257. Sunday 17th June 2012. Rain rain go away and it did…for how long?…

Monday 11th June.

Sheesh! The day dawned with a wan light and a miserable drifting drizzle which became a heavy intermittent rain. As the morning wore on it became colder. After living in the tropics for almost 30 years I had forgotten how cold and miserable winter can be in the shadow of the Illawarra Escarpment. When the sun is shining and there is no wind, the days here during winter can be delightful – between 10am and 2pm!

Mid- morning Geoff and Margaret C from Bomaderry called. They are on their way to their daughter in Helensburgh and offered to call in to see us on the way. Once again we had chicken, salad and sourdough rye bread for lunch.

The rain thundered down for several hours. By 4pm there was a lake in the backyard where once there was a patch of lawn. The rain continued to fall. Inside and cosied up was the only place to be today.

Tuesday 12th June

Woke at first light (or last dark) and felt today would be dry enough to go for a walk. I dressed in the dark and was just putting on my shoes when it started to rain. Heavily.

Sigh! No walk this morning.

I recall during our house sit in Traveston in January to March last year when it rained almost every day and there were floods in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine coast and of course at Traveston. We hope the next couple of months are not a repeat of all that rain. It rained all day, quite heavily at times

Tonight, Errol and I went to the movies to see Prometheus – the 3D version. I had great expectations as the movie was produced and directed by Ridley Scott, the very same man who brought us the Alien movies. The 3D effects are very good but still nowhere in the class of Avatar. Great visuals and tension mounting scenes abound. If you have seen the Alien movies, particularly the first, you have already seen much of Prometheus. The lead actress is not Sigourney Weaver but does much the same sort of things Sigourney did in Alien. Then too there is the robot David 8 who looks human and has his head ripped off but is still able to talk. He even has the same white liquid dribble out of his mouth as did the robot/human in Alien. Then of course there are the “pods” containing young monsters. I could go on and name another dozen similarities. I did enjoy the movie up to a point but eventually came away disappointed. It was just too much like Alien and after Alien 1, I got bored with the sequels. In some respects this could be a prequel to Alien as it takes place not all that far into the future.  You should however go and see it for yourself. Perhaps we could start a discussion group. For another review have a look here.   http://twscritic.com/2012/06/11/movie-review-prometheus-2012/

Wednesday 13th June.

After all the rain yesterday I woke to thinning clouds and a great big fiery ball in the sky.

Sunlight through the foggy mists across the fields.

In the afternoon we drove to the northern beaches to watch the huge storm swells crashing onto the coastline. At Bellambi Rock Pool we saw a few thin rays of sunshine slice through the clouds over the Great Dividing Range

That did not last long as the clouds crept back and it rained off and on, on and off for the rest of the day.

Donnis braves the cold wind and rain before a huge wave came crashing across the Bellambi Rock Pool.

Waves kept the rock pool washed clean .

Leaving Bellambi Beach we saw this house with the biggest shoe rack ever!

The northernmost point on our drive today was Sandon Point. This is a composite photograph and deserves a double click to enlarge full size.

This morning I had a job interview with QBE Insurance, Workers Compensation Division, as a Credit Control Officer. Sheesh! I have not done credit control for many years and have not worn a tie for around 13 years. By the way the reason I was visiting Shellharbour Square last post was to buy some suitable clothes for the job interview. So it was this morning I was dressed in new shirt, new trousers, new shoes, new reversible vest and a $1 tie from Vinnies.  I felt comfortable and relaxed during the interview although some niggling thoughts kept creeping into my mind during the interview and all day thereafter. To justify going back to work I had some pre-requisites.

  1. It must pay enough to pay a caravan park site rental, parking expenses and fuel but mostly to save some money.
  2. We need to find somewhere to stay after the house sit is completed.
  3. It must be a contract with pre-determined completion date.

With respect to number 1 above I had a goal of what should be the minimum $$$s I should work for. After the house sit the CO-PILOT goes to Canada for three months and I will need to find somewhere to stay in WWWGO. The caravan parks I have spoken to do not accept long term camping so I would need to move every 6 or 8 weeks and as there is only a half dozen caravan parks from Coledale to Kiama that could be a bit of a nuisance. As well the camp fees would be around $200 per week. Yes $200 per week even in the dead of Winter. Car parking in Wollongong costs $17 per day unless I was prepared to park a klm or two from work and walk…in all weather. The advertised job was for a contract of three days per week for a period of 6 months. Hmmm! I was not too confident the job would pay enough and at the interview they could not tell me how much they were paying. I was asked to go prepared with questions and expect some role playing questions but they had forgotten to check to see what the job paid! It also turned out they made an error in their advertisement of the contract period. It was for 12 months, not the advertised 6 months. So it was I felt that, deep down, the position was not for me and unless the job was offered with a big salary I would not be interested. They promised to get back to me within 48 hours.

Tonight NSW Blues won a long hard fought battle against the Qld Maroons. Final score 16 NSW 12 Qld and the series is to be decided in Brisbane on July 4th! Whew! There could be some fireworks on that night.

Thursday 14th June.

Another strange day of a sunny morning before the rain came back.

We went shopping for groceries as we have invited Bob and Sharyn T to dinner on Saturday night. QBE phoned. I did not get the job. They were pleased with the interview and asked if they can contact me again should another similar position arise…anywhere in NSW. Another job applicant had previous journal entry experience which I have not so he or she got the job. I was not disappointed with the news and can now explore other options. Other work in other places, house sitting while Donnis is in Canada or camping at Coonabarrabran for three months and of course something the Universe might throw at us out of left field.

Now, what am I gunna do with the new trousers, shirt, shoes, tie and vest?

Friday 15th June

Another nothing sort of day. The sun came out long enough for me to do some cabinet work inside WWWGO. The CO-PILOT drove to Corrimal and spent time helping Nicole around the house.

Saturday 16th June.

What can I tell you? Went to bed with clear skies and woke to heavy overcast, miserable drizzle and low lying mist. Of course it was cold. The CO-PILOT drove to Corrimal to do her Grandma duties while I stayed at the ranch to prepare for our guests.

Daddy Errol reading to daughter Amelia.

I am baking a Devils Food Cake with a layer of Rosella Jam and thick cream sandwiched between the top and bottom halves and a thick runny chocolate icing sloshed over the top and down the sides.

Have I mentioned baking several loaves of bread since we arrived here mid-May? I have baked four loaves of Sourdough Rye and a light Rye loaf. All get devoured too quickly.

This evening we hosted dinner for Bob and Sharyn T. I used some of the sourdough rye bread I baked  a day or so ago and made fingers of bread and grilled them crispy to be used as dippers or as a base for some delightful King Island Camembert Cheese and a Tasmanian Heritage Red Square cheese. (Very much like a camembert although a little firmer at room temperature.)

Dinner was a bit of a gamble in that I decided to cook Swordfish. Neither of us has eaten it before and on arrival Bob n Sharyn confessed they hadn’t either. In fact Bob thought I was joking and made a few jokes.  We used a new product by Continental called Cook in a Bag, Seafood Terriyaki. By adding some Carrots, Bok Choy, Mushrooms and Leeks along with the Swordfish and twenty minutes later it was ready to serve with some rice and Broccolini on the side. It was quite nice and the texture of the Swordfish was moist and tender with a hint of firmness. In fact we all enjoyed the swordfish.

The Devils Food Cake was a great success and we had to fight Donnis to stop her having seconds.

Bob n Sharyn are great company and allowed us to beat them at Pool.

Sunday 17th June

The sun joined us today. It was pleasant out of the shade and away from the breeze. It was a great chance for people to get out and about.

We drove to Belmore Basin (Wollongong Harbour) to visit the Old Courthouse


where we viewed a photographic display.

Hmmm! Perhaps I could join the camera club while I am here.

Across the street at the harbour it was wow lots of people enjoying the sunshine.

A row of dinghy’s at Belmore Basin.

The large surf could be seen rolling in along the coast with the offshore wind blowing the wave spray over the back of the waves.

Belmore Basin looking north. Another composite photo worthy of double clicking to see it full size. Look carefully and you can see the swells breaking in the distance and the wave spray trailing behind.

One of several twisted and gnarled old trees at Belmore Basin.

From there we drove to Corrimal for a late afternoon barbecue with Errol n Nicole. They had a visitor Ben, another pilot, who was on his way home to Adelaide after a five week holiday through Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Bosnia and oh I forget the rest.

On our way home in the dark, as we were exiting the freeway there was a man in dark clothes walking on the exit ramp towards us.

Whoa!!! I probably missed hitting him, at 80KPH but it shook me that anybody would be so stupid as to walk onto a freeway in the dark. Perhaps he is a temporary Australian.



I know from site statistics this week we have had readers from Australia, United States, United Kingdom,Canada, Japan, Brazil, Indonesia, New Zealand, Germany and 18 other countries. Knowing we have readers from around the globe is both humbling and gratifying. It certainly helps to know we have an audience and that encourages us to continue to write and photograph. Please continue to join us each week as although we are housebound for a few more weeks, we have plans for much more travel adventures this year. It would be wonderful if more readers from around the globe commented on the blog. All feedback is welcome.



2 Responses to “257. Sunday 17th June 2012. Rain rain go away and it did…for how long?…”

  1. John Says:

    Hi, yeoeleven John here I have just seen your comment on my blog. I don’t look back for comments and came across it just now. If you select Timeslide as the option to view the blog by clicking the arrow beside Classic at the top of the blog then the whole blog will be visible but it takes time to go back to Jan 2011 just keep going further back.
    My iPod is the Shuffle not the Touch so there will be no option to increase the capacity.
    Thanks for reading my adventures and I hope that you can get back further with the Timeslide access


    • frankeeg Says:

      Hi John, thanks for getting back to me. I have since read all of your blog and now only have this months entries to read.I have enjoyed reading how you are pretty much self taught (as most of us are) and that you took on an adventure when most people your/our age are mainly thinking of putting on their slippers and flying to first class hotels.


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