258. Rusty Stuff #2…

Twelve months ago I posted ten photos of rusty stuff or old falling apart stuff we have seen in our travels. The anniversary date of that post is approaching so I thought a follow up post with another 10 rusty stuff photos would be appropriate..

Rusty cars and house.

I haved kicked off this post with a view of Imbil, a small town in the hinterland behind the Qld Sunshine coast. Most of the town is rusty. It is trying to revive itself but it has a long way to go. Looking at the pbhotos you can see there are some towns folk not getting behind the revival plan.

Jason on the rusting remains of a motorcycle.

Full photo credit goes to my niece Kelly who took this photo of her partner Jason when they were travelling to Cape York.

Morven has a lot of rusty stuff on display.

Morven is a small town on the Warrego Highway Qld between the larger town of Charleville and a slightly larger town of Mitchell.We stayed at Mitchell in 2010 shortly after flood waters had passed through. A few weeks ago fllod waters once again raged through Mitchell but this time the waters were higher and caused significant damage to the town. Many of the houses and businesses in the main street were wiped out.

Rusty movie set house at Lightning Ridge.

This rusty old building at Lightning Ridge in Outback NSW appealed to me. The day was hot dry and dusty and the building location typified the loneliness, isolation and extremes of the outback.

Rusty old British Motor Corporation car. I know it is a BMC but could not determine it it was a Morris or an Austin.

We saw this old car near Moranbah on a property we visited several years ago. Photo was taken with my old Panasonic FZ7.

Another old car found at Lightning Ridge.

We jump from Moranbah to Lightning Ridge. LR probably has more than its fair quota of rusting old cars. Because the area is nowhere near the salt laden air of the coast, metal rusts more slowly. Old cars at LR were used as transport, sleeping quarters and with wheels removed, machinery to lower and raise equipment in the mine shaft as well as turning agitating and grinding machinery. OR any other use you could think of. Doors and bonnets were removed, painted in colour coding and used as marker posts in self drive tours.


This old umm err house, shed, barn is located on the Seaforth-Yakapari Road near Mackay Qld.

A rusty bit of something, probably off a boat, near Seaforth, Qld.

Lots of rusty stuff was found at Seaforth. Most of it small and insignificant and unidentifiable.

Sapphire Mining town of …Sapphire.

\Although there is not much rusty stuff in this photo, the concrete and steel monument is falling into ruin.

Cart found at Tewantin, Qld.

This old cart was found on a narrow road outside a “boutique” home near Tewantin, Qld.

More rusty stuff will follow in the future.


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  1. Joan Chisholm Says:

    Very Interesting!


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