321. Sunday 23rd June 2013. Exploring around Brizzie…

Monday 17th June


It was a quiet day much like many we have experienced lately. We went to see a Retirement Expo at the Brisbane Bronco’s Rugby League Club at Redhill.   http://www.broncos.com.au/

Over the last 20 or so years on TV, I have watched interviews and training sessions of the Broncos. Now I have seen the clubhouse and training grounds for myself although the primary object of coming here was to see the Retirement Expo.

The good thing about the trip was we got to see parts of Brizzy (Brisbane for all those reading this who have never heard of Brizzy) we have not seen before and wondered why we did not bring the camera with us.

Hmmm! To say I was underwhelmed is a bit of an understatement. In all there were about 10 stands of people promoting retirement homes and or care centres. There were no options from the other side of the “retirement village” – that is, over 50 resorts or villages – no Government representatives to talk about retirement pensions, no superannuation experts, no medical people, no hearing or dental offerings, no travel agents, no camping and RV representatives. After making an obligatory stop at 9 of the ten stands and collecting brochures, pens and useless nick knacks, we left. Hmmm! Why did we not stop at the tenth desk??? It was more of the same and the sole representative was already talking with a much older than us person. Why wait to talk with somebody about all the same stuff we already knew about anyway. We did fill out of a couple of entry forms to win hampers and free bus trips and overnight stays. The nice carry bags will come in handy for storing stuff and the paper has joined the re-cycling bin while the nifty key ring with a lens cleaner inside will join all the other key rings we have accumulated over the years and now sit in a box in the hope we might use them one day.

Not likely!


Tuesday 18th June

Every morning about 6.30 I go for a walk (well almost every morning…if it is raining heavily I sissy out).

Every day my walk takes me through the park to the Brisbane River where I see the racing skiffs with one, two or four rowers aboard doing their early morning training as the wispy mist rises off the water. The road beside the river has groups of cyclists whirling along on their early morning training. As always I wonder why I have not brought the camera with me. Hmmm! The good camera is too bulky to carry with me on a brisk walk and quite frankly the small camera, although quite handy and with good megapixel count is not in the same league. Besides I am here for the walk. Maybe one day I will get up early and walk to take photos instead of walking for the exercise.

Donnis accepted another nursing shift tonight. I dropped her at the Carina Heights Nursing Home and took the opportunity to visit Carindale Shopping Centre.

Wednesday 19th June

We drove to a suburb called Gaythorne on the north side of the Brisbane River. While trying to interpret and ignore the GPS instructions what should have been a straight forward 20 minute drive turned into a 40 minute lesson in frustration control, traffic and a growing sense of impatience. Despite the GPS trying to send us on a toll road and while I was equally trying to avoid tolls, the GPS won!


I suppose all this driving in the city and suburbs we have never heard of let alone visited, is good for our education of the city of Brizzy.

My employer for 13 years, Maria D, often told me challenges were “character building”. I guess I got lots of character building Monday and today.

Thursday 20th June

Winter is here. Mornings and afternoons are cool. The middle of the day is usually quite nice…provided the sun  is shining. There was no sun today and we both wanted to get out of the house and just do a bit of wandering around and window shopping. It is too cool and overcast to polish WWWGO or TERIOS for that matter. It was too cool and overcast to do a river cruise so we went to the Westfield Shopping Centre at Mount Gravatt where Donnis found a dozen bargains in a dress shop. I love my Kindle. I can read it anywhere especially while the CO-PILOT is shopping.

Friday 21st June.

Lots of rain and again a cool to cold day. Ummm! Correction. I have been told it IS cold. The CO-PILOT was offered a shift at AR CARE Nursing Home at North Lakes. After dropping her at the facility I wandered around the nearby shopping centre before driving an extra 60 Klms to Kawana Island to visit friends Joan and George at their retirement village. We enjoyed dinner and afterwards they showed photos of their trip to the Northern Territory and Western Australia in July and August 2002.

Hmmm!!! Whoa!!! We visited Northern Territory and Western Australia as far as Kununurra    http://www.westernaustralia.com/au/Pages/Destination.aspx?n=Kununurra&pid=9009576&cid=dgm:sem:au1213:inter:Kununurra&gclid=COqh27in9rcCFQISpQodBCYAZQ   during July 2002. We were probably in the same campsite on Lilly Creek Lagoon

Lilly Creek Lagoon as seen from our campsite. The brooding purple grey mountain in the distance is known as Sleeping Buddha.

Lilly Creek Lagoon as seen from our campsite. The brooding purple grey mountain in the distance is known as Sleeping Buddha.

http://www.visitkununurra.com/attractions    at Kununurra at the same time as Joan and George were there. We did not meet J n G until probably 2005 or 2006 and it was only while seeing their slides on their new Smart TV that I realized we saw the same sights including an air flight over Kunnunurra, Lake Argyle,   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Argyle  Argyle Diamond Mine   http://www.argylediamonds.com.au/  and The Bungle Bungles http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Purnululu_National_Park

All the photos of our trip, taken on my trusty oldPanasonic FZ7 digital camera, are stored on floppy discs…YES floppy discs, which are stored in the shed at our home in Airlie Beach. I do have one photo from our trip, taken at the caravan park on Lilly Creek Lagoon One day when we settle down I will have to transfer all those photos onto an external hard drive.

After the slide show and reminiscing about our travels I drove 60 Klms back to North Lakes to collect Donnis after her shift then drove the 30 Klms back to Fairfield. We were home by 11.30pm.

Saturday 22nd June

In the late afternoon we went for a walk through the park – comprised of three cricket pitches – past the three Australian Football League grounds, one of which had a noisy game in progress

AFL game in progress.

AFL game in progress.

and on to Brisbane River.

Eleanor Schonell Bridge at Dutton Park

Eleanor Schonell Bridge at Dutton Park

As the sun was setting we traced our steps home again.

Sunday 23rd June

Today we took a bus into the city and all the way to New Farm on the Brisbane River. As the bus crossed a bridge and ready to turn into Adelaide Street we were stopped by a motorcycle Policeman. A protest rally supporting similar rallies in Brazil which have occurred this week. The long ling of mostly happy well behaved protesters marched past the bus.

Agitated Brazillian protestors

Agitated Brazillian protestors

Our destination was to the Brisbane Powerhouse Museum.

This place is worth a visit.

This place is worth a visit.

The museum is in the original umm err Powerhouse, hence its name. Much of the equipment has been retained within the building. It is a place for art and photo exhibits as well as a venue for rock groups and other performing artists. Today we came to see the 56th Annual World Press Photo Exhibit.   It is also beside New Farm Park a popular family picnic park. The Powerhouse is also a popular eating and drinking and socialising focal point. Busy, busy, busy.  I started to take photos with the little camera but the @#$%^&* battery died after only a few photos. Grrr! http://brisbanepowerhouse.org/events/2013/06/01/world-press-photo/ . We also experienced a very loud rock band before catching a City Cat Ferry   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TransdevTSL_Brisbane_Ferries to SouthBank where we had a coffee before catching a bus back home.

Looking south across Brisbane River from the Powerhouse.

Looking south across Brisbane River from the Powerhouse.

The ferry passed under several bridges including the iconic Story Bridge   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Story_Bridge which just this week has had the old lighting replaced by state of the art LED Lighting which is capable of being programmed to illuminate in different colours. We watched as the colours changed. Commencing tomorrow the bridge lights will be in Maroon to support the State of Origin Queensland team which plays against New South Wales at Suncorp Stadium on Wednesday.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2013_State_of_Origin_series

Go Queenslander!


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2 Responses to “321. Sunday 23rd June 2013. Exploring around Brizzie…”

  1. Pam Wright Says:

    It was very strange reading about your cooler temps and winter upon you as we sit here in Missouri with temps in the 90’s and the dew point near 70. The air is SO heavy after a year of very dry air out west. Winter sounds great right about now.

    Sounds like you are keeping yourself busy. Have a good week:)


    • frankeeg Says:

      Howdy Pam, I was out on my morning walk and noticed the patches of frost on the playing fields nearby. As well, the tendrils of mist rising off the grass and down on the river my breath vapor are all signs that winter has arrived. That and the long johns, track pants, long sleeve shirt, jacket, tuk and ski gloves I was wearing is another sure sign winter is here. Oh and of course the CO-PILOT stays snuggled under the doona all morning. Cheers


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