325. Sunday 21st July 2013. Food and Culture…

The week started off quietly with just the usual household items and the CO-PILOT doing a nursing shift at Brookfield, a new suburb for us. Although this is an older nursing facility the CO-PILOT was impressed with the facilities, the staff and the routine.

Of course on Wednesday night the final State of Origin Match between New South Wales and Queensland was played at ANZ Stadium. Queensland won its eighth series in a row, a feat most believe will never be matched or bettered. To say the game was exciting would be a bit of an understatement. It was a good old fashioned nail biter right to the end and even had a streaker just near the end of the match. It seems this streaker has streaked before and has a ban from attending another venue but has now been fined $5,000 and has been banned for life from ANZ Stadium. Hmmm! How they gunna ban him??? He could have somebody else buy his tickets and just walk in. That seems like a bit of a wishy washy useless penalty. Oh well!

Friday 19th July

Did you ever have one of those days where you planned and executed the plan except for…

Donnis was asked to take on a shift at a private hospital on the north side of Brisbane River at Kippa – Ring near the coastal suburb of Redcliffe. So we planned to pack an evening meal for Donnis and we agreed that instead of making the trip backwards and forwards that I would stay on the northside, visit the beaches, take photos, have dinner and perhaps take in a movie before collecting her at the end of the shift at 9.30. I packed my good camera, iPad, Kindle and mobile phone and we headed out. I dropped Donnis and went to get my bag before heading down to the beach. Wot The!!! No bag. That meant no phone, no wallet,  no money and no licence. I had no choice but the head home again. The bag was still sitting on the kitchen chair where I had placed it so I would not forget it on my way out.


What’s that? Why doesn’t Donnis just drive there herself?

Good question.

Perhaps I can answer it this way.

That is why she is the CO-PILOT. Not only that but she is also the CO-NAVIGATOR. But, she is the NO 1 PASSENGER.

So far the mystery of understanding how the GPS works has eluded her.

Nuff said.

Saturday 20th July

Today we journeyed by bus to what is fast becoming our favourite place in Brisbane, Southbank and the Brisbane Cultural Centre. Today we visited the Regional Flavours Expo.   http://regionalflavours.com.au/

Kids enjoy cooking

Kids enjoy cooking

Childrens Cooking Demonstration

Childrens Cooking Demonstration

Seating made from cardboard.

Seating made from cardboard.

We thought because the weather was threatening to be wet, there may not be too many people crowding the site. Wrong! If anything, the crowds had the same idea as us. The festival is a showcase of various foods, cheeses, produce and wines. Hmmm! For some reason the wine area had the biggest crowds especially as there were lots of free samples.

The Regional Wines area just as the rain began. Within minutes it became a sea of many coloured umbrella's.

The Regional Wines area just as the rain began. Within minutes it became a sea of many coloured umbrella’s.

Celebrity chefs gave talks and demonstrations and the atmosphere was just one of gastronomic happiness. Of course when the rain started the crowds became a sea of umbrellas of many colours.

Did anybody leave? Nooo. The crowds got bigger and all the local fast food outlets, restaurants, bars and coffee shops all did an absolutely roaring trade.

Whew! If you were not careful you could spend a lot of money.

It was fun. Pity about the weather.

On our way home we headed over to the Eleanor Schonell Bridge

Eleanor Schonell Bridge over the Brisbane River linking Dutton Park and the University of Queenslands

Eleanor Schonell Bridge over the Brisbane River linking Dutton Park and the University of Queenslands

Looking towards Mt. Coot-Tha from the bridge.

Looking towards Mt. Coot-Tha from the bridge.

to the University and watched as the clouds began to disperse and offered a great sunset.

Sunset from the balcony.

Sunset from the balcony.

Sunday 21st July


Back on the bus and into the Cultural Centre on the banks of the Brisbane River. The State Libaray and the Gallery of Modern Art had movies screening today. Free! In a real theatre. One of the movies we saw was Bran Nue Day, a musical including Jessica Mauboy, Ernie Dingo and Jeffrey Rush.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bran_Nue_Dae_(film)    This was a big bold bright and colourful funny musical and worth seeing, especially on a big screen with the big sound speakers.

We could very well visit this area a couple of days a week now we know that they have a daily program of events over the next few months.


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