259. Sunday 24th June 2012. A quiet week in the Illawarra…again…

Monday 18th June



Gasp again!

We woke to a sunny day. Wow! Two sunny days back to back!

After attending to the needs of the two dogs and they were asleep we took a drive to visit the rugged coastline around Minnamurra, Bombo and Kiama Downs all to the north of Kiama and only about 20 minutes from our home base. This rugged coastline was formed eons ago from volcanic activity. In fact two volcanic lava flows from Saddleback Mountain one forming Minnamurra Basin and the other flowing south to Gerringong. The rugged coastline from Minnamurra to Gerringong is all the result of those lava flows.

A coastal walk soon reveals the volcanic origins.

This display of volcanic lava flow found at the Boneyard near Kiama is typical of the coastal view from around M inamurra to Gerringong.

Today we wanted to see the features known as The Boneyard and Cathedral Rock.

This sign beside the footpath/cycleway to Bombo is also the beginning of the steep walk to the Boneyard.

Getting to the Boneyard was down a short steep pathway at the end of Cliff Road.

Final part of the walkway to The Boneyard.

On certain days this is a favourite place for surfers, even with the thick belt of kelp growing where the swell breaks best.

View of The Boneyard looking north towards Minnamurra with Shellharbour and Port Kembla in the far distance.

Today the large swell was coming from the wrong direction and the breakers were not suitable for surfers. Water clarity was clear, clean and inviting.

Another view of the clean water of The Boneyard.

Cathedral Rock is normally approached from the north side where photographers love to capture an image from inside a rocky cavern.

Cathderal Rock from the southern or less spectacular side.

As far back as 1837 the image from the same cavern was captured in pen and ink drawings. Comparing those drawings with today’s photograph I can see a substantial amount of the spires have collapsed.

View of Cathedral Rocks through clifftop wildflowers.

I would love a few more fine days and some time to do some more walking around this fascinating coastline.

Pretty wave at Cathedral Rock.

Tuesday 19th June.

Today started out as another gasp, shock, gasp day although a chilly south westerly wind was blowing. Later in the day the wind brought nasty grey looking clouds.

Electrolytic Refining and Smelting (no longer working) chimney at Port Kembla as seen from across Lake AIllawarra at Tallawarra Power Station. The chimney can beeen from many places around the southern parts of the lake and is a well known landmark. Also known as the ER&S stack.

We took a quick visit to Tallawarra Power Station situated near Dapto on the bank of Lake Illawarra.

Little Jetty at Tallawarra Power Station on Lake Illawarra.

Hot water from the station is pumped into a channel and finds its way into the lake. Fish love the hot water, sea birds love the fish and fishermen love the chance of catching a larger than average size Flathead.

The feathered and human fisherpeople love to fish here in the warm water outflow from the power station.

There are a couple of walks along the shoreline and the drain channel but the cold wind discouraged us from that walk today.

The CO-PILOT went to stay overnight with Nicole and the children while Errol flies overnight.

Wednesday 20th June.

When our laptop hard drive failed earlier this year, one of the items which could not be 100% restored was all our music on iTunes. Although the home page tells me I have 1,511 tunes, when I try to access them, iTunes cannot find the file. I spent some of today trying to restore the music from files I previously saved on external hard drive. On reflection I think it would have been easier to delete all music from iTunes then copy all the music from the external hard drive. However I have chosen to restore the music, one artist at a time, then delete the empty file. On today’s progress I should have it completed by the end of the year!!!

Although the day was sunshine, there was no warmth unless I found a spot out of the southerly breeze.  In fact anywhere in the shade felt like any icebox.

Thursday 21st June.

A winter’s day hung around like a bad smell. The sun did come out but a wall of cold air from the west had more strength. Apart from a shopping excursion to buy groceries (we have invited Wayne n Narelle M to dinner on Saturday night) all I did was mess about trying to get iTunes up to date and transferred onto the iTouch and iPod Nano. The iTouch has apparently exceeded its memory capacity and all the songs cannot be updated. The iPod battery was flat but synching and charging occur at the same time.

The CO-PILOT drove to Corrimal to help with the children again. She was late arriving home as the normal peak hour traffic was compounded by a traffic accident at a place called Yallah. A truck rolled out of control sliding onto a car beside it and forcing the car across the road into oncoming traffic and colliding head-on with another car. One woman was killed. The Police blocked both north and south bound lanes of the freeway several klms to the north and diverted all traffic coming from the south. Donnis was caught up in the chaos, taking two hours to travel what normally takes 20 minutes.

Friday 22nd June

Not much happened today. Although the sun made a welcome appearance there was a strong wind warning in place and it was very cold.

Nicole bought some furniture from eBay and Errol needed help loading and unloading it from a trailer. We were amazed at the number of pieces of shelving and chests of drawers she bought for $200. There were eight pieces and they were all very solid and heavy. Even the smallest by itself would have cost $200 in a store. Nicole got a bargain today.

Saturday 23rd June.

Another sunny day but with a cool wind blowing although not as strong as yesterday.

Spent some time in the WWWGO underbelly hatches and vacuumed the fibreglass dust to re-arrange our storage boxes.

The CO-PILOT drove to Corrimal to help Nicole and the babies while Errol was at work. Nicole’s brother, Scott and his wife Monica arrived from Melbourne and caught the train to Corrimal where Donnis picked them up in the TERIOS.

In the meantime I prepared the meal for tonight.

Meatloaf. Beef gravy.

Zucchini slice (Zucchini, eggs, cheese, bacon)

Spicy Sweet Potato Wedges,

Roast Spiced Cauliflower



We had a great meal with great company and we finally called it a night at around 9.30.

Sunday 24th June

This morning we went to church with Wayne n Narelle at a little church at Calderwood a little community near Albion Park. The drive was through a lush valley with several small communities, Calderwood, Marshall Mount, Yallah and Avondale which are little more than a few dairy farms and a community hall. They are not much changed for the last 100 years. Perhaps a new house has been built in the last 50 years but basically the valley is unchanged. These isolated communities can be found within 25klms of the centre of the City of Wollongong. A little history of the valley can be found here…


The old school house, built 1897 and heritage listed, includes the schoolmasters house and stables.

Marshall Mount School built 1897.

Marshall Mount School.

It is currently on the market for $749,000.

Entrance to a farm gateway. I spoke with the owners. The wall was built several years ago but have started to collapse where only small stones were used. The timber posts originally held the builders name and phone but as the wall collapsed the signs were removed. The owners agree that stone walls in Kiama have only used larger stones in their construction and have endured for 150 years or more. See my page/post 045 for aq photo of a good stone wall.

In the afternoon we took a drive which took us on a loop around Lake Illawarra.

What else can you do on a sunny yet cold Sunday afternoon?


2 Responses to “259. Sunday 24th June 2012. A quiet week in the Illawarra…again…”

  1. RedRoadDiaries Says:

    Like the pictures at Castle Rock. In Florida at our power plant hundreds of Manatees gather each winter to stay warm. They also come up the river to the springs where warmer water temp is more suitable to their survival.


    • frankeeg Says:

      Thanks for dropping by and keeping up with our travels. Although we are slowed a little at the moment we still try to find somewhere a little different to visit, photograph and write about. We would love to see the Manatees one day as we have read a great deal about them.


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