319. Sunday 9th June 2016. Fairfield, visitors and Noosa…

Monday 3rd June.

Hmmm! What did we do today?

Friends Glennise and Eric are on their way north in their caravan. They are stopped at Glennise’s daughters house at Stafford, a suburb on the north side of the Brisbane River. They hit the road tomorrow and today was the last opportunity we will have to catch up with them for some months. Thank you to the GPS for getting us there despite my unfamiliarity with the area.

I have an ulcerated tooth socket and am on two lots of anti-biotics. They act like a diuretic and make me sleepy. After a good lunch and catch up I fell asleep sitting on their bed while Donnis continued the visit. Sorry Glennise and Eric, I was just too tired and could not stay awake any longer.

Tuesday 4th June.

Donnis received a phone call offering an afternoon shift at a Wesleyan Aged Care facility at Sinnamon.

Sinnamon??? Where the heck is Sinnamon?

The GPS weaved its magic once more and a 20 minute journey only took 22 minutes even in afternoon traffic. I drove back to Fairfield, did a grocery shop, made Chicken and Vegetable soup for dinner then drove back to the hospital at 9pm to collect Donnis.

Now that she has a had shift in a large unfamiliar care facility her confidence is boosted and she is ready to take on more agency work within a 20 Klm radius of Fairfield.

Wednesday 5th June.

Today it was overcast and a little cool. Apart from a bit of tidy up of the garden and WWWGO and TERIOS it was quiet and easy day.

Thursday 6th June

Friends Tony & Dawn J arrived in their Jayco caravan for a few days visit.

Donnis received a late call for a nursing shift at Salisbury about 12 minutes away. I entertained, dined and not wined our friends.

Friday 7th June


After a lazy morning teaching Tony more about his iPad and Laptop, we downloaded music, books and a movie for him to use.

Donnis was asked to work again tonight at the same aged care facility at Salisbury. They asked for her by name. After dropping her at the facility we took a long leisurely drive to Redland Bay and stopped at a popular picnic spot at Cleveland Point where we caught the last light of a spectacular sunset.

Sunset over Cleveland Bay

Sunset over Cleveland Bay

We also saw the old Cleveland Point Lighthouse which has been restored and moved about thirty metres to its current location. This old lighthouse is a good example of the rare timber clad lighthouse style.


Old, restored Cleveland Point Lighthouse.

Old, restored Cleveland Point Lighthouse.

Afterwards we went to a Sizzlers Restaurant for dinner. Thanks for the meal guys. It may be my last visit to a Sizzlers for a long long time. I feel the prices are unrealistic and we could get a better meal or all you can eat meal at the local RSL club for half the price.

Saturday 8th June

We drove to Noosa to visit with my sister Enid and husband Ken who is home from work for a week.

In the afternoon we walked around Weyba Creek and Noosa River braving the approaching rain and chilly wind.

These people have a pair of cute Poodles cut in the traditional manner.

These people have a pair of cute Poodles cut in the traditional manner.

One of the people was embarrassed at being photographed with the Poodles. Awww!

One of the people was embarrassed at being photographed with the Poodles. Awww!

A piece of artwork has been installed in the creek supposedly to tell the story about the plentiful mullet caught and eaten by local aboriginal tribes.

Wood carving of a Mullet. The fins and flippers are made from lead light glass.

Wood carving of a Mullet. The fins and flippers are made from lead light glass.

In the evening we went to the Noosa Arts Theatre   http://www.noosaartstheatre.org.au/default.aspx and watched (one of us was bored to the point of falling asleep) three one act plays, finalists in a competition. The highlight of the evening was the opportunity to vote on our favourite play of the evening.

Sunday 9th June

A cold wet day although Donnis, Enid and Ken went to the local Farmers Market and bought produce labelled organic and or alternative food.

Some people enjoy markets.

Others do not.



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