312. Sunday 28th April 2013. Fairfield, Anzac Day and looking at houses…

Monday 22nd April

What did we do today?

I finished polishing TERIOS.

After dinner we drove to Peter and Regelyn’s to stay the night.

Tuesday 23rd April

After a hurried breakfast we drove Chris to school as Regelyn had an early start at work and Peter had an even earlier start. Afterwards we had a McDonalds coffee and joined the bumper to bumper traffic on the M3 heading to Brisbane. After lunch I caught the bus to Brisbane where I had an appointment with an Ear Nose and Throat Specialist. For some reason I thought he was going to give me a hearing test and assess my hearing to support my claim for a hearing disability with Dept of Veterans Affairs. Not so. After a preliminary quick test he declared my disability to be higher than I rated it. He then made an appointment for me to have a full hearing test – elsewhere – next month time. I then go back to him for a review!

On my way to the specialist I walked through Anzac Square, noting the huge amount of flowers in the Shrine of Remembrance beside the Eternal Flame. It seems something like 3,000 schoolchildren had their own pre-Anzac Day memorial shortly before I arrived.

230413 shrine 230413 shrine1

Wednesday 24th April.

240413 king g square

Another visit to the city for Donnis to have another dental appointment. As we were leaving we saw a large group of Unionists marching in honour of their international memorial day.

240413 rally

Thursday 25th April ANZAC DAY.


Over the years I have written about how we honoured Anzac Day in locations as diverse as Rollingstone, Balgal Beachand Airlie Beach North Queensland, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Capital of Australia at the Australian War Memorial and Bridport, Tasmania.

Today we travelled by bus to Brisbane and joined 20,000 other people who lined the streets to clap and cheer our armed forces, old and young, currently serving and retired but most importantly to remember those who fell to protect our way of life.

250413 crowd

250413 cameraman

ANZAC DAY.  http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-04-25/anzac-day-parade-in-brisbane-draws-thousands/4650962 As usual it was an emotional event for me. The first sight as we left the bus was a group of older soldiers in full Lighthorse uniform walking and talking with their horses.

250413 lighthorse

The lighthorse was a cavalry division formed in the late 1800’s and gave birth to what is now known as the Australian Armoured Corps. There is a Lighthorse division within the Armoured Corps and I was proud to serve in that division, A Squadron 1st and later, 2nd Cavalry Regiments. 250413 lighthorse1

The march was due to commence at 10am and at that precise moment two Super Hornets flew over the city, seeming just higher than the buildings and so fast we only saw them for a brief moment.250413 clockWhat an amazing way to signal the march is to begin. It is such a heartfelt welcome to see the many younger people at these events as well as those from other nations and cultures embracing our lifestyle and remembrance. I wore my medal as well as an Australian Imperial Forces badge and when we walked on the bus the driver told me not to flash my card as travel for past and current servicemen and women was free today. Before leaving the city we dropped into the Town Hall in the hope we could catch a clock tower tour.

Town Hall auditorium

Town Hall auditorium

We were too tired to wait for another two hours before the tour began. To find our bus home we walked across one of the many bridges over the Brisbane River. I met two men about my age and both were wearing all their medals. I noted from the badges on their berets they both served in the Australian Armoured Corps and served a tour of duty in Vietnam. We chatted while walking over the bridge and all the way to our bus stop. It was a wonderful sunny and warm autumn day, more like a summers day in fact.

In the afternoon I drove to Dutton Park to view what was originally known as The Green Bridge  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eleanor_Schonell_Bridge which was built exclusively for buses, pedestrians and cyclists. The weather stayed near enough to picture perfect all day.

The Green Bridge.

The Green Bridge.

Crap Aint Sold Here but...

Crap Aint Sold Here but…

Friday 26th April

Today we drove to an over 50 resort near the Gold Coast  http://www.goldencrestmanors.com/ at Highland park  and spent an interesting two hours going over details of the resort options and looking at several re-sale houses and then a happy tour through their Country Club and resident facilities.

Hmmm! Tempting.

We then had a 3pm appointment at the next over 50’s resort  http://www.livinggems.com.au/ruby-gardens.html  at Eagleby about 20 minutes from the Gold Coast Beaches.  We spent two hours here as well.

Hmmm! We are greatly tempted.

On our way home along the M1 Motorway we saw a four car pileup on the other side of the barrier. Police, Ambulance and Fire trucks were arriving as we eased past in the bumper to bumper traffic. I have no idea why our side of the road was blocked.

We arrived home after dark.

Saturday 27th April.


Today we drove back to Eagleby and had a second look at the house we are interested in as well as the two building sites which we prefer. As we inched along the M1 Motorway we could not understand why four lanes of traffic was bumper to bumper.  We soon found the reason. A six car pileup, in almost the same position as last nights pileup, with two cars facing the wrong direction.  Police and Ambulance were still on their way as we edged past.

At the resort we spent another two hours looking at internal fitout options.

Afterwards we drove to the coast at Jacobs Well, somewhere neither of us has been to before. Not much to report about The Well except it is a very flat area surrounded by mangroves and is a fishermans paradise.

Once again we arrived home after dark.

Sunday 28th April

Not much happened today. We visited a shopping centre at Garden City and drove to Peter n Regelyns for dinner.


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6 Responses to “312. Sunday 28th April 2013. Fairfield, Anzac Day and looking at houses…”

  1. John and Pam Wright Says:

    Sounds like a busy week. Thanks for including the links. Your Anzac Day is our Veterans Day. A new home???


    • frankeeg Says:

      Hello John and Pam, yeah I guess Veterans Day and Anzac Day are similar. Anzac Day is commemorated in both Oz and NZ on the same day. If the Moon is in the Seventh House and Jupiter aligns with Mars, we will sell one house, buy another and move into the new house. A Big step and will require WWWGO being sold as well. Sigh!


      • John and Pam Wright Says:

        Good luck with the finding a new home but very sad to hear the RV has to go:(


      • frankeeg Says:

        Hi John and Pam, yes it will be sad if the RV has to go. Still not set in concrete as we are exploring our options but we also need to consider our financial future and of course we are not getting any younger. Just imagine no more having to cut the grass and trim the edges and hedges. Our house in Airlie Beach needed grass and edges and hedges to be cut and trimmed every week in the summertime. A weary 4 hour labour. In winter it was every second week. Still we will see what the next 4 weeks reveals. Stay tuned.


  2. remount2 Lighthorse Says:

    Hi folks
    Thanks for the comments about the old light horse men, I am only 63 and a Vietnam vet that’s me with my mount Trooper Victor Jones– he is in our history books.. Pete remount2lighthorse@gmail.com


    • frankeeg Says:

      Hi Pete, thanks for being part of our journey. I also wrote about the Light Horse at page 240 dated 26th February 2012. I have also sent a PM to you.


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