314. Sunday 12th May 2013. Tooth troubles and house hunting…

Monday 6th May

In the morning the mail arrived. I had ordered a leather cover for the Kindle Reader.   http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Black-PU-Leather-Case-for-Amazon-Kindle-PaperWhite-3G-6-Wi-Fi-2GB-Cover-Holder-/130904017820?pt=UK_iPad_Tablet_Cases_Covers_Keyboard_Folios&hash=item1e7a7ccb9c&_uhb=1    A cover which folded into a stand for ease of reading when on a table, or folded  with a hand strap for comfortable hand held reading or folded closed which turns the reader into auto sleep mode. The cover had to come from the United Kingdom and took precisely 10 days to arrive. The cover and the reader got a good workout today. The CO-PILOT had a dental appointment in the city at 1pm. She was in the chair for three hours and had a new filling and cap. While she was there I wandered the city streets…again.

Brisbane hosted the World Expo 1988. Much of the items have been saved and are set around various streets, in museum displays or still in storage. This bush campfire sculpture was originally made in fibreglass. It has since been bronzed and spay painted white. It can be seen in Anne Street.

Brisbane hosted the World Expo 1988. Much of the items have been saved and are set around various streets, in museum displays or still in storage. This bush campfire sculpture was originally made in fibreglass. It has since been bronzed and spray painted white. It can be seen in Anne Street.

I spent more time in the Town Hall Museum and Auditorium.

I went to WWWGO to put a tape measure in the tool box which was in a side hatch which I had left open. As I closed the hatch cover a brown coloured snake slithered from under WWWGO, past my foot and into a garden area beside the driveway.

Hmmm! Two snake incidents in three weeks.

Tuesday 7th May

Today started out as a day for study and preparation for Donnis job interview tomorrow. Just after lunch her new filling fell out! She was given another appointment for 1pm tomorrow. In the morning I had also booked TERIOS in for a service at Mt.Gravatt.

Hmmm! Time will be a bit tight tomorrow so I will drive her to the first appointment then drive to Mt.Gravatt and walk around the shopping centre while the service is carried out. After her first appointment Donnis will catch a bus into the city for her dental appointment.

During the afternoon I made an appointment for Thursday to visit an Over 50’s Lifestyle Resort at Beachmere, 100 klms to our north.

I also made an appointment to visit another lifestyle resort at Barney’s Point on the Tweed River, northern NSW about 100 Klms to our south.

For the next three days we will be go go go with appointments.

Wednesday 8th May

After dropping the CO-PILOT at her job interview I drove to Garden City at Mt.Gravatt and handed over TERIOS for a 120,000Klm service. While waiting I walked the length and breadth of the shopping centre four times. The CO-PILOT arrived home after 5pm with her new dental work intact.

Thursday 9th May

After lunch we drove north to visit Palm Lake Retirement Village at Beachmere Sands. http://palmlakeretirement.com.au/  Basically it is across the street from a beach on Moreton Bay and has lots of nice designs and some nice facilities. But… because it is built under legislation for a Retirement Village rather than as an over 50’s Resort it does not appeal to us as if we ever decided to sell they take a 35% Exit Fee. As well it is a little isolated and surrounded by low lying umm err tidal flats! During heavy rain the roads from the highway are often cut by rising creeks and rivers.

Our route to and from Beachmere takes us along three toll roads and several kilometres of tunnels. The tunnels have signs which remind you to “Turn Headlights On” and to “Turn Radio On”. There is a reason for these instructions. We also use a GPS which continues to function underground and where traffic accidents or incidents are known, our GPS gives a warning and description of the incident on our route ahead. On our return journey, while in the tunnel our radio station was overridden by the tunnel control room. It warned of an incident ahead in the right lane and for all traffic to slow to 60 Kph and merge into the left lane. As well, lights and markers in the ceiling began to advise to reduce speed to 60 Kph and a red cross indicated the right lane closure. Every minute the radio broadcast the safety message. A few kilometres further and we passed the breakdown safely and were able to re-join the right lane and continue our journey. We were impressed by the safety features installed and the ability of our GPS to function underground.

Shortly after arriving home late in the afternoon the CO-PILOT’s latest tooth cap fell out. That’s twice this week the filling has fallen out of the same tooth!


Friday 10th May

Today we drove 100Klms to visit Palm Lake Resort at Barney’s Point on the Tweed River just over the border in NSW.

Near the Palm Lake Resort on the Tweed River are lots of old small jetties. They have turned into ideal resting places for sea birds.

Near the Palm Lake Resort on the Tweed River are lots of old small jetties. They have turned into ideal resting places for sea birds.

http://www.palmlakeresort.com.au/index.php?cID=706    The resort is not complete. In fact only several houses are complete and the first owner moves in at the end of this month. The club house only has footings poured. The wharves, jetties and mini marina are in place as is the 26’ motor cruiser and the two matching jet skis. I must say this place has the Wow factor and will be a benchmark for all other such resorts but the prices begin where other resort prices finish. We had a wonderful hour before heading to another Palm lake resort at Banora Point.   http://www.palmlakeresort.com.au/locations/new-south-wales/banora-point-over-50s-resort/    It is about 12 years old and has very few facilities compared to newer resorts. From here we travelled back towards Brisbane another 50 Klms to Ruby Gardens at Eagleby.    http://www.livinggems.com.au/ruby-gardens.html   This was our fourth visit and we are comparing an existing house only 12 months old at way below original purchase price or spending an additional $50,000 and building from scratch. We visited a nearby wetlands wildlife reserve wedged between the Logan and Albert Rivers. We stayed for dinner with 140 residents to meet some of them and get a feel for this type of living. After dinner a Country and Western singer entertained the crowd.  What the…? The crowd with ages in low 50’s up to late 80’s were up dancing and rock n rolling.

Part of the dinner crowd enjoying the entertainer at Ruby Gardens.

Part of the dinner crowd enjoying the entertainer at Ruby Gardens.

A group was boot scootin’ to the music. What a wonderful, tiring but enjoyable day and the decision to meet the locals was the right move. We gained a great deal of insight to help us come to a decision. So far Ruby Gardens ticks most of the boxes.

Saturday 11th May

After a busy morning taking down curtains in WWWGO so they can be washed we drove to visit Peter, Regelyn and Chris. Regelyn worked miracles preparing home-made Spring Rolls and Thai Fish Cakes as an entrée. Then we watched the great Indian movie, Life of Pi. I can imagine what this movie would be like if it was filmed in 3D. The special effects and clear HD filming along with heart thumping tense scenes gives this a must see tick of approval. After the movie I went to the car and discovered the door opener would not work. In fact the key would only open the driver door. The battery was flat! Pete came to the rescue with his car and a set of jumper leads and we were soon on our way.

Sigh!!! Looks like we will need a new battery tomorrow. The old battery went flat in September 2011. This was a replacement battery and I am disappointed it has only lasted 18 months.

Another sigh!

Sunday 12th May

Mothers Day!

Although the battery seems to have held its charge overnight I still put a charger on it for several hours. I expect sometime in the next few days it will fail completely. We drove about 50 Klms visiting a Bunnings Hardware, a SupaCheap Auto and an Aldi Store. I put the charger back on and the volts reading was 13.8. By the time the charger indicated the charge was complete, the reading was 13.2 volts!

In order to set the radio stations I had to first of all use a code to unlock the radio. It seems each time a battery is disconnected the radio goes back to factory pre-sets and requires unlocking.


Donnis enjoyed her dinner last night including a slice of cheesecake and a chocolate pie. Either they or the main course of a baked pasta and bolognaise, full of cream and cheese, played havoc with her immunities. She spent most of the day with a runny nose, watery eyes and sneezing.


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