320. Sunday 16th June 2013. No! Not a boring week…

Monday 10th June

Today, with Tony and Dawn we had planned to take a boat trip on Brisbane River.

We woke to drizzle and decided against going anywhere in the rain. During the day the rain got heavier and constant. We spent the best part of the day teaching Tony more about his iPad, iPhone and Laptop. He is now a happy embracer of technology.

In the evening we had a visit from a young Ring Tailed Possum. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_ringtail_possum  and http://www.abc.net.au/science/articles/2006/09/07/2041855.htm#.UbZV2OcweSo It was wet and had used my hiking boot as a convenient nest to dry, stay warm and recover. It was never anxious about us being so close even when Donnis put a towel over it and a hot water bottle beside it. These nocturnal visitors can be a nuisance, thumping across a roof and in our circumstances they have been eating the leaves of a passionfruit vine. They eat the leaves but so far, have not touched the un-ripened fruit. However this poor fellow was distressed and in need of shelter.100613 possum 100613 possum1

Tuesday 11th June


The possum left some time during the night.

The rain went away for most of the day and we even had patches of sunlight. We visited a new Masters Hardware store… similar to a Bunnings. http://www.bunnings.com.au/ and http://www.masters.com.au/masters/home.jsp?gclid=CLGYg5-y3bcCFUpgpQod4EsAHA  They are going head to head in competition with each other and the other hardware giant Mitre 10 is feeling the squeeze.

Afterwards we visited another giant shopping centre, Westfield at Carindale   http://www.westfield.com.au/carindale/  we did not visit all three floors of shopping, just concentrated on finding something for lunch and a few items for dinner tonight. We enjoyed the experience.

Wednesday 12th June

Woke to rain…again.

Tony and Dawn packed up and headed out just after 11am.

Grrr! It is still raining!

Donnis accepted a nursing shift at a nursing home at Carina Heights. This is another new suburb for us. As well as her learning about the different nursing homes I am learning more about the suburbs of Brisbane and how to drive around the suburbs.

Thursday 13th May

The sun made an appearance today.

Donnis accepted a shift at a nursing home on the north side of the river at North Lakes around 40 Klms from our base. It is a 40 minute drive and involves using the tollways and tunnels. While there I explored the giant North Lakes Shopping Centre.  On my way home I decided not to use the GPS.


Somehow I managed to take a wrong turn in the toll tunnels and ended up on the north side of the river near the Brisbane CBD and headed in the wrong direction during peak hour traffic!

Hmmm! Welcome back GPS, can you show me the way to go home?

I went back at 10.30pm to collect Donnis and used the GPS in both directions.

Friday 14th June.


A quiet day at home enjoying the sunshine and getting a few loads of washing done.

An observation. During the January 2011 floods this house had water through the downstairs section. Downstairs has had plaster, wardrobes, bathroom and laundry replaced. It was all repainted. We are sleeping in the downstairs bedroom and notice that our clothes hanging in the wardrobe always feel cold and or damp, even on a sunny day.

Saturday 15th June

I found the body of the possum this morning, tucked into a corner of the garden. How sad. We have no idea of the cause of death although I found no traces of blood or violence on the body or indeed while it was huddled outside our door earlier this week.

The week has been slow as we have not explored in our usual travel way. I suppose that we have had other pursuits to occupy our time. Such as, visitors, new work commitments for Donnis and setting up the Airlie Beach house for sale as well as for the Virago motorcycle and WWWGO. We will of course advise the outcome of all of those as results occur. We are also looking at purchasing a villa. All these things take time and energy. We are being positive and believe all will sell. Being in one place for awhile has allowed us to sort of sit back, relax and enjoy doing…nuthin! Just for a change.

We are also learning more about the suburbs of Brisbane    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brisbane   and will take time while we are here to explore. This week we did not.

Sunday 16th June


A Quiet day at home. House cleaning, pool maintenance and all that sort of stuff.

Next week promises to be more exciting.


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