318. Sunday 2nd May 2013. A slow week in Fairfield Qld and a nice visit to the Gold Coast…


Monday 27th May

No dental or doctor appointments today.

As a background I will mention that Donnis has registered with a Nursing Agency in Brisbane. Our past experience with an agency is that she was sent to a Hospital, Henty in NSW, for a month and then the contract was extended by a month, twice. She, we, felt that was a stable and satisfying arrangement. It seems this agency works somewhat differently. The work is more casual, at the last moment. A regular nurse calls in sick and the nursing home needs a person for one shift. The agency sends a text message to all the nurses on its books and the first to respond gets the job. Tonight, at 11pm, just as we were about to go to bed a text message arrived. It offered a night shift at a nursing home a one hour drive to the north. The shift was from 10.15 pm to 7.15am. The message was sent 45 minutes after the shift commenced!!! We went to bed. We were woken at 11.55pm with a phone call desperately seeking a nurse. At the earliest we could not expect to arrive before 1am and in the dark find the entrance to start work three hours after the shift began.

Donnis declined.

Me too!

Tuesday 28th May

Last month around this time, we started on what I would call a passive diet.

No alcohol (well, an occasional beer or wine)

Reduced carbohydrate (no potatoes, sweet potato, pumpkin, bread, rice, pasta etc) it is difficult to totally eliminate carbs as it is an essential part of a sensible diet.

Reduce sugar intake (food, such as fruit, contains natural sugars) no cakes, sweets, ice cream, chocolate although once again we have not eliminated them entirely.

No happy hour. That period of time late in the afternoon before dinner when we would have crackers and cheese or potato crisps or something savoury along with a beer or wine or rum.

Good solid walk, not a stroll, in the park for 30 minutes every day plus any walking we do when going to the city or anywhere else for that matter.

When I started, my weight was 81.3Kg

This morning I broke the 77Kg barrier! My weight, after breakfast was 76.8Kg. That is about an average of 1Kg loss per week. It is not dramatic but slows a slow and steady progression downwards.

I sure hope I can tell you of a further 4Kg loss this time next month.

Thursday 30th May

Donnis went to the dental clinic and has to go back tomorrow to have the cap re-fitted.

Friday 31st May

Donnis returned from the dentist to show off her cap. A work of art is the way it has been described. *&%# after so many visits I would expect a work of art. We hope this one does not fall out!

Saturday 1st June

The first day of winter.

Apart from on and off rain the past few days there was no dramatic atmospheric change to make the day any different to autumn.

Sunday 2nd June.

Hmmm! First thing this morning, 6am in fact, I could not understand why our internet was so slow.

Reason? We have used all of our 8Gb mobile internet. Once we use up our allowance the service is slowed.


We do not roll over into a new accounting period for another two days. Therefore this blog will not be posted until sometime on Tuesday.

We drove to the Gold Coast to catch up with friends Tony n Dawn J, They are travelling in their caravan and slowly heading north. We had a great day just spending time together and when we left at 5.45 it was already dark. Donnis asked me to stop at Burleigh Heads to feel the wind, listen to the waves crashing on the rocks and see the lights of Surfers paradise in the distance.

BTW the work of art tooth cap has not fallen out. Fingers crossed this one stays intact.




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