300. Sunday 17th February 2013. A very trying week and our last Sunday in Guyra…

Let me start by saying NO PHOTOGRAPHS THIS WEEK.

In fact there is not much of anything this week but I will start at the beginning and explain.


Which beginning?

The beginning of the week?

When Donnis arrived?

When the world came crashing down?

OK OK. The beginning of the week.

Monday started out much like any other day in Guyra. The weather either promised to be good or bad and we got a bit of both.

I started writing my diary notes as usual and made plans as usual.

Tuesday came and went much like Monday.

Wednesday was a sort of same again image as the previous two days.

Thursday Donnis arrived by air into Armidale and when I went to collect her she complained of a sore throat and a blocked nose.

Uh Oh!

Within minutes of entering the house her allergies stepped into overdrive and she went to bed early.

I got all my notes up to date, turned off the laptop and went to bed.

Strange dreams inhabited my night. Dreams which played on a loop over and over. I could not sleep so sat in the recliner and finally fell asleep until daybreak whereupon I turned on the laptop.

It would not boot.

Donnis woke with a terrible bout of the flu and went back to sleep.

Oh dear!

All the plans we had of packing WWWGO were coming undone. Donnis was too sick to help and I wanted to get the laptop fixed or a referral to get it fixed or I start researching a replacement.

Luckily Justin T across the road is an IT Guru and I prevailed upon him to help. Long story short after several setbacks he finally got the laptop up and running by 3pm Sunday. In the end he had to completely format the hard drive and restore files from the backup I do each Sunday night. Restoration was only partially successful.

Then comes the tedious job of restoring the files, programs, address book, bookmarks, passwords and downloading email.



In the meantime packing was slow as Donnis was sleeping in WWWGO and I did not want to disturb her. By Sunday morning she was able to help and by tonight we have the laptop about 60% restored and WWWGO 95% packed.

If you are reading this and family or friend and you think your email address may be one I am am trying to restore please send me an email.

I have yet to get all my banking sorted out so I can pay some bills and tomorrow will be a bit of a write off. We have the day already mapped out as the home owners are due back at midday and my brother Al and wife Rae will be in Armidale at midday bringing grandson Josh to the University of New England. (UNE). We will catch up with them over lunch. In the afternoon and evening we will catch up with the owners and Tuesday we should be ready to hit the road and fingers crossed, life gets back to normal.
What is normal???

Next weeks report should be much better.


I am looking forward to your comment. Any questions.

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