237. Sunday 5th February 2012. Culcairn and we discover Albury…

Monday 30th January

Spoke with the laptop repairers who believe the hard drive was not correctly installed – by them – and they will re-install if I bring it in. So I drove the 72 klms to Wagga to deliver the laptop. I was quite annoyed and explained to the repairers that I did not want to have to re-install the programs again. This time they have promised to do a “Phantom” transfer of all data AND programmes.

After a couple of hours I called back expecting to collect the laptop.

Nooooo. It does not work that way.

It seems that after the re-installation the “Phantom” transfer will take overnight. Instead, as it was their error, they promised to send it by courier to the caravan park in the morning.


Tuesday 31st January

I spoke with the laptop repairer who has confirmed the hard drive was re-installed and a phantom transfer of programs and data completed. He promised it would be delivered to the courier for delivery tomorrow.

Wednesday 1st February.

The CO-PILOT  arrived home at breakfast time after completing her first ever night shift. No problems. She went to bed and I waited around for most of the morning for the delivery of the laptop. Just in case, I called the repairer and good thing I did. The laptop was still sitting on the bench waiting for me to collect it!!! After a hissy fit on my part he agreed to take it to the courier before 10am. The laptop arrived just after midday. Within an hour I discovered the internet was still abysmally slow, the microphone still does not work and a call to the repairer – twice – was given a promise they would call back. So far no call back.  In the afternoon I connected the iTouch, the iPad and the laptop to the Gateway Modem. The service was slower on all three.


Perhaps there is a problem with the modem. I called BigPond and they told me I had exceeded my 4Gb of download limit. What the!!! How could I exceed the limit when the laptop was in the workshop? From 12th January to 27th January there was no internet usage at all. On 28th, the day I first picked up the laptop my download usage spiked to 3.2Gb exceeding my monthly usage. How? On Saturday  night when I turned off the computer there was suddenly 112  updates. On reflection those updates would be all the scheduled updates to when I first purchased the laptop in 2010. Those updates used up all my download limit. My next scheduled re-supply of internet access is 4th February.


In the evening we went for a walk and met up with Gary, a resident of Tumburumba in the Snowy Mountains. Over a cold beer he told us a bit of his story. He stays in the caravan park during the week and commutes daily to properties in the area to shear sheep. He averages about 250 sheep a day sometimes getting a high around 320 per day. Weekends he heads back to Tumburumba with his wife and daughter.

Next door to Gary is Ken and Margaret. Ken is in his 70’s and has a large Bushtracker caravan and planning to start his next trip across the interior of Australia. This will be their third trip through the Central Australian deserts.

Thursday 2nd February

I spent most of the day using the notes on my iPad to bring my blog up to date ready to post on the Internet when I have access once more.

The CO-PILOT  slept for most of the day.

Friday 3rd February

Culcairn Post Office

Culcairn Rail Line with wheat silo's. Enlarge the photo twice. Note the Trig Point at the very top of the silo. Note also the large Wedge Tail Eagle with kill near the top.

Edited. This is the photo you should click on to see the trig point and the eagle.

In the morning while the CO-PILOT was sleeping I took more photos around Culcairn

Ford Dealership. Building is now out of use.

An early bank building.I have never heard of the London Bank of Australia.

including a visit to the Cemetery

The oldest grave in the Culcairn Cemetry.

where I saw a small Willey Willey picking up small tumbleweeds and spinning them around across a dry paddock.

Enlarge the photo to see the leaves and tumbleweeds caught up in the willey willey.

The CO-PILOT woke at noon and said “take me somewhere”. So, I did. Somewhere, was Albury on the border of Victoria. In fact the locals refer to themselves as border people and the local newspaper is called …The Border Mail. Albury is an old city and I regret we did not take the camera. If we had taken the camera we would not have got the grocery shopping done and would not have left until dark. Albury is worth going back for another visit…or two or three.

On the drive home we saw something which was not visible on the drive down. The setting sun highlighted the rocky feature known as Table Top mountain.

Just south of the little town of Gerogery is a rather long, high and curved new road bridge over the railway line. A few years ago five young men were killed when the driver tried to beat a train at the crossing. Quickly a road deviation was designed and an overpass bridge was built at the site. The bridge is named Five Mates Crossing. Sad but true.


Saturday 4th February.

When I woke this morning I knew it was Christmas morning. The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky but my present was sitting on the table waiting for me. It’s aura drew me, inexorably to open it. I could feel the waves of persuasion were saying, open me first. My present of course, is my now repaired laptop but even more of a thrill was my Internet access has been restored to a full 4 Gb of download/upload overnight. Of course I opened it first. Breakfast could wait! I had three weeks of lack of use to catch up on.

Trolling through my laptop I have discovered the following items are missing.

Address Book. All my email and phone contacts – gone

Firefox Bookmarks. All my favourite and frequently used web and blog sites – gone

In – built Microphone. Used for talking on Skype – gone

As well, when typing these pages on WORD, the cursor will jump to a random position within the document and without me realising, the last sentence or two are buried somewhere within the WORD doc.

The system keeps asking for an activation key. I used the key as recommended to no avail. The activation request still pops up.


I have my fingers crossed the man at Computer DenCity can solve these things over the phone.

Our campsite on Billabong Creek shaded by the River Red Gums.

While sitting here typing I heard a CRACK and a branch fell out of a tree nearby. There is a sign telling us to beware falling limbs.

The sign warning of falling limbs.

These River Red Gums are notorious for shedding limbs at any time of day or night.

The fallen limb. It would not have crushed WWWGO roof but would have been heavy and sharp enough to puncture the rubber membrane on the roof.

Sunday 5th February

It seems we packed a lot into today despite the CO-PILOT  sleeping in until 10am.

We drove to Albury filled fuel and looked for somewhere to have lunch. Parking spots were hard to find in the centre of town, despite it being Sunday. While walking around unfamiliar streets rubbernecking, we found a Hogs Breath Café and that is where we stopped for lunch. Interestingly they had an outdoor eating area with an unusual cooling system. Tiny mist sprays of water are injected into the room while large fans blew the mist around. It does keep the area cool but despite what we have been told, some moisture lands on the skin and furniture.

After lunch we walked to the art gallery and as with most art galleries I have visited, find that 90% is totally unfathomable to me.

After that we walked to the Regent Movie theatre to look at their scheduled movies. Wow! What a movie theatre. The staircase from the ground floor has marble balustrades. Star Wars Episode I 3D begins next Saturday.


I have an excuse to drive to Albury next week.

I noticed a big monument on top of a hill overlooking the main street.

War Memorial sign

We drove to the top and found a War Memorial opened in 1925.   http://www.alburycity.nsw.gov.au/www/html/474-monument-hill-war-memorial.asp

The War Memorial

The memorial looks down the hill along Dean Street to the railway station and large suspended  footbridge across the railway line and the Hume Freeway.

Looking down Dean Street Albury from the War Memorial.

The memorial is over 30 metres tall and has a surrounding Memorial Bowl which is a series of brick sized plaques forming a low wall. Each brick plaque has the name of an Albury district serviceman killed in any theatre of war. Along with the name is the rank, theatre of conflict and unit. It is rather an impressive monument and an emotional experience.

On our way home we stopped at the old village of Table Top. The intention was to have a beer at the Ettomogah Pub. So much for intentions. The place was closed and wire fence erected around the property.

Finally, tonight, a 55 year old puzzle was partly solved for me.

When I was about 10 my paternal Nana showed me a large medal and said it was issued when my great great great grandfather rescued people in the Gundagai Flood of 1853. Family research reveals no records, at least on my fathers side. Tonight the TV was turned on waiting for the 6pm news. I was not paying particular attention, as the program, Antiques Roadshow is a bit boring. I looked up and saw THE MEDAL on tv. The medal is a Commemorative Plaque issued by King George V to the families of Soldiers of the Empire who died in WW1 between 4th August 1914 and 30th April 1920.


That at least explains the medal as I know a grandparent was killed in France in 1918.

The flood hero story still remains unsolved.


I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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