284. Let’s go on a pub crawl…

In our travels we have seen many pubs…mostly from the outside. Some we have had a cool refreshing ale or two. Some we have had a meal with the ale. In no particular order and nothing special about the pub except that it is a pub. The older the better. Even better if it is the only pub in town. Sometimes it is the town. Enough of the build up and chitter chatter. Lets get on with the pub crawl.

The Railway Hotel Barcaldene. So named because it is across the street from the railway station. It is also across the street from the tree of Knowledge. Perhaps it should have been named Tree of Knowledge Hotel!

Holbrook is one of the few towns in New South Wales where the Hume Highway passes through the main street of town. (Not for long though as a bypass is being constructed) The first pub when travelling from the north is, strangely enough, called, The Holbrook Hotel.

Holbrook Hotel.

Pioneer Valley west of Mackay boasts many small towns most with their own pub despite the small size of the town or village. This came about due to the old days of sugar cane harvesting when the cane was cut by hand and small armies of men came to town for the harvest (also known as “the crush”) Each settlement needed a local pub to satisfy the needs of the thirsty workers.


One of a dozen hotels in the Mackay CBD is the Palace Hotel. Mackay is beside the Pioneer River which runs through the Pioneer Valley where many of the small towns are located.

The first pub “up the valley” was the Duke of Edinburgh Hotel at Walkerston.

Still in Walkerston is the O’Sheas Hotel.


Rebuilt on the site of the original pub in the canefields is the Pioneer Valley Hotel at Gargett.


Only five kilometres from Gargett is the village of Pinnacle with its famous pub. Cricket grounds are beside the pub which is famous for its award winning pies….and cold beer of course. I have had many of both here.

At the end of the Pioneer Valley and at the top of the range is the Chalet at Eungella. Spectacular views of the valley can be seen from the hotel and its beer garden, swimming pool and hang glider launching ramp.

Harrigans Hotel in the centre of the Hunter Valley Wine district.

Nindigully Hotel is one of those places where the pub is the town. Famous for its giant burgers and huge meals. Worth a visit for a meal, a beer and a look at the photos and memorabillia.

Lets go on another pub crawl  real soon.




I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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