273. Sunday 23rd September 2012. From Mt.Beauty in the Kiewa Valley to Bright in the Ovens Valley…

Monday 17th September

As I sat at the Laptop keyboard I was going to write “I did nothing again today”. In fact I started to write, “I did”, then stopped.

Hmmm! It felt like nothing but you cannot do “nothing”. That would mean I was in an unconscious state all day with no external input into my life.


I did do things today. Nothing exciting or adventurous perhaps but I might mention a few things which occurred.

Each day as I feed the geese, one is more adventurous than the others and comes right up to me and will eat food at my feet. For some time I wondered if it was possible to hand feed her. Today was the day. I offered a piece of cut apple. She came up and took it, gently, then backed off quickly. I tried again. Same result. So she is nervous but willing to try. I think the dog bothers her more than me.

A visitor came today to take photos of the gardens. She asked why I was limping so I explained how the dog bumped into me and hyperextend the left knee. As I finished my tale the dog bumped my left knee and hyperextended it again!!!

Gasp! Shock! Pain! Tears in eyes!

Yep, the visitor had a first- hand demonstration why I was limping.

In the afternoon I talked with Donnis via Skype. Poor girl she went to Canada to visit family and she looks tired.

I visited the airport again and met Doug who was flying a model glider.

I also met the neighbours who have been on holidays.

There, I did do something today.

Oh, the weather has changed to overcast and getting cooler and lots of rain predicted over the next few days.

Tuesday 18th September

“It’s Just Another Day” So sang Paul and Linda McCartney and their friend Denny Siewell on the Paul Mccartney Solo album, Ram. Wings had not yet been formed.

And so it was, just another day. Between showers of rain I went into the garden and took some photographs.

The Tree Fern lined creek running through the two acre property.

One of many varied theme gardens throughout the property.

Pathway following the creek and additionally bordered with rock walls, garden beds and trees.

Other than that I fed the fire as required

Cosy fire.


and fed the geese at their usual times. One female goose has been sitting on the nest for three days while the other is now regularly taking food from my hand.

Wednesday 19th September

The day was bright, sunny and warm for a few hours but I still wore my Long Johns.

A property along the Kiewa Highway has intrigued me since seeing it on our arrival. It seems to be an unfinished umm err… something.

I can only describe this as unfinished.

The property has a fence, umm err, wall or a dividing structure made with whatever seemed to be handy at the time.

A mix of styles and materials in this wall.

Concrete sculptures are scattered around the unkempt yard. The feature piece is what appears to be an attempt at building a castle but somebody had a change of mind part way through and now it is a whatever you want it to be.


Along the same stretch of highway is the turnoff to Tawonga Cemetery which is quite a few klms from Tawonga itself.

Tawonga Cemetery.

The cemetery is well maintained with gravel spread in a rough terraced format and with concrete guttering help water runoff. Most of the headstones appear to be in very good condition. One small burial plot is unmarked except by a ring of stones and a few toys. Very sad.

Unmarked childs grave with toys.

Another quirky plot has husband and wife together and a fishing rod and reel on the husbands side.

A fishermans Grave.

In the tradition of interesting mail boxes I found a blue painted saxophone sticking out of a letter box.

Saxxy Mailbox

No sooner had I stopped to take a photo than the mailman arrived and the home owner came out to collect the mail. She told me the previous owner was a music teacher and that was how people knew to find her. The fields behind the house were once a vineyard but the new owners cut down all the vines…so foxes did not have somewhere to hide. What a shame they destroyed all the vines as this is a well-respected wine region in Victoria as evidenced by the number of vineyards along the Kiewa Valley.

Thursday 20th September

A day much like Tuesday.

Friday 21st September.

It started out as a overcast wet and cold morning. Ideal for driving to Albury for my weekly shopping excuse. I think of the hour long drive as a bit of a treat. This week I was hopeful the bank had my credit card waiting for me as it is due to expire at the end of the month. It was waiting for me as promised the it was off to get some groceries then my real big budget lunch before thinking about driving back to MB. While shopping at Aldi Stores I noticed a new snack line from Germany. They are called Peanut Puffs and described as “crunchy corn snacks with freshly ground peanuts”.


When I was a young boy a new snack food hit the Ozzie markets. The snack was called Cheese Twisties. Sometime afterwards the makers introduced two new flavours, Chicken Twisties and Peanut Butter Twisties. I have not been able to find peanut Twisties and earlier this year I approached the manufacturer who said they did not have records of their products stretching back to the 50’s. They do not have a Peanut Twistie. Could it be this product from Germany is something like those old Peanut Twisties???

Yep! They sure are. They are slightly different but in taste and texture I am transported back in time when life was…different.

Tonight I watched Melbourne Storm and Manly Sea Eagles paly in the Rugby League semi-finals. I would prefer the Storm to win and they did,40 – 12.

Saturday 22nd September.

It may be OK to be woken by sunlight and birdsong but sometimes I would like to sleep in beyond 6am.

Sunday 23rd September.

I felt housebound without any adventure or outside interests. Time to get out and explore again, especially as the sun was shining and the weather expected to turn cold wet and windy again. I drove over Mt.Beauty to Bright in the Ovens Valley with the intention of driving to Porpunkah then up to Mt.Bufallo. Instead I discovered it is all National Parks and chains are required to be carried during official winter season which has been extended despite it being spring. I looked around the park on the Buckland River and the Great Walk.

The Great Walk is accessed via a swing bridge over the Buckland River.

Thoughtfully placed nesting box near the swing bridge.

The walk has several destinations the furthest is 16klms one way over rough terrain. Hmmm! That sort of put a halt to any thoughts I may have had to do the walk today.

Then on the way back to Bright I drove to the Tower Hill Lookout which is situated in a pine forest.

Bright is in the foreground and Mt Beauty is where the power lines run over the top of the mountain and Mt.Bogong is in the far distance.

One side of the steep hill was once thickly forested but once trees were cut the hill has been left like a huge scabrous wasteland visible even from space.

Just a small part of the devastation after the trees have been cut.

I seem to have a knack of finding Trig Points. This one is on top of the power transmission tower on appropriately named Tower Hill Lookout.

Flowering trees line the streets of Bright. Today the wind was blowing the white petals off the trees and they were falling like snow and being blown along the streets even piling up like snow in the gutters and nooks and crannies of the buildings.

From there I drove on to Wandiligong, affectionately called Wandi by the locals. A brief history can be found here http://wandimaze.com.au/wandiligong.htm

The town was formed during a gold rush around 1850 and parts of the Diggings has been retained as an historical site.

Another swing bridge. This one is over the creek running through the Diggings.

The National Trust has given the valley a Heritage Listing which means old houses must remain old houses and any work carried out must be in the materials and paints of the day.

The old General store and Post Office. Note the dates of various owners. Note also the old petrol pump.

That could explain why so many houses are empty and falling apart. Who would want to buy a Heritage Listed house where renovations and improvements cannot be carried out? That said, many of the houses and other buildings in the town do have a certain old world charm.

Thats an old restored Morris Minor outside the older restored cafe.

The original Primary School built in 1870 and still in use today. Lots of money has been spent on its maintenance.

I walked around the Diggings and found the Chinese Bridge to be interesting but disappointing. I thought it would be a bridge built by the Chinese during the Gold Rush era. No, it was a recently built swing bridge done in a sort of Chinese style to commemorate the efforts of the Chinese from those long ago days.

Chinese Bridge.

The road from Mt. Beauty to Bright is both steep and winding with most of the corners being 30 or 35 kph. Little wonder the 26 klm journey takes 40 minutes.


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4 Responses to “273. Sunday 23rd September 2012. From Mt.Beauty in the Kiewa Valley to Bright in the Ovens Valley…”

  1. Paul Greenfield Says:

    Hey Frank

    Another interesting post. Hope you are coping with the cold…..only 30 degrees today here in Cairns…..o’h well another day at the beach (he he!!!)

    Stay safe and warm

    Cheers and beers

    Paul & Wendy


    • frankeeg Says:

      Hi Paul n Wendy, I just love that tropical weather, down to the beach every morning wearing shorts and tshirts and a brisk 5 klm walk then a dip in the ocean before brekky. I wear shorts n tshirts here…under three layers of warmer clothing. Nahh. Its not that bad, just dress for the conditions. Down to my last two beers and will have a week of abstinance. Cheers


  2. shan Says:

    great photography and writing frank. we love keeping updated on your travels. love shan and dave


    • frankeeg Says:

      G.day Shan n Dave, some days are just quiet and I stay home. Other days I get the chance to get out and about and love the chance to learn something new and photograph things which interest me…and my readers of course.


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