato pancakes, coffee vendors, perogees, home style ginger beer and oh my mind is spinning.

Hmmm! Now that is strange. We did not see a Fairy Floss vendor anywhere.

Apart from the food I enjoyed looking at the photographic and realistic art on show and sale.

In the afternoon the CO-PILOT and Enid went to a Tea House and had a high tea of unusual  flavoured teas. I just like a tea that tastes like tea thank you very much.

All four of us went to Chutney Mary’s Indian Restaurant for dinner. However the restaurant has built up a strong clientele has a good reputation and now calls themselves the Raj Indian Restaurant. (http://www.rajindianrestaurant.com.au/ ) They have a traditional charcoal tandoor oven and make the best Tandoori Chicken. It’s finger lickin’ good.

Sunday 4th December

Although we left early for Noosa Beach,

Our delightful shaded spot at Noosa Beach at a place called The Woods, well away from the overcrowded main Noosa Beach.

9.30 is not really early and parking was difficult to find. We managed to get to the beach in brilliant hot sunshine and had a good hour

The co-pilot was first into the water.

surfing and being bashed around by the waves.

Enid choosing the best surf spot.

Ken is focused on his launch site.

We just loved it then returned home for an early barbecue lunch

Ken cooking up a huge lunch for 4 people. Would you believe only one sausage and one potato were left? Hmmm! Surfing sure works up an appetite.

before Ken left for Bundaberg to visit his son.

Enid n Ken

After such a wonderful time at the beach it is going to be difficult leaving here in a day or two.

This afternoon we decanted the remaining Cumquat Brandy which has been fermenting for 6 months. We filled two 750 Ml bottles. On this decant we also squeezed the cumquat fruit to gather the remaining fruity liquor pulp. Although some pulp is in the brandy it has added to the flavour and smoothness of the liquor.

In the late afternoon Enid, Donnis n I took a walk to Weyba Creek Footbridge.

On the way to Weyba Creek we encountered a colony of Flying Foxes / Bats who were just waking up in readiness to fly away for their evening hunt for food.

Enid n Donnis on the Weyba Creek footbridge.

On our way home a couple of noisy Noisy Miners chicks caught our attention. (Click to enlarge)


4 Responses to “228. Sunday 4th December 2011. Wooo Hooo. We are on the road again…”

  1. Mark Knowles Says:

    Hello Frank and Donnis,
    My Name is Mark Knowles, I’m a Journalist for Caravan and Motorhome On Tour Magazine.
    We’re constantly on the lookout for photos of people on the road with their rig to feature in the magazine.
    I was looking at your wonderful blog and saw some of your great pictures and wanted to ask if you could email me some so we could put them in the magazine.
    We’re only too happy to send you a copy of the magazine if we use one of your pictures, and of course, we can attribute the image to you.
    It’s always fun to see yourself and your rig on the pages of the magazine and share your experiences with other RV enthusiasts.
    Right now I’m working on an article about some popular touring routes around Australia, with a focus on where you can find some great free-camping spots.
    I see you have travelled to some of the area’s I’m hoping to feature and would love to get some photos of you at any of the free-camping spots you have stayed at in these regions.
    At the moment I’m hoping to find some pics in areas including northern and outback QLD, Tassie, south-west WA, the Murray River region, NSW south coast and the Eyre Peninsula in SA.
    So if you’ve got any photos of your travels in any of these places, I’d love it if you could send them in.
    Please tell us a bit about where you are and what you liked about the spot as well.
    Like I said, we’re always after photo’s, so even if you don’t have any for these particular places, I was hoping to put you on my contact list and maybe contact you again in the future about upcoming stories.
    We always prefer pics with people in them, whether it’s yourselves or some friends you made along the way, and we also love to see your rig, so please keep that in mind when you’re looking for pics to send.
    I’ve also attached some questionnaires that we send to people to ask questions for articles for some of our regular section in the magazine.
    Please have a look at them and fill them out and send them back if you can, we’d love to share your stories of life on the road with all of our readers.
    Please don’t hesitate to contact me for a chat or if you want any more info, I’m always happy to hear from RVers and have a chat about their travels and tips.
    Please pass on this letter to any of your RVing friends as well, I’d like to hear from as many people as possible.
    Please send any photos in the highest quality file size you have, as they will look much better on the printed page, you might have to send them one at a time to get them through.
    Thanks for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you and seeing some of your pictures soon.

    Best Wishes,
    Mark Knowles
    Feature writer
    Caravan & Motorhome On Tour
    37 Carnarvon St
    Silverwater NSW 2128
    Ph: (02) 9741 3811
    Reception: (02) 9741 3800
    Website: http://www.caravanandmotorhome.com.au


    • frankeeg Says:

      Hello Mark, thanks for dropping in and reading our blog. Thanks also for your positive feedback.
      I would be delighted to send photos for you to use and to receive the acknowledgment of photo credit.
      MarK, I tend to take photos of WWWGO in places we visit but rarely with us or other people in them.
      I am happy to trawl through several years of photos to see what is apprtopriate and will be in touch with you before I send anything.
      Once again thanks for reading the blog and I encourage you to continue to do so.


  2. here Says:

    I had been curious about if you ever thought of switching the page layout of your site? Its very well written; I love what youve got to state. But maybe you can create a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or two photos. Maybe you can space it out better?


    • frankeeg Says:

      Hello Ashlyn, I am assuming you are a real person and not a computer generated piece of spam. Perhaps you would care to provide more information as to what layout you suggest. If you have read the blog from entry number 1 you will notice there are times when there are more photos than text. As well the idea of the blog is a daily diary of our travels. Sometimes we travel almost every day. At other times we are stationary. At such times you are likely to get more of my thoughts than photos. I have, over the years, tried to change the format and style and content. Perhaps it is not always exciting but then again most lives are not constantly exciting. Any suggestions you might have are welcome.


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