285. Sunday 2nd December 2012. An unusual quiet week. But…the Co-Pilot is home…

Monday 26th November

With all the lightning of the past week combined with almost 100mm of rain in the same period, all the plants are nourished. The grass is growing so fast it is only a day or two before it needs cutting again. The tomatoes, potatoes and corn planted only a month ago are already well advanced. Today was spent cutting the grass, de-heading the garlic and picking the snow peas. Of course that did not take all day but I did just mooch around and relaxed a little…well, a lot actually.

Tuesday 27th November

Today was not much different to yesterday except I drove into Armidale for a few essentials as the CO-PILOT is due home tomorrow and would probably like something to eat.

On the subject of “home” I should mention that “home” is where we are at the moment. Most of the time home is where WWWGO is located.

Home is not a house in Airlie Beach.

Home is not where we grew up.

Wednesday 28th November

No trips today.

Oh! Yes. I did drive to the airport to collect Donnis. As expected she was excited to be “home”. (See my definition of “home”, above.) Also as expected she was tired but would not admit she was. She managed to stay awake long enough to have a cup of tea then fell asleep until 8.30pm long enough to enjoy some of my home made veg soup and sleep all night.

She even slept through the thunder lightning and heavy rain.

Thursday 29th November

We spent a quiet day of just relaxing and unpacking from her trip and unpacking summer clothes from WWWGO.

Friday 30th November

Another quiet day and with heat wave conditions predicted for most of NSW for the next few days we stayed inside most of the day. Although the temperature reached 28° here in Guyra there is no humidity so it is a very dry heat.

I suffered a nose bleed this morning, the third this week. A visit to the doctor and I have an appointment to see an Ear Nose and Throat Specialist in Armidale on Tuesday.


Saturday 1st December

Another quiet day. It was also a day of heat wave conditions. Forty one degrees throughout most places around the state but here in Guyra it was 29.9°. Late in the evening we could see lightning to the east and south but nothing here.

Sunday 2nd December

Another quiet day. Donnis is just relaxing and becoming grounded after three months away. Besides it was another heat wave day best spent indoors. In the afternoon I picked some fresh snow peas and included them in a Green Chicken Curry.


Thunder lightning and rain rolled in around 6pm and almost as quickly rolled out again. At least it has cooled down.

This has been a, not boring exactly, but really no activity week.

I promise the coming week we have plans to get out and about.

As well Donnis has spent time in Canada and attending a family wedding in Mexico so I will post some photos highlighting her trip in a day or two.

Cheers for now…


4 Responses to “285. Sunday 2nd December 2012. An unusual quiet week. But…the Co-Pilot is home…”

  1. shan Says:

    still here and reading your weekly posts. love Shan and Dave


    • frankeeg Says:

      Hi Shan n Dave, thanks for keeping up with us. I promise this week will have more adventure and more photos. Love FrankieG,


  2. Paul Greenfield Says:

    Hey Frank

    I bet you are glad the co-pilot is home (he he!!!).

    Cheers and beers



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