317. Sunday 26th May 2013. Dentist, Hearing aid, family visit and another week in Fairfield…

Monday 21st May

Frank had an appointment with the hearing testing centre today. After a passive test at NeuroSensory, http://www.nsu.com.au/  they advised he has good hearing in the “normal range” but mild to severe loss in the lower ranges. Combined with his tinnitus (a constant 24/7 ringing in the ears) it is little wonder he has trouble hearing at times. Before leaving they fitted him with a set of state of the art hearing aids which supposedly filter out the tinnitus noise as well as increase the sounds in the lower range. The aids are on trial use. After that it was a visit to the specialist who basically said, “good, good, follow their advice and that will be $95 thank you very much”. So far the hearing aids have been more of a hindrance than increasing hearing and filtering out the tinnitus noise.


Tuesday 22nd May

I put the hearing aids in this morning and went about a normal day. At times they seem to whistle when other loud noises occur.


So far I am not impressed.

This afternoon we caught the bus to South Bank

This cyclist, cast in fibreglass was installed in this spot at the Expo 88 and has been presiding over the square at what is now South Bank for 25 years.

This cyclist, cast in fibreglass was installed in this spot at the Expo 88 and has been presiding over the square at what is now South Bank for 25 years.

and met sister Enid, her son Aaron and his wife, Megan.

Aaron and Megan at Max Bremmers

Aaron and Megan at Max Bremmers

They were married on Saturday on the good ship Solway Lass   http://www.solwaylass.com/  on a private cruise in the Whitsunday Passage. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whitsunday_Islands  Sister Enid was taxi for the day, collecting the newlyweds from the Brisbane Domestic airport and will take them to the Brisbane International airport for their flight to Thailand in the morning. We met at the big ferris wheel and went to Max Bremmers Chocolate Bar. http://www.maxbrenner.com.au/ 210513 max

Simply stated it was all rich and far too sweet but at least we can say we have finally been here. After that indulgence we needed a walk through South Bank and across the Friendship Bridge,   http://digitalphoto.shutterchance.com/blog.php?itemRef=77989    a bridge for pedestrians and bicycle traffic only.

Sister Enid with her son Aaron and wife Megan with Donnis.

Sister Enid with her son Aaron and wife Megan with Donnis.

Speed limit for the bicycles is 10Kph but we all had to dodge the zooming speedsters and frankly we could have done without that.  On the South Bank side of the bridge is the Brisbane Maritime Museum which was closed as it was late in the afternoon. We have put that on our “to do” list along with a ferry trip along the Brisbane River. http://www.maritimemuseum.com.au/index.php

"HMAS DIAMENTINA" at the maritime museum.

“HMAS DIAMENTINA” at the maritime museum.

The famous "PINK LADY" sailed around the world by Jesse Martin.   http://jessicawatson.com.au/pink-lady

The famous “PINK LADY” sailed around the world by Jesse Martin. http://jessicawatson.com.au/pink-lady

After our walk we decided on dinner at the “Surf Club” in the grounds of the South Bank parklands. Although the night was on the chilly side we sat at and outside table to take the opportunity to spend time with and congratulate Aaron and Megan on their marriage and share a meal with them. After dinner we caught the bus and were home shortly before 9pm.

Something we have noticed since travelling on the bus is the politeness displayed by passengers towards the driver. Mostly as they leave the bus they call out “thank you” to the driver. This politeness is not gender or age specific. Most passengers say thank you. I have no idea if this politeness extends to bus drivers in other towns and cities around Oz. I would be interested to hear from readers if they have noticed this politeness in their area.

Friday 24th May

I had an appointment with the dentist at 1pm.  (http://www.dentistry.uq.edu.au/ ) They had allowed 90 minutes to clean and polish my teeth. Being treated by dental students is fine, they are polite, careful but oh so slow. Apart from a talk on dental hygiene and discussion of diet, the best way to clean teeth and floss the cleaning began. Ooops times up. She only did my front teeth and will clean the remainder at the next appointment. The earliest is 2nd August.  Before leaving I had a full dental set of X-Rays. Sooo…after the next appointment they will next assess what other work I may require.


Next was a visit to NeuroSensory to return the hearing aid. At the moment I do not need it. Hmmm! The staffer then tried to sell me an iPillow! WTF! Why do I want to listen to music all night while I am trying to sleep? It is nice to have some silence during the day except I have the irritating sound of tinnitus with me. It never stops!

Saturday 25th May

Today we drove to the Gold Coast.


It was nice to have a look around and absorb the atmosphere of the lifestyle. We had lunch at HarbourTown Shopping Centre   http://www.harbourtown.com.au/ then went to the movies to see Star Trek – Into the Darkness – in 3D. The good thing about this theatre was the price of tickets. $11 for 3D movies or $8.50 all other movies.  When in Brisbane on Friday I priced tickets, $17.50 for me and $24 for Donnis. We both enjoyed the movie but I still feel Avatar is the leading 3D movie either of us has seen.

There is a reason for all this driving backward and forward to the Gold Coast. We will explain in due course…

Sunday 26th May.

Today was a rest day. In the afternoon we drove to Woodridge to visit Peter, Regelyn and Chris.

I have a question for our readers. On the Motorway, in a couple of places there is an additional lane with unusual line marking. Very few people drive in this additional lane until the markings cease then traffic moves into the lane. Does anybody know what the markings mean on the attached photos?260513 line 260513 line1


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4 Responses to “317. Sunday 26th May 2013. Dentist, Hearing aid, family visit and another week in Fairfield…”

  1. RedRoadDiaries Says:

    Most of my bus riding these days is on a tour or at an airport and I always thank the driver…just being polite and acknowledging their existence. Haven’t seen Superman yet, but Avatar was the best.


    • frankeeg Says:

      It has been many a long year since I rode in public transport, particularly buses. I do not recall such politeness from when I was a younger man going to work on the bus. Regardless it is nice to see, especially in this day and age where many people have no respect for themselves let alone others.


  2. Rosemary Says:

    Thanks again for your interesting blog. Regarding the politeness of travellers on the bus, here in Adelaide most passengers do thank the driver and also say good morning. I used to travel on the O’Bahn quite often up until I retired this year and usually found the driver and passengers to be polite.


    • frankeeg Says:

      Hello Rosemary. I wanted to say welcome back as I am sure I have seen your Gravatar/Icon of the Sturts Desert Pea before. Thanks for your comments. It seems being polite to the bus driver is something experienced in many places. Many years ago as a teenager I was on a saturday night bus from one small town to another to see a movie. Midway, with few houses nearby, a group of louts or yobbos set fire to a girls hair. Her screams alerted the driver who stopped the bus to come to her aid. While two threatened the rest of the passengers with knives, another three beat the bus driver and dragged him out of the bus. All five then ran off into the bush. It was a terrifying ordeal and I vowed never to take public transport again. That was a long time ago and I have since gotten over the incident OR at least I hope I have.


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