268. Sunday 19th August 2012. Lots of exploring in Eurobodalla Shire…

Monday 13th August.

Another fine sunny warm day (if you were able find a place out of the shade and away from the chilling breeze).

Small cinema at Narooma quirkily named the Kinema. Despite its small size it screens latest 3D movies.

We spent time with Judy N driving around some of the sights of Narooma we had not yet visited.

Boatsheds at Forsters Bay Narooma.

Some readers will make the astute observation we spend a morbid amount of time visiting cemeteries. Somehow we seem to end up in such places as they are interesting, are an historical source and some downright eccentric headstones can be found. Today we were at the Narooma cemetery as it was a vantage point to see Glasshouse Rock on the coast.

Narooma Cemetery.

Along the way we passed through the cemetery and I was taken with the sight of a very old and very rotted leather jacket draped over a cross.

Leather jacket draped cross at Narooma Cemetery.

There was no story so it was a case of using the imagination.

Glasshouse Rock at Narooma.

Pole sitting Pelican at Narooma Harbour.

Today is our last day in Dalmeny so we had dinner with Judy and Ilya and had a late night playing Yahtzee. Thanks for your hospitality and friendship which has endured over 40 years.

Powerboat surfing the swell at Narooma Bar entrance to the inlet.

Tuesday 14th August

Travel Day. We say goodbye to Dalmeny and travel a huge 10 Klms to Bodella Park Rest Area where we park WWWGO and drive in TERIOS the 60 Klms to Batemans Bay for a few items particularly water filters four our on tap filter and our drinking water bottles. Another item was a Butane Gas Cartridge Ceramic Heater. Now that we do not have the benefit of 240 volts we do not have any other form of heating on board – apart from using the oven to bake meals. That said, once in bed and under the cover of the doona it does not take long to warm up and sleep toasty warm all night. We have been to Batemans Bay in 2009 and at that time the town felt dusty, dirty, untidy and overrun with aimless youth looking for something to destroy or annoy and of course hoons. I am pleased to say that on our most recent visit that impression has been confirmed. If anything the town is worse. The public facilities we visited were all badly vandalised, covered in graffiti and closed at night due to the vandalism. We spent only as long as needed in Batemans Bay and it is still not on our list to visit.  It was a cold night in the rest area and the new heater was put to good use along with using the oven to bake dinner.

Bodalla Primary School decorated their fence with humerous manikins.

No TV signal so we watched a recorded movie.

Wednesday 15th August

Another big travel day of around 35 Klms to Potato Point where we are parked beside Potato Point Creek and a stones throw from the ocean. We walked around Potato Point Beach and as the day wore on the clouds rolled in but temps were surprisingly mild. We walked to Jemisons Beach

Outlook above Jemisons Beach.

and talked with a retired dairy farmer and played with his dog. He decided to do some fishing, his first try for four years since he retired. Within two minutes of casting he pulled in a two person meal size Salmon.

Interesting dune grass on Jemisons Beach.

Again there is no TV signal so we watched a recorded movie.

Thursday 16th August

The day started warm and sunny so I walked to the end of the beach

Pebbles on Potato Point washed, shaped and smoothed by the sea.

and up onto the headland then back to pick up TERIOS and explore a bit more. There is a lovely area on the headland overlooking the coast both north and south. To the north is the substantial town of Tuross Head.

TERIOS ON headland with Tuross Heads in the distance.

The area is flat and would be a wonderful camp site for us except the road is narrow and badly potholed. No trouble for TERIOS but WWWGO would bottom out and scrape its sides against the bushes. Sigh!

We have been watching the Australian version of Amazing Race and I might be prejudiced saying this but I think it is a better version. Same format as the USA version but the people seem more real and easier to relate to. Without TV signal we have been following the series on our laptop the morning after the show went to air.

In the afternoon we drove to Bodalla, once famous for cheese-making, is now in decline although struggling to re-invent itself and pull in the tourist dollar. Most shops are closed for the winter but we did buy a family size steak and kidney pie for dinner from the wood fired bakery. We drove on to Tuross Head

Sunset over Tuross Lake.

and were impressed by the size of the town. Although we found several spots where we could camp for the night, none are as good as Potato Point.

Cabins on Tuross Lakes.

We arrived home at dusk and noted the Eastern Grey Kangaroo had brought his harem with him to graze around WWWGO.

Some Eastern Grey Kangaroos feasting around WWWGO.

We had steak n kidney pie for dinner and watched a recorded movie from the comfort of our bed and under then warmth of the doona.

Friday 17th August.

The day started sunny and no breeze but the breeze did arrive, turning into a stiff cold wind from the north east. We walked PP Beach and our faces were wind chapped by the time we returned still rugged up in hooded quilted jackets.

Another view of the old jetty pylons at Potato Point.

After lunch we drove into the Jemisons Point section of the Eurobodalla National Park (the entrance is only 500 metres from where we are camped. After parking TERIOS on the cliff edge we walked down a track to a, as far as we know, unnamed beach.

Unnamed beach with Dalmeny in the distance.

A small lake, Lake Tarouga, empties and fills at the northern end of this beach which runs all the way to Dalmeny Beach to the south.

Lake Tarouga still silted at the outflow. Nature will open the entrance to the sea from time to time.

There are some wonderful spots to camp but alas the track in is only suitable for TERIOS. It was a thrill walking on the beach (despite the cold wind) on a relatively difficult to reach location.

Waiting between waves on the rocks at Jemisons Point.

Knowing that few people would venture here at any time of year although another lake, Lake Brou, empties into the sea a few Klms along the beach gave the location a special feel.

The longer we stay at Potato Point the harder it is to make the decision to leave. But, leave we must. We take up house sitting at Mt. Beauty in the Victorian Alps Ski Fields on 28th August.

Saturday 18th August

The best snow falls in 12 years. That was the news on the radio this morning. It was overcast, with drizzling rain. Then the wind began, straight from the snowfields. Our water was almost empty, batteries were low and with the overcast unlikely to be re-charged on solar input. Pack up took little time and we travelled the huge distance of 25 Klms to Tuross Lake Caravan Park. We now have power, water, showers, toilets and washing and drying facilities while the wet cool and windy weather prevails. We are camped beside the lake, open to the winds but hey, what the heck, we have a heater on board. (aahhh the luxury of a heater in this cool weather)

No worries.

Our washing and drying is up to date so we will stay here two nights before tackling the Kings Highway to Braidwood.

Sunday 19thAugust.

Our campsite at Tuross Lake Campground.

Guess who was wide awake at 6am? Outside it was only dim half- light. By 7am the sun was beginning to lighten the sky and revealed the lake, lightly ruffled by a breeze and with a clear sky as backdrop. An hour later the lake was like a mirror reflecting the clear blue sky.

Mirror like Tuross Lake in the morning.

It was almost like a spring day in the middle of winter. We drove to Batemans Bay for a final grocery shop before we head west tomorrow. Or maybe we might just spend another day in the area. If we have another spring type day we might just stay. Aahhh! Decisions, decisions.

As is usual for us we did not do the shopping then drive back. We explored. Today it was the turn of Mossy Point.

A host of jetties at Mossy Point.

What an interesting and delightful spot on the Tomago River. I cannot find any reason why the town exists. Apart of course for the fishing, the surfing, the swimming, canoeing, boating, swimming and all the summer holiday things people like to do.

Anchor Sign on Mossy Point.

Historical Anchor.

If you have a weak stomach, skip past the next photo before you read on.

On a jetty beside the local boat ramp a young pelican stood on the railing. Unusually he did not move when people came close to him. Looking closely I noticed a fish hook stuck in his leg then I noticed two deep gashes in its chest.

Injured juvenile Pelican.

These birds have very sharp hooked beaks and very very pointed claws. No way could I assist the animal so placed a call and left a message for the local WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc). We can only hope it receives some sort of help from the local carers.

On our way back to Tuross Lake we followed the Moruya River and noticed this old shipwreck, encrusted with oysters in the mud in a backwater of the river.

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4 Responses to “268. Sunday 19th August 2012. Lots of exploring in Eurobodalla Shire…”

  1. RedRoadDiaries Says:

    I’ve taken Batemans Bay off my list of places to visit in OZ when we get there. I imagine these places are more populated in summer, off season travel has it’s benefits


    • frankeeg Says:

      Hello RRD. Instead of driving into the mountains today we decided to move to Mossy Point for a night. Overnight I wondered if I was a little harsh in my assessment of Batemans Bay. We met a volunteer who will help the injured Pelican. We asked if she is a local. She looked around before replying. “oh no” she replied, “BB is just so full of riff raff”. She lives out of town at xxx and commented that even the Police will not live in BB . Most of them live at XXX as well. Therefore my original assessment may have been correct.


  2. testtmggpearson@agendacommunication.com.au Says:

    Hi Frank and Donnis. An English friend of mine here in WA for some 12 years now is leaving to return to the UK to retire next year, and she has asked me to do a painting of a pelican for her to take back as a souvenir. Although we have pelicans aplenty here in Perth, getting the perfect shot of one against a blue sky in the right dimensions for the painting frame is likely to be very difficult. I therefore went looking on the net for images and came across yours on this blog – the one of the pelican standing on the street lamp. It’s a great shot with beautifully detailed plumage.

    I was wondering if you would be happy to waive the copyright on your photo, so that I can paint this for my friend as a farewell gift? I am still hoping to get a good shot of one here in Perth myself, but I’d like to have yours as a back-up, just in case.

    My email is gpearson@agendacommunication.com.au

    Hope to hear back from you.


    Geoff Pearson


    • frankeeg Says:

      Hi Geoff, thanks for your comments and request. I have also written to you by direct email. Cheers


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