262. Another Pub crawl…

Pubs in Australia, particularly those in small towns and outback are iconic places and often the source of helpful information as well as being a place to slake your thirst and rinse the dust of the road from your throat. Well… these days travelling in air conditioned comfort in a motorhome we do sometimes have a thirst but dust in the throat is stretching the picture a little far.

On with the show of Pubs we have encountered in our travels.

Some have been good for a photo.

Some have been for slaking the thirst and a photo.

Some have been good for a meal, slaking the thirst and a photo.

The Old railway Hotel at Barcaldene. Naturally it is across the street from the railway and is good for a cold beer and a meal. Pubs and fire in Barcaldene often go hand in hand. Many pubs and for that matter other businesses have succumbed to fire in the past. Some have been rebuilt. Barcy still has more than its fair share of pubs still operating.

The Holbrook Hotel at umm err Holbrook, somewhere between Yass and Albury on the Hume Highway is a bit more substantially built than most outback pubs.

The Pioneer Valley Pub at Gargett is, by coincidence in the umm err Pioneer Valley west of Mackay Qld. This substantial brick building is family friendly and caters for family gatheries, barbecues and other activities encouraging family participation not just drinkers. They serve good meals too.

Harrigans Pub in the Hunter Valley Wine district is a purpose built meeting place renowned for a dining experience. Somehow it is a pub but in the more modern sense.

Nindigully Pub. This pub is virtually in the middle of nowhere about 60 klms from St.George in Qld. It is on the bank of the McIntyre River and is a stopping place for truck drivers, travellers, grey nomads, and anybody who wants a break. It is the more traditional iconic pub with booze, wine, meals, accomodation and rodeos and other picnic activities designed to bring the people out for a day or a week. The meals are good to and happy hour starts at 4pm and is well attended.

Pinnacle Pub located in the little hamlet of Pinnacle in the Pioneer Valey west of Mackay. This is another historic iconic pub famous for their award winning meat pies. They have their own cricket pitch and football oval.

Yandina Pub at, of all places, Yandina in the ginger growing district in the Sunshine Coast, Qld.

The old Telegraph Hotel, Gunning NSW, built 1914. Gunning was a once prosperous town but still struggling to maintain its existence. The pub is probably the busiest place in town.

The Rutherglen Hotel located at umm err Rutherglen in Victoria in the wine producing district. Rutherglen is another town which was in decline but jumped on the back of the grape growing and re-invented itself into a quirky food, drink and antiques tourist destination. It is busiest on weekends.

The old Railway Hotel at Gympie Qld. Gympie is another town faced with decline but has found new life in various parts of the town. Originally built when the railway was a thriving industry servicing the goldfields in the area. The railway now by-passes the town and the gold is long gone. The old railway station is now used by an historical tourist train so the hotel struggles due to lack of patronage.


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